What Temperature Is Too Hot To Wear A Hoodie?

The choice to wear a hoodie is more of a fashion thing but any temperature above 86℉ (30°C) is too hot to wear a hoodie. It is highly recommended not to wear anything on top of your clothes in such heat.

Even though there are hoodies available in the market for every season and everyone’s tolerance for heat and cold is different, one should not tolerate extreme temperatures for the sake of fashion.

Hoodies For Different Seasons:

1. Summer Hoodies

Hoodies are usually associated with warmth, but they aren’t just worn in the winter. If you want to, you can wear them during the warm summer days.

Summer hoodies are made of light and airy materials that are usually cotton or linen. This is because these fabrics are thinner, more breathable, and more pleasant as they allow air to travel through them.

They also provide protection from the sun!

Additionally, they have a loose fit so they don’t constrict your movement and can be worn with a tank top or T-shirt underneath.

A lightweight hoodie with ventilation will keep you cool in the summer. Never wear a wool hoodie in the summer because it can cause overheating.

2. Winter Hoodies

Wear a thick, comfortable hoodie made of polyester or wool in the winter. Wool hoodies are among the warmest hoodies you can wear.

They have excellent insulating characteristics and will keep you warm. They are primarily designed for the chilly months of fall and winter.

So, when considering what type of hoodie to wear in the winter, keep in mind that the thicker the hoodie, the warmer you’ll feel. You’ll also need to wear fewer layers of clothing underneath.

Recommended Summer Hoodies:

Do you want to switch up your hoodie style and level up your fashion game this summer?

My advice is that look for half sleeves or even a sleeveless hoodie.

If you’re a female, cropped hoodies also look great, invest in a cropped hoodie.

It will not only make your body appear slimmer but also give you a fashionable look while keeping you cool.

However, if you’re too afraid to attempt something new, stick to your full-sleeved hoodie and get something comparable to it.

Recommended Autumn and Spring Season Hoodies

In the autumn and spring seasons, a zip-up hoodie is ideal since you can simply put it on when you’re cold and take it off when you’re hot.

You can even wear it unzipped if you want to experiment with different looks. 

You can also try a pullover-style hoodie, which is a sweater alternative. Try the different kinds of hoodies to know what works best for you and what type of fabric you’re comfortable with.


Except for the extreme heat, there is no temperature too hot to wear a hoodie.

For different seasons, there are different types of hoodies available in the market. The ones we mentioned in this article are only a few but the most famous ones.

Try them out to see what works best for you. And then stick to the material that goes well with your body and fashion sense.

Wishing you success in all seasons!

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