Best Gym Selfie Poses For Men

Taking a great gym selfie isn’t rocket science. After all the hard work you’ve put into your workouts, showcasing your progress with confidence is only natural. To help you capture the perfect shot, we’ve compiled a list of the best poses for men. Read on to discover how to highlight your physique and take a … Read more

Why People Look Fitter in Gym Mirror Selfies?

why people look fitter in gym selfies?

Confidence in oneself is a true superpower. Working out not only boosts your mood but also enhances your self-image, a change that’s often visible in your gym selfies. Gym mirrors have a knack for making us look fitter, thanks to a blend of psychological and environmental factors like: Lighting Gyms typically have lighting designed to … Read more

Is Running Overrated? – 7 Benefits And Potential Downsides

is running overrated

Running is not overrated; it offers cardiovascular health benefits, aids in weight management, and improves mental well-being. Though it can be bad for your knees if you are not fit enough to run or overdoing it. In this blog, we will discuss the benefits of running to further strengthen the case of how undervalued this … Read more

7 Reasons Why You Can Run On A Treadmill But Not Outside

girl happy after workout and treadmill running

It’s a common issue that many individuals can run comfortably on a treadmill but struggle when running outside. In this article, we will explore 7 reasons why you may be able to run on a treadmill but not outside and provide tips and strategies for improving your outdoor running abilities. 1. Terrain and Surface Running … Read more

13 Best Post Workout Meals – List Of Foods and Guidelines

best post workout meals

Whether you want to lose weight, bulk up, or build muscles, our list of best post-workout meal ideas rich in carbs, proteins, and essential nutrients is good for everyone. Many fitness enthusiasts prioritize a pre-workout meal but overlook the importance of eating after a workout. In this article, we will specifically focus on foods rich … Read more

Does Tabata Build Muscle?

tabata workouts with weights

Yes, Tabata does build muscle but not on its own. Building muscles depends on what other exercises you are doing along with Tabata. Because Tabata itself is endurance enhancing protocol meaning a set of exercises used to build stamina. That stamina can then be utilized in weight exercises to build muscles. If you somehow incorporate … Read more

5 Reasons Why Exercise makes you Tired and not Energized

exercise makes me tired not energized

Getting tired and feeling deprived of energy is very common after exercise. Maybe your gut feeling already knows what’s happening in your case but you are here to confirm if it’s true or not. Basically, exercise makes you tired and not energized because sometimes muscles go out of energy and the central nervous system loses … Read more

Best Running Shoes under $150

best running shoes for men under 150 dollars

In 2024, the best running shoes for men are those that are lightweight and provide ample cushioning. The shoes must also fit well and be stable, particularly if you plan on running long distances. Some of the most popular brands in running shoes category include Nike, ASICS, Brooks, and New Balance. While each of these … Read more