INFINIT Nutrition Unveils Game-Changing Performance Labs for Athletes

INFINIT Nutrition, a pioneer in personalized nutrition solutions for athletes, is set to transform the landscape of athletic performance with the launch of INFINIT Performance Labs. This groundbreaking platform leverages emerging wearable technology trends to redefine how athletes approach hydration and nutrition.

Unlocking Peak Performance with Personalized Nutrition

INFINIT Nutrition has been at the forefront of personalized nutrition, creating customizable drink mixes designed by dietitians to naturally maximize athletic performance and fitness results. Now, with the introduction of INFINIT Performance Labs, the company takes a giant leap forward in its mission to empower athletes with the knowledge and tools needed to unlock their best performance.

The key to success, according to INFINIT, lies in understanding an athlete’s unique body needs. The new Performance Labs platform integrates advanced tools, insights, and expert guidance to achieve precisely that. The suite of tools includes state-of-the-art wearable technology designed to collect vital data about an athlete’s fluid and electrolyte losses.

Cutting-Edge Wearable Technology

INFINIT Performance Labs introduces the Nix Hydration Biosensor and the SweatyPatch by HydroLabs. The Nix Hydration Biosensor is the first of its kind, analyzing sweat and electrolyte loss data and delivering real-time insights to athletes via their phone or device. This provides crucial information on when, what, and how much an athlete should drink to optimize performance.

The SweatyPatch, developed by HydroLabs, is a user-friendly, single-use patch that effortlessly measures sweat rate data. This ensures athletes stay hydrated for peak performance, enhancing the overall effectiveness of their training and competition.

Three-Step Personalized Fueling and Hydration Plan

INFINIT Performance Labs operates on a three-step process:

  1. Collect: Athletes can choose from a suite of tools and resources to measure and collect information on their fluid and electrolyte losses.
  2. Analyze: Results and biometric info are uploaded to the INFINIT Data Share Portal for expert analysis and a personalized report.
  3. Personalize: Athletes receive a custom-tailored hydration and fueling plan, along with personalized nutrition formulas to help meet their intake targets.

The comprehensive sweat and hydration analysis report, coupled with personalized recommendations, are provided by INFINIT Certified Sports Dietitian Nutritionists. Athletes also benefit from ongoing nutrition coaching and support to ensure their formulas are optimized for changing seasons and race conditions.

“At INFINIT Nutrition, we are committed to pushing the boundaries of sports nutrition. With INFINIT Performance Labs, we continue to lead the way in delivering cutting-edge solutions that empower athletes to achieve their ultimate performance,” explained INFINIT CEO Michael Folan.

About INFINIT Nutrition:

INFINIT Nutrition is a global sports nutrition company based in Cincinnati, Ohio, with production facilities in the US, Australia, and the Czech Republic. Specializing in personalized nutrition, INFINIT produces customizable drink mixes designed by dietitians to naturally maximize athletic performance and fitness results. For more information, visit

About Nix Biosensors:

Nix is transforming health management by empowering consumers to access, understand, and act on their personal biology in real-time. Nix’s first consumer product, a sweat patch, provides athletes, soldiers, and laborers with hydration data in real-time, optimizing safety and performance. Headquartered in Boston, Massachusetts, Nix is founded by CEO Meridith Cass, a graduate of Harvard Business School. Learn more at

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