Cardio Exercising has many health benefits. It is good for your heart and mind. But at the same time, there are always certain limits that a body can adapt to. And although there is no standard upper limit, pushing yourself to the edges every time is not a good idea. The freaky workout regime needs a reconsideration. So much that it is recommended by experts to take some proper rest or a good sleep between two heavy workouts.

Like any high-intensity exercise, too much cardio can cause an injury. It can begin as a minor one but pushing it far can lead to a major problem. Often, fitness enthusiasts don’t care and push past the soreness limit. The pain beyond the soreness limit is a potential injury and should be addressed right away by visiting a physiotherapist. Too much cardio can also lead to a loss of muscle mass.

Listed below are the 12 alarming signs you are doing too much cardio:

1. Muscle cramps

Our muscles can only bear a limited amount of stress. Besides adaptive to nature, over stress can cause muscular cramps or aches. Sometimes your muscles can deform and are unable to retain their original shape so it affects your overall appearance and makes you look baggy. During extensive and prolonged exercises your body shifts from aerobic to an anaerobic breakdown of energy causing stiffness.

2. Sleep disorder

too much cardio

Overworking can cause an imbalance of hormones and can result in either sleeplessness or excess sleep because your body needs excessive time to recover. Deprivation of sleep can cause changes in your moods and make you cranky as well as short-tempered.

3. Discolored Urination

Due to excessive cardio sometimes your muscles get damaged or even break. The substances released from these damaged or broken muscles can cause discoloration of urine. So if you notice any kind of change of color of your urine it means that your body needs a break and if the issue prolongs you need to consult a doctor.

4. Fatigue

To be well fitted in the judgmental society people want to lose weight within no time and over do cardio activities which leads to fatigue. You feel laziness and tiredness as your body has not fully recovered from over training.

Sometimes you can even feel sleepy after a workout, which is not normal workout fatigue.

5. Fluctuation in Weight

Most of the time people do exercise to lose weight or to gain it. But after an excessive workout, you suffer from unintended weight loss or obesity. The reason can be explained as your body suffers from drastic change and resulting in the instant deficiency of nutrients, your body urges you to intake excessive food, which can lead you toward obesity.

Similarly, in some cases, your body adapts towards different means for utilizing energy and you suffer from appetite loss.

6. Disturbance in Mental Health

A normal good exercise routine can improve your mental health but if you over train, things can get adverse. Not just your body but your mind can also suffer from fatigue.

Consequently, you will bear depression. Your motivation will decrease. Your body will be so exhausted that it needs a break.

7. Frequent illness

If you are not giving enough rest to your body to recover from hard exercises, it can lead to weak immunity and you can get ill frequently.

That’s why if you are getting ill frequently, it is a clear sign that your body needs rest.

8. Heart issues

Increased heartbeat can also indicate that you are overdoing cardio and your body needs rest. It is because your muscles are adapting to the harsh exercises and they forget to retain their resting process.

See the 5 Important Exercises for Heart Health in the video below:

9. Osteo (bone) diseases

Overdoing cardio not just affect your body muscles but also your bones. Your bones become stiff or sometimes the loss of minerals can also lead to weakness of bones and can cause severe injuries. After getting an injury or strain if you are overdoing your exercises it can lead to severe bone diseases.

10. Energy drain

The food you eat is utilized for providing energy to your body. But if you work more and utilize more energy than your body won’t be able to keep up. It can only provide a finite amount of energy to work with. But if you are overdoing cardio you will feel lazy and tired and you won’t have the energy to do other activities.

If exercise is making you tired and not energized, check out this section for a solution.

11. Hormonal disturbance

Overdoing cardio can lead to hormonal imbalance causing a lot of issues in your body. Like your sleep will get disturbed as well as your eating habits.

You can also suffer from blood pressure issues and the list goes on.

12. Dehydration

Water is essential for the normal functioning of a body. In fact, drinking water has many health benefits that have no alternative. If you are overworking, more energy is drained from your body as well as water. And your body becomes dehydrated leading towards muscle cramps and stiffness, dryness and quenching thirst.


It is not only about too much cardio, basically, too much of anything is not good for your health.  Keep a fine balance in your workouts and before leaving do check out a 4 minutes video of why too much of any Exercise is not good for your body and health:

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