6 Reasons Why Yoga is so Boring and ways you can Fix it

Basically there are 6 reasons why people especially newbies find yoga boring. They are: no competition, lack of variation, a not engaging yoga instructor, no sweat, personal disliking and not finding any fun in yoga.

In this blog, we will discuss each of these reasons in detail.

6 Reasons why Yoga is so Boring:

1. Instructor is not Engaging

One good quality required in a yoga instructor is that he/she must be an engaging teacher.

If the instructor is not engaging, the whole experience of Yoga will turn into a boring activity and labor.

A good yoga instructor knows how to deal with each individual. Without someone to lead you through the class, it can be tough to stay interested.

2. There’s no competition

There are many things people don’t like about yoga, but one of the main reasons people don’t stick with it is because they think there is no competition in it.

And it’s true if you’re doing the same poses in the same order in the same room with the same people every time.

But what if you could make it more interesting by adding a little competition?

Competitive yoga surely is a thing!

And it’s exactly what it sounds like. It’s yoga, but with a twist – you’re competing against other people in the room to see who can hold their poses the longest, or who can do the most difficult move first.

If you’re looking for a way to make your yoga practice more interesting, competitive yoga may be just what you need.

For it, again you need an engaging instructor in the room, and not a boring one.

3. There is Not much Variation in Yoga

This is what most people who find yoga boring experience after a few days of asanas.

The poses themselves don’t offer much variation or excitement. If you’ve been doing the same poses for a while, it can get boring.

To fix this issue, you need to get familiar with many different asanas.

There are more than 100 of them. If you find one boring, you can switch to another one that has similar benefits.

4. It doesn’t fit your Character

Not every workout is for everyone. Take an example of golf, it’s an expensive sport, and mostly wealthy people play it, but most people in the world find it the most boring and useless sport in the world.

If Yoga is not your thing, and you are finding it boring, move to a type of workout that will interest you.

Go to a gym, lift weights, do HIIT workouts, maybe your nature is more suited to a gym environment, not a yoga center.

5. You don’t get to Sweat

In most yoga asanas you don’t get to sweat which gives a feeling that yoga is not a workout, and it might be a waste of time to expect any results from it.

But if your asanas pick is right, and you are getting expert advice on what yoga is best for your goals, there surely is positive impact in yoga.

Still if your heart is not satisfied, you can do both yoga and other workouts.

And based on the fitness goals, you can accommodate yoga before or after workout.

6. It’s not Fun

People pick Yoga as a workout thinking it will be fun and easy, but once they get into the water, and 5 minutes into a hot yoga class, it becomes evident that not only does this workout demands flexibility but also a lot of energy and endurance to reach the end of class.

You might be able to do a few of the asanas with ease, but mostly yoga is a very demanding workout, and for a beginner it’s not fun at all.

Like any other workout you have to remain consistent over time, give the workout your utmost attention, only than it will start becoming fun.

Ways to make Yoga Fun and Exciting:

If you find that yoga is too boring, there are a few things you can do to make it exciting:

  1. First, try different types of yoga classes. There are so many different kinds of yoga out there, and you might find one that is more engaging for you.
  2. Second, try adding in some extra elements to your practice. For example, you could try incorporating some light weights or balance poses into your routine.
  3. Finally, look for classes that are taught by more engaging instructors. There are plenty of instructors out there who know how to keep their classes interesting and fun.

My own Experience of Yoga as a Beginner:

The first time I ever tried yoga, I was really excited. I’d heard so many good things about it, and I was looking forward to stretching and relaxing my body.

But after the first few minutes of class, I realized that it was really boring. The instructor just had us lying down on our mats and breathing for what felt like forever.

But those were just the initial feelings. Things get fun and easier over time.

Check out what an expert Yoga instructor says about it:


Yoga is often seen as a boring, monotonous activity. However, this thing is not limited only to yoga.

Most people will struggle to achieve results in any sort of workout, for them exercise is boring, no matter in whatever shape it is done. But there are ways to make it more exciting.

This article outlined six reasons why yoga is often seen as boring. They are:

  1. Your yoga instructor is not engaging.
  2. Lack of competition.
  3. Lack of variation in asanas.
  4. No sweat during workout.
  5. Yoga not suiting your character.
  6. Being unable to find any joy and fun in yoga workout.

We explained each of these issues in detail and provided solutions on how you can fix them.

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