Rachelle Reed Joins Perspire Sauna Studio As Director of Health and Science

In a strategic move to strengthen its scientific foundation, Perspire Sauna Studio, a leading franchise in infrared (IR) and red-light therapy (RLT) saunas, has announced the addition of Rachelle Reed, PhD, MS, as the new Director of Health and Science.

Rachelle Acitelli Reed, PhD, MS, ACSM-EP – Perspire Sauna Studio

This appointment marks a significant step for the rapidly growing sauna franchise, emphasizing its commitment to a science-backed approach in the wellness industry.

Reed, an academically trained exercise physiologist, brings a wealth of experience to Perspire Sauna Studio.

Her journey in the franchise space began in 2014, and over the past decade, she has collaborated with top performers in the health and fitness sector, including Pure Barre, Orangetheory Fitness, and SweatHouz.

Her role has been pivotal in enhancing the scientific communication and efficacy of various fitness modalities.

Reed’s enthusiasm for joining Perspire Sauna Studio stems from the company’s dedication to investing in research, science, and education.

“It’s not often you find a company so willing to invest in the science, research, and education behind their brand, but I could tell it was a top priority for the Perspire team from the first time we spoke,” Reed said.

This alignment with the brand’s values and priorities makes her an ideal fit for the position.

The sauna industry is currently experiencing a dynamic shift, with emerging research highlighting the benefits of infrared and red-light therapy in addressing a range of health issues.

Reed’s primary objective is to leverage this growing body of research to help the brand and its franchisees communicate the science behind Perspire’s offerings more effectively in their marketing and public engagements.

Lee Braun, CEO of Perspire Sauna Studio, expressed his excitement about Reed’s appointment, stating,

“Sauna usage may date back millennia, but our technology-driven, science-backed approach to the ancient practice offers members an enhanced experience with the modality. We are thrilled with Rachelle joining the team. She’ll be stewarding a new era for the business by helping educate people on the benefits of what we are offering in a whole new light.”

This new era under Reed’s guidance is expected to revolutionize how Perspire Sauna Studio positions itself in the market, blending ancient practices with modern scientific understanding and technology.

The brand, which began in 2010, has seen remarkable growth, awarding over 170 franchise agreements, with 49 open studios and an additional 20 under development.

Perspire Sauna Studio is currently seeking both single-unit and multi-unit franchisees who are interested in new career opportunities or those aiming to diversify their current portfolios.

More information about the brand’s franchising opportunities can be found at Perspire Sauna Studio Franchise.

Rachelle Reed’s addition to the Perspire Sauna Studio team signifies a pivotal moment for the brand, highlighting its commitment to grounding its innovative wellness solutions in solid scientific research and education, thus offering a unique and enhanced sauna experience to its clients.

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