If you are given your dream car but the catch is that you have to drive only this car for the rest of your life, what will be your reaction? You will take care of that car as much as you can.

That scenario may not be true for the number of cars you are going to have in your life but it definitely is true in the case of your mind and body. You’ve got only 1 body and 1 mind and you have to take care of it no matter what. There are certain health issues that should be addressed immediately.

In this blog, we are going to cover the top 10 of them, let’s see how many of these health issues need your immediate attention:

1. Avoid Negative Self-talk

Negative self talk has many types and is not good for your mental fitness. It’s a type of mental training that slowly starts consuming the mind and can lead to insane levels of brain energy consumption. Be it Personalizing, Filtering, Polarizing or Catastrophizing, negative self talk is dangerous in every of it’s forms.

Now talking about how to counter the negative self-talk, remember a little self-criticism is good but overextending it will only lead to problems. Here is what you can do to stop negative self-talk:

  1. Don’t fight them and don’t fight for them: what you resist, persists. Don’t fight them means don’t try to block the thoughts that are constantly there on your mind. Be it a person a thing or whatever, if the brain is thinking about them, don’t stop the thought. And don’t fight for them means never accept the limiting beliefs. If the brain says “you can’t do it”, don’t just agree to it. It’s a limiting belief that will stop you from doing big things in life.
  2. Use Abra from Abracadabra: sounds awkward but Abra is four words meaning, Accept, Breath, Release and Align.
    Accept that the problem is there, acknowledge and don’t resist it. Take a deep breath because breathing will keep your blood pressure low and increase the chances of your brain performing it’s best. It will bring calmness and relaxation to your mind and body.
    In third step, Release what you don’t want to have. You can’t lead a positive life with negative thinking. Let go the negative thinking, let go the self limitations, let go the helplessness, you are enough for everything to be fixed. Take charge of your life.
    And finally the last part is to Align. Think of what can be done and where you want to be? You want to be a quick learner? Tell yourself that I’m a quick learner and act as if you actually are. That positivity will surely be reflected in your results.

2. Don’t Play the Victim Card

Getting something for free from your parents as a child is a victory but as an adult, it’s a failure. And that failure is not limited only to getting things from parents. Don’t hurt your self-esteem for a few small gains. Work hard and do things on your own.

If you need a better job, learn the skills and apply for it on merit. Don’t tell the potential employee or reference about how terrible your life is? You might get a job but it will lead to many other problems unless you are determined to really succeed at it.
Check out what Jordan Peterson says about people who play the victim card:

3. Activity is the Jugular Vein of Life

By nature your body is built in a way that prefers a moving person. If you are lazy, there is no other solution than to drag yourself out of that comfort zone and start moving more often.

Live an active and fit life so that you can reduce the health costs, get more things done in a day and live healthy better life. These are only a few gifts of living an active life, once you get used to it you will find many other perks.

4. Spread Happiness

No one wants to see a face that is angry all the time. If you want happiness in life, be the one who spreads it. People will love you if they are comfortable around you. And you only receive what you spread.

Walking around with an angry face all the time can become a serious health issue and you need to get rid of it immediately. Get rid of it for a better social life. Make the universe smile around you. Be the light in the darkness and you will light up many others like you.

5. Work on your Hobbies

Try to find new hobbies, or work on the existing ones. Again this is something related to happiness, but here you are working for your own self only.

And that hobby could be anything. Play chess, do gardening, or play any sport you like. There could be many other hobbies you can start.

A free mind is a devil’s workshop, so it is better to engage your mind in something active and fun, this way you can address many health issues immediately.

6. Workout at least 4 times a Week

There is no wealth bigger than health. If possible, workout everyday, this way it will be easier not to break the routine. Exercise is tiring but holds great rewards. It saves you from many health issues and strength wise makes you a stronger person. But do take care of doing the exercising right and avoid the common mistakes people make in exercising.

7. Take care of your Diet

Eating the wrong foods is a potential health issue that needs to be addressed immediately. It is never a good idea to eat anything and everything whenever you want. Because food is a fuel that powers your body. So make sure that you are putting the best fuel in your body.

Balance your diet and break the wheel only on the cheat days( not more than once a week). If you are eating more, burn the calories more, that probably is the only way to balance your calories count. Check out the video below to see what foods are good and necessary for your body:

8. Avoid use of Tobacco

Smoking increases the odds of heart disease. It damages blood circulation and can make you feel out of breath. Even the packet says smoking is injurious to health but it’s a billion dollars industry and that’s why you can find a packet of cigarettes more easily than many other useful things.

The weird thing is people know the hazards and still use them. And an even bigger problem is that it always starts with a puffing of cigarette. People who do drugs usually start from a cigarette and usually, it’s the base of all problems.

It might be difficult for you to leave smoking but you can at least try to reduce the amount of smoking. It’s a problem for your health that needs to be addressed immediately.

9. Drink more Water

Dehydration can seriously damage your fitness. All the laziness and dizziness that come after workout can be due to dehydration. Recommended amount of water for men is 15.5 cups a day and for women 11.5 cups a day. Though that number can fluctuate based on the demographics and climate conditions.

10. Make Peace with your Past

If you have some past memory or experience that can’t be repaired or forgotten, make peace with it. Don’t punish yourself for things that can’t be fixed. It’s life and there is a right time for everything. If you are past it and the problem is out of your hands, leave it as it is. Accept who you are now and for the future promise yourself that it won’t be repeated again.

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