5 Best Treadmill Shoes for Wide Feet

Finding the best treadmill shoes for wide feet is difficult, but if you choose a pair based on existing customer reviews the chances of getting wrong are nearly 0.

There are many brands with several flashy products, but according to customer reviews, the top 2 options in best treadmill shoes for wide feet are Xero HFS Running Shoes and Nike Air Zoom Pegasus 34.

They are rated 5 stars by 78% and 74% of customers respectively. And these shoes have an overall rating of 4.6 stars and 4.5 stars out of 5.

If you look at the buyer reviews, many reviewers are praising these shoes to be the best for wide and big feet.

In this blog, we are comparing a total of 5 shoes for treadmill running for your kind of feet. None of our mentioned shoes are less than 4.3/5 stars in overall ratings, and it is worth every penny to buy one of these wide-feet running shoes at a cost of between $63.93-$438.00.

5 Best Treadmill Shoes for Wide Feet:

1. Nike Air Zoom Pegasus 34

Overall it’s a 4.5 stars out of 5 product after more than 3500 reviews, but one of the top reviews on this shoe came from a guy who is 6’4″, and 190lbs. He says he runs 100 miles per month, has a neutral stride, and has a long history of knee pain because no shoe was giving him support to run beyond 5 miles.

People of this height mostly have wide and big feet therefore we can safely say that Nike Air Zoom Pegasus 34 is one of the best treadmill shoes for wide feet.

As far as the product features are concerned, this is one of Nike’s newer models and it has been designed to provide runners on a treadmill with a lightweight feel and an enhanced response which helps to reduce the risk of injuries.

The upper is made from flexible, breathable mesh material which allows your feet to remain cool and dry during your workout routine.

It also features Nike’s signature air sole unit which provides you with excellent cushioning, support, and shock absorption.

2. Xero HFS Running Shoes

A buyer who bought this shoe in size 9.5 said normally he never finds shoes that fit his feet, but these shoes fitted like a frigging glove.

We recommend these wide-toe box running shoes for buying because of the flexible sole, lightweight, and positive reviews coming from people with big wide feet.

3. Nike Zoom Pegasus Turbo 2 Running Shoes

These shoes are light, stable, and have a decent amount of cushion.

One top reviewer says, they will make your feet sweat, which means the shoes are not breathable. Still people with size 10 and above feet are mostly giving positive reviews and after more than 1300 ratings, this is an overall 4.3/5 star product.

4. Nike Joyride Running Shoes

Nike Joyride is a wide-toe box running shoe that is designed for people with wide feet. It provides the comfort and stability of an average shoe plus extra width for wider feet.

It has many features making it a great treadmill option for those with wide feet. The shoes are designed with an OrthoLite sock liner that helps reduce the amount of friction between your foot and the inside of the shoe.

5. Merell Trail Glove Sneakers

The design of Merell Trail Glove Sneakers is just awesome. With all the options available, it’s difficult to know which are the best treadmill shoes for wide feet but this one surely stands out among the best.

It’s a great option for those with wide feet. The shoe is lightweight and relatively inexpensive, but still offers excellent stability and protection from the ground.

Final Word:

It took hours to find out shoes suitable for your kind of feet. 😀 Manufacturers in every product and service business want to make things that can cover a wider population.

But still, there is something for everyone!

We could find only 5 shoes for wide feed, but believe me, they are all high quality and well-tested by thousands of existing buyers. Reviews are supporting and ratings are pretty good.

These 5 shoes are not only diverse in price, but also in design, colors, and fashion.

If you think they are costly, check out these running shoes for under 50 dollars.

But we’ll highly recommend going for the shoes mentioned in this article. Happy running. 🙂

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