What Temperature Is Too Hot To Wear A Hoodie?

what temperature is too hot to wear a hoodie

The choice to wear a hoodie is more of a fashion thing but any temperature above 86℉ (30°C) is too hot to wear a hoodie. It is highly recommended not to wear anything on top of your clothes in such heat. Even though there are hoodies available in the market for every season and everyone’s … Read more

5 Reasons why you get Thirsty after Eating Pizza?

why do i get thirsty after eating pizza

Curious why you get thirsty after eating pizza? Well this article is all about it! When you eat pizza (or any other high-sodium food), your kidneys have to work a little bit harder to filter all that sodium out of the blood. As a result, more waste is produced, which in turn means you need … Read more

11 Reasons why Eating Potatoes after Workout is Good for You

potatoes after workout

Potatoes are among the most versatile vegetables available. You can cook them in many different ways, but you may not know that they are also beneficial to your health, especially if you consume them after a workout session. When you work out, your body is breaking down protein, carbohydrates and fats. Eating a recovery meal … Read more

5 Benefits of Eating Boiled Potatoes after Workout

boiled potatoes after workout

Eating boiled potatoes after a workout is very healthy. They are known to be a very good source of energy and they also have the ability to replenish lost muscles. Potatoes are considered as highly nutritious food items, which can provide your body with many essential nutrients. These nutrients help in reducing weight, balancing blood … Read more