Movano Health Wins Award for Revolutionary Women’s Health Wearable

Movano Health (Nasdaq: MOVE) has proudly announced that its groundbreaking innovation, the Evie Ring, designed specifically for women’s health, has received the prestigious 2024 CES Innovation Honoree Award in the wearables category. The Evie Ring represents a transformative step forward in wearable technology, offering a fresh approach to health tracking and interpretation.

Empowering Women with Actionable Health Data

The Evie Ring isn’t just a wearable; it’s a valuable tool empowering women to take control of their health. Uniquely designed for women’s fingers, the ring focuses on tracking and analyzing health and fitness data, adopting a big-picture approach to interpretation rather than a mere focus on individual activity scores. This approach sets the Evie Ring apart from other wearables on the market.

Metrics Tracking

The innovative device promises to be a game-changer, providing key health and wellness metrics such as menstrual cycles, sleep stages, and blood oxygen saturation (SpO2). It goes beyond data logging, enabling users to input information about menstrual symptoms, mood, and workouts through the Evie App—an emotionally intelligent tool providing personalized insights for informed health decisions.

Accurate Health Data

Movano Health, committed to delivering accurate health data, has recently submitted an FDA application for SpO2 and heart rate for the Evie Ring, reinforcing its dedication to providing trustworthy health tools. The company’s CEO, John Mastrototaro, sees this CES Innovation Award as a significant achievement, highlighting the importance of their mission amid a growing focus on women’s health initiatives.

“With Evie, we aim to provide women with more accessible and actionable health data to help them live healthier lives,” stated John Mastrototaro.

Showcasing Innovation at CES Unveiled

Movano Health will showcase the Evie Ring at CES Unveiled on January 7, 2024. Alongside the Evie Ring, the company will present the breakthrough results of its recent blood pressure clinical trial, demonstrating a level of accuracy meeting FDA standards for blood pressure monitoring devices. This development is a major stride in their plan to commercialize a cuffless blood pressure wearable.

Advancements in Glucose Monitoring

Movano Health is also making significant progress in non-invasive glucose monitoring. The company’s patented radio frequency-enabled technology offers superior accuracy and reliability compared to traditional optical sensors, irrespective of skin tone.

Available Now: A Step Towards Proactive Women’s Health

The Evie Ring is available for $269 with no subscription fees, exclusively at This marks a significant step toward providing women with accessible and personalized health tools.

About Movano Health

Founded in 2018, Movano Health (Nasdaq: MOVE) is at the forefront of developing purpose-driven healthcare solutions. Their suite of consumer health devices captures comprehensive health data, translating it into personalized insights to empower individuals to live healthier lives. The company’s commitment to accuracy and innovation positions it as a leader in the evolving landscape of wearable health technology.

Forward-Looking Statements

The press release includes forward-looking statements concerning Movano Health’s expectations, anticipations, intentions, and strategies for the future. These statements are subject to known and unknown risks and uncertainties. As a result, actual results may differ materially from anticipated outcomes. The company advises not to place undue reliance on forward-looking statements and highlights the importance of risk factors outlined in their reports filed with the Securities and Exchange Commission.

As the Evie Ring earns recognition at CES, Movano Health is not only leading the charge in women’s health technology but also setting a new standard for innovative, reliable, and user-centric wearables in the broader health tech landscape.

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