5 Reasons why you get Thirsty after Eating Pizza?

Curious why you get thirsty after eating pizza? Well this article is all about it!

When you eat pizza (or any other high-sodium food), your kidneys have to work a little bit harder to filter all that sodium out of the blood. As a result, more waste is produced, which in turn means you need to drink more water to replace what was lost.

But that’s only one reason why you get thirsty after eating pizza!

The way our digestive system works, food gets broken down into molecules to be absorbed and used by the body, the impact of the quality of ingredients, and the way kidneys function in filtering out wastes and toxins from the blood, there are at least 5 factors that lead to thirst after eating food like pizza.

5 Reasons why Eating Pizza is making you Thirsty:

1. There’s A Lot Of Sodium In Pizza

When you eat salty foods, your body tries to get rid of the extra salt by releasing more water. This is why you might feel thirsty after eating salty snacks – because your body is trying to balance out the salt by releasing more water.

The average slice of a Digiorno rising crust pepperoni pizza contains about 730mg of sodium, which is 30% of the daily recommended intake.

Two slices and you have already exceeded half of your daily recommended intake of salt.

So if you’re trying to stay hydrated, be sure to drink a glass of water after eating pizza.

2. There’s Very Little Water In Pizza

The amount of water in pizza isn’t a lot, and that’s what makes you thirsty after eating pizza.

Tomasello Winery did a little experiment to see how much water is in pizza.

They made four different types of pizza with different doughs, cheeses, and toppings.

The results showed that the average slice of pizza has about .43 ounces of water.

While that might not seem like a lot, it definitely contributes to the dehydration we often feel after eating pizza.

So the next time you’re feeling parched after a slice or two, you now know why!

3. Poor Quality Ingredients

Ingredients used to make pizza are mostly not of the highest quality.

This means that the dough, sauce and cheese all lack the necessary nutrients and minerals that would normally keep people hydrated.

In addition, the high fat and calorie content of pizza means that people tend to eat more of it than they would other types of food, and this can also lead to dehydration.

4. Your Body is asking for Neutralization

The temperature of foods and drinks you consume has a lot to do with thirst.

Pizza is a food that is typically eaten warm and stuffed. While in order for the body to digest food easily, it must be at a certain temperature, neither too hot nor very cold.

Cold foods like pizza, when consumed, will cause the body to use up extra energy cooling them down to appropriate temperature in an attempt to digest it properly.

This can result in less energy being available for other tasks and in order to speed up the process, the body uses water to balance the food temperature.

This could be one of the reasons why you feel thirsty after eating pizza.

The same thing happens when you eat an ice cream, the only difference there is that ice cream is cold and your body uses water to warm it down.

Check out the details of eating ice cream making people thirsty here.

5. High Dairy Content

There’s a scientific reason why pizza makes people thirsty.

It’s not just the cheese and pepperoni, or salt and lack of water, it’s the dairy content in the sauce and dough that also does the trick.

Dairy products increase the production of lactic acid in the mouth. This increase in lactic acid causes people to produce more saliva, which then leads to thirst.

Some other Important FAQ’s related to Pizza and Dehydration:

1. How to Quench Thirst after Pizza?

There is a right and wrong way to quench thirst after pizza. The wrong way is to drink something really sugary, like soda or juice. The right way is to drink water or unsweetened drinks like tea.

2. Can we drink water after eating pizza?

Yes, you can drink water after eating pizza because pizza is a sodium-rich meal that makes you thirsty, and to quench the thirst it is important to drink water.

Drinking water after eating pizza will also neutralize your internal system and help in digestion.

3. How to stop Feeling Thirsty when Eating Pizza?

There are a few things you can do to help stop feeling thirsty when eating pizza:

  1. Try drinking a glass of water before eating your pizza. This will help to fill you up a bit and prevent you from drinking too much soda or beer while you’re eating.
  2. Make sure to eat slowly and chew your food properly. This will help your body to digest your food better and minimize the amount of moisture that is lost.
  3. Make pizza at home and add healthy ingredients like lots of vegetables. This way you can make pizza healthier to its maximum, and the more there are quality ingredients the less you will feel thirsty afterward.
  4. Finally, try not to overload your pizza with toppings. Too many toppings can make the pizza difficult to digest and lead to more thirst.


Pizza is a delicious and popular food, but it can also make you thirsty. This article looked at five reasons why eating pizza makes you thirsty.

By understanding these reasons, you can plan ahead and make your pizza as healthier as possible and avoid the risk of extra thirst.

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