17 Things You Should Not Wear To The Gym

what not to wear to the gym

There are a few cardinal rules when it comes to dressing for the gym: no loose clothing that can get caught in machinery, no cotton (it absorbs sweat and makes you feel weighed down), and nothing that’s see-through. But even beyond those general guidelines, there are some specific items you should avoid wearing to the … Read more

Tabata Yoga: Everything you need to know about it!

tabata yoga

Traditional Yoga classes take around 90 minutes to finish a session. This makes yoga a no for many people who don’t want to spend so much time working out. This is where Tabata Yoga steps in! It removes all the cringe and twists from your body, races your heart and gives you benefits of both … Read more

How Important are Rest days for Weight Loss? A Detailed Guide

are rest days important for weight loss

Rest days are absolutely necessary for weight loss. They help people recover from the stress of workouts and give their muscles time to regain strength. If not taken a proper resting time, continuous exercise days can lead to a breakdown of muscle tissues for energy. This is bad because it can sabotage the whole weight … Read more

5 Reasons why you Crave Junk Food after Working Out

why do i crave junk food after working out

It’s no secret that working out can leave you feeling extremely hungry. You’ve probably heard that it’s because your body is burning more calories, and as a result, it needs more fuel. While this is partially true, there are actually other reasons why you might be reaching for those unhealthy snacks after a workout. Basically … Read more

5 Cool Shoes Under 50 Dollars

cool shoes under 50 dollars

Finding the perfect pair of shoes is difficult. There are so many different brands around, and they are all ready to trick customers into overpaying for their products. But not anymore. In this blog, we are going to share 5 cool shoes options under 50 dollars that are both quality and attractive products. If you … Read more

6 Reasons Why Yoga is so Boring and ways you can Fix it

why is yoga so boring

Basically there are 6 reasons why people especially newbies find yoga boring. They are: no competition, lack of variation, a not engaging yoga instructor, no sweat, personal disliking and not finding any fun in yoga. In this blog, we will discuss each of these reasons in detail. 6 Reasons why Yoga is so Boring: 1. … Read more