The reasons for lack of energy after a workout could be one or many. Maybe your gut feeling already knows what’s happening in your case but you are here to confirm if it’s true or not? Why is that feeling of relief and positivity missing? and the lack of energy is still there even after several hours of workout?

There are mainly 5 reasons and we are going to cover them in this post.

A short answer to workout tiredness is in the next paragraph followed by a video solution and 5 common reasons why you are feeling tired in a way that doesn’t feel normal. Solutions to some other familiar post-workout issues like poor workout recovery are also provided at the end of the article.

Getting tired and feeling deprived of energy is very common after exercise. Your muscles go out of energy. And central nervous system loses its capability to keep moving the muscles. As a result, muscle fatigue becomes the driving force that makes you feel tired.

But Exercise is supposed to make you feel energized. Isn’t it?

The video below is Illustrating some of the tips that might help you get energized after a workout:

Causes of Tiredness After a Workout

Feeling tired after a tough training workout is absolutely normal. But if it feels abnormal, a few common reasons could be:

  • Pushing yourself too hard
  • Not eating correctly
  • Not drinking enough water
  • Medical condition
  • Not taking a proper rest

1. Pushing Yourself Too Hard

Too much water can kill a plant.

In the same way, working out beyond your physical capability, which is doable in the heat of the moment, plus heading into next heavy workout without proper rest between the two, can cause extreme fatigue, which as a result will lead to longer tiredness, muscular injuries and no energy.

If you are fond of working out several times a day, it is better to focus more on low- to moderate-level exercises.

Because in these exercises, your body takes energy from adenosine triphosphate, or ATP, a molecule that uses oxygen to keep you moving. Remember no pain no gain is only a myth, push yourself only as hard as your body can take the pressure.

Yes, our body is well capable of absorbing pressures and changing environments, but abrupt change is never a good thing. For a beginner, it is better to start from gear 1 and build from there. And as you grow in strength, make sure that with lifting gears, you are also taking care of good food and rest.

2. Not Eating Correctly

Food to the body is as important as water is to life on Earth.

Proper nourishment will recover you good before and after a workout.

You need a whole-food-based balance of carbs, healthy fats and proteins, to make the full recovery process a success.

Not only your diet has a direct impact on muscles’ ability to recover after a workout but also on your energy levels. Fix your diet and the issue of feeling tired and not energized after a workout will get resolved to a greater extent.

Some foods and advice that can help you post-workout is in a video below:

3. Not drinking enough water

60% of our body is made up of water.

Drinking water has many benefits. Some of them are listed here.

Your body loses a huge amount of fluid during a workout.

As a result, it is obvious that you will get dehydrated.

A study revealed that tiredness and lethargy will not let your muscles recover if dehydration is not handled properly.

4. Medical condition

In most cases, the bad feelings after exercise can be fixed with a few pre and post-workout changes. However, this isn’t always the scenario. Some people have medical conditions that slow down the process of recovery.

It could be conditions like diabetes, multiple sclerosis, chronic fatigue syndrome, COPD,  or sleep apnea. Issues with the thyroid and heart can also be given the blame for it.

In such cases, it is better to stop your workouts for a while and consult a physician. Even if there is some minor health problem and you feel it is causing you trouble in workouts, consult the physician for it. Don’t take your health lightly.

5. Not taking a proper rest

Your muscles grow outside the gym. What you did inside is just the input. And same is the case with energy levels.

Between two heavy workouts, make sure that you get a deep sleep. Not only will it release growth hormones but also speed up the recovery and repair process of your muscles.

It is commonly seen in new workout enthusiasts that they are too pumped to workout and they don’t care if the body can bear this amount of pressure or not.

Sleep is important and if you want healthy growth in muscles and energy levels, take proper rest.

Check out this video on the importance of taking a proper rest after workout:

Some other Post Workout Issues and their Solution

1. Exhausted after workout next day

Getting exhausted after a workout is a common thing. The body went through a lot of pressure and is now craving food and rest. Sometimes being in the zone and body fully pumped up, we even workout harder than usual. This is not felt at the time but later when the brain is more aware, it starts giving signals of tremendous tiredness.

Even on the next day, that exhaustion is felt in the body.

A solution to this problem is tricky, because it is either tiredness or procrastination.

If you are still tired, a solution to this problem is more rest and food. You have to give your body some more time because if you push it to workout thinking “no pain no gain”, it will only harm your body. That no pain no gain is only a myth and encouragement for self to get injured.

Procrastination, on the other hand, needs to be handled well and one such method of self management is use the 5 second rule. Don’t give your brain enough time that it stops you from getting into the gym.

2. Why do I feel Sleepy after Exercise in the Morning

Feeling sleepy after a tough workout is just a natural reaction of the body. Whenever there is pain or discomfort or a lack of energy, the central nervous system loses its ability to keep moving the muscles.

In your case, the reason is lack of energy. Your body is still not totally recovered and that’s the reason why you are feeling sleepy and not able to move much.

Or maybe you have taken a long rest and the body is getting lazy to move now. In that case, do some stretching, take a shower, surely that laziness will go away.

If you are still feeling sleepy, it means the body needs more rest and you should probably eat more food to assist your body in recovery.

If you are in a fitness regime for a long time and still this problem is occurring more often from time to time, maybe you should consult a Physician or a Physiatrist to look into that problem more deeply.

3. Post Workout Muscle Fatigue Symptoms and their Solutions

If you are new to fitness, you will surely go through all these Muscle Fatigue Symptoms:

  • soreness
  • localized pain
  • shortness of breath
  • muscle twitching
  • trembling
  • a weak grip
  • muscle cramps

And it’s totally OK to experience these problems. You just have to keep going. Remember why you started and keep in mind that if you left in the middle, it will be even difficult to restart that fitness routine.

All the Muscle Fatigue Symptoms listed above are temporary. The more you involve yourself in healthy habits, the more you will get comfortable with them.

Moreover, exercise is not only good for your physical health but also your mental health. Do anything and everything that keeps you motivated to stay in a workout regime because workout habits are not built easily and if lost, it is very difficult to restart a fitness routine.


Although the medical condition makes it tough.

But besides that, if there is a will there is a way.

There needs to be a balance in your workouts. Don’t go too hard on yourself.

Eat a diet that fulfils your Proteins and Carbs needs. Drink enough water and make sure that you are getting proper sleep between the workouts.

Within weeks you will see the results, and there won’t be any issues of not feeling energized after workouts.

Your tiredness can also be due to work overload or tensions. Check out this article on is it good to workout when you’re tired? Also check out the 6 ways you can reduce work stress in a 1-minute video below:

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