Wearing primer and makeup in the gym is a controversial topic as everyone has different views about them. A lot of those views are baseless as they don’t contain any evidence or scientific backing.

It’s a known fact that while exercising, you will sweat, and your skin pores will open up. Thus, if you are wearing makeup, it is likely to go into your pores and clog them, which results in breakouts.

However, what should you do if you can’t go bare-skinned to the gym? Well:

You can wear a primer to the gym as it works like a barrier between your skin and the base. But avoid primer products that contain silicone which can break down when in contact with sweat or water, causing them to lose their effectiveness. Plus, many primers have fragrances that can irritate sensitive skin at the gym.

Let’s dive into the details to learn more about the primer and how it can benefit you. 

What Exactly Is a Primer?

Primers are used before foundation to create a smooth base on which you can apply your makeup products. The primer helps keep all the products in place for a longer time.

Furthermore, they can also make makeup applications easier and can reduce the amount of makeup you are using.

Face primers are particularly used to block your makeup to go inside your pores. It will help your pores not get clogged and make your makeup last longer.

In addition to this, this product can prevent excessive shine and manage oily skin. 

What are the Types of Primers Commonly Used for the Face?

Before purchasing a primer, you should learn about the types of face primers and select the one that suits your skin type. Below are the three most commonly used primers:

1. Hydrating Face Primer: 

These primers are exceptional for people with dry skin. If your hydrating primer contains antioxidants and hyaluronic acid, it will work like magic for your skin.

2. Blurring Face Primer: 

Blurring primers make your skin smoother and diminish the appearance of wrinkles. Ideally, this primer is for mature skin types. 

3. Mattifying Face Primer:

Mattifying primers are the best for oily skin types. If you want your makeup to last longer, this is one of those “special” products you need to have. Moreover, it is ideal to use while working out.

Is it Beneficial to Wear a Primer to the Gym?

If you want to wear makeup to the gym without clogging your pores or smudging it all over your face, you need to wear a primer.

Not only can it stop your makeup from slipping, but it can also make your skin texture more even. If you use a non-matte foundation or BB cream, it is essential to apply primer. 

Non-matte products can not control oil or sweat on your face.

Additionally, they could make your skin oilier. For this reason, a primer is what you need to wear. 

In a morning workout session, you do not usually need makeup, but sometimes when you go to the gym in the evenings, a little makeup becomes a must. To avoid smudged make-up, you have to apply a primer.

Also, a primer on your face skin makes sure that you only need a few touch-ups after your workout. 

Can Primer Let Your Makeup Stay on Your Face Even If You Sweat?

Doing a heavy workout can make you sweat a lot. However, what if you are wearing a primer underneath your makeup? Can it let your makeup stay on your face?

Well, the answer is yes. Primer can help your makeup stay in place even if you sweat.

Exercising can raise your body temperature, which makes you sweat and open your pores. If you do not wear a primer, your makeup (and bacteria) will settle inside your pores, causing breakouts. Therefore, wearing a primer is crucial before any activity that could make you sweat.

Final Verdict

Applying a primer to your skin well before a workout session is vital to making your makeup last longer. Primer protects your pores from being clogged. If you apply a primer, your makeup will stay on your face without being smudged. 

It is one of the best products that help you look exceptional even while working out. Next time when you go to the gym, make sure to use your primer before doing your makeup.


  • Rida Baloch is a fitness enthusiast well versed in the knowledge of beauty aesthetics. She is combining her fitness and beauty products knowledge to help people lead a healthy life.

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Rida Baloch

Rida Baloch is a fitness enthusiast well versed in the knowledge of beauty aesthetics. She is combining her fitness and beauty products knowledge to help people lead a healthy life.