We are a small team, but a proud one.

Starting out as total Novice Bloggers in August 2020, the only direction was to work in Sports and Fitness Niche.

Although it’s a huge niche to target with tons of content ideas, the headless chickens (“us with no strategy”) wrote content on whatever attracted us.

But with time we have started to learn things with practice and from here and there on web.

Who we are:




How we write content?

The content we produce is a mix of information out there and our own knowledge and experience.

A 90-10 ratio will be the right one to go with.

Why we started this Blog?


The internet has changed the economy forever. People are turning to blogs and websites to make a living online. Businesses are going online.

Roughly 90% of blogs fail, but even then Blogging has taken a boom and 1000’s of new sites are going online every day.

2ndly, who cares if things don’t work out.

  • Blogging is a hobby
  • a healthy knowledge getting and sharing activity
  • a test of patience with rankings and improving content
  • and a lot of fun

And Lastly, we are here to stay. 2 of us don’t even have a National ID card yet.

Isn’t this a good time to try something that many won’t try even in a lifetime?

If things don’t work, we will keep digging deeper.

We believe that success comes to those who keep trying.

Where will we go from here?

If Blogging is a war, we took birth on a battlefield.

This page is getting written in the morning and we don’t even know what will be there to eat at lunch.

Let’s get some organic traffic 1st.

Only time will tell what happens next.

Some of our Top content from different categories:

Most of the content currently on site is on Fitness. Then there are Sports and Review Blogs.

Blogs to help you improve on your fitness…

// Top 10 health and fitness tips

The importance of Physical Fitness  // What is more important Health or Success

Exercises that Burn the Most Calories

Sports Blogs…

Ian Nepomniachtchi: A world champion in the making  // Fantasy Premier League: Superstars // Anish Giri | A Potential World Champion | And Rivalry Against Magnus

Review & Comparison Blogs…

Fantasy Premier League: Superstars // Gaming Fanatics PUBG T-Shirts // PUMA FUTURE 5.3 Men’s Soccer Cleats vs FUTURE 4.4 Soccer Cleats JR

Our Social Presence:

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Connect with Bilal on chess.com. He is a decent 1650ish player there. Also in the leader-board of top 50 chess puzzle solvers in Pakistan. Screenshot attached below:

You can also check his Fantasy Premier League profile history here.

Connect with Safi on Linkedin.

Or if you want to reach out through email, contact us at featuredcontent@convincetobuy.com or the CONTACT US page

Your feedback is highly appreciated and it will help us improve our deficiencies and produce better content.

Have a good time 🙂