MeltMed® Announces Special Holiday Prices For Its Signature Anti Aging Products

As the holiday season unfolds, MeltMed®, an innovative wellness brand at the forefront of transforming nutraceutical experiences, is ushering in festive joy by introducing enticing price reductions on its flagship products: the Regenerate NAD+ supplement and the Radiance Glutathione supplement.

Exciting news for health enthusiasts and those looking to gift well-being this season – MeltMed® proudly announces special holiday prices for its signature products. The Regenerate NAD+ supplement and the Radiance Glutathione supplement are now available at discounted rates of $139 and $79, respectively, for a single unit containing 30 dissolvable wafers.

In addition to these seasonal savings, MeltMed® is unveiling the Regenerate NAD+ Starter Packs, a groundbreaking opportunity for new users to embark on an NAD supplementation journey at an exceptional value.

The Regenerate Starter Pack, originally valued at $556 USD, is now offered at a holiday-exclusive price of just $278 USD, presenting an outstanding 50% discount.

These exclusive prices are applicable for a 30-day supply and are accessible for online purchase through the MeltMed® website.

MeltMed® introduced the Regenerate NAD+ supplement in the U.S. this September, featuring NAD+ as its key ingredient, often referred to as the “molecule of youth.” NAD+ is recognized for its role in supporting vitality, healthy aging, and improving cellular energy and repair functions.

What sets MeltMed® apart is its utilization of the proprietary WaferiX technology, a breakthrough in safely delivering active compounds via the oral mucosal membrane under the tongue. This innovative technology enhances absorption and effectiveness, providing a convenient and economical alternative to popular IV infusions used to boost NAD+ levels.

Regenerate NAD+ Starter Pack:

  • The Regenerate Starter Pack is a 30-day intensive NAD program tailored for new users, recommending a dose of two wafers twice daily (200mg total).
  • The initial double dose aims for a rapid elevation of NAD levels to an optimal baseline, priming cells for maximum effectiveness in subsequent maintenance doses.
  • After the initial 30 days, users transition to a maintenance dose to sustain benefits, which may include improved cellular repair, enhanced energy, and long-term vitality. Reported benefits also encompass improved muscular endurance, cognitive functions, mental focus, and sleep.

Consistency in NAD supplementation is crucial, given the ongoing metabolic processes that deplete NAD levels in cells. MeltMed®’s Regenerate daily NAD+ supplement offers an effective and convenient solution for sustained well-being.

Megan Jewett, Business Development Manager at MeltMed®, emphasized the significance of choosing wellness during the holiday hustle. “The holiday season is a great time to shop for items that promote youthful energy, especially when running around with kids on winter break,” said Jewett. “MeltMed is proud to offer convenient enhancements with the key wellness ingredient of NAD+ to help folks feel rejuvenated and vibrant from the inside out.”

All MeltMed® products are meticulously formulated by an in-house team of scientific experts and manufactured under stringent Therapeutic Goods Administration (TGA)-approved Current Good Manufacturing Practice (cGMP) conditions in Melbourne, Australia. MeltMed® is a wholly owned subsidiary of iX Biopharma Ltd, a specialty pharmaceutical and nutraceutical company listed on the Singapore Exchange Securities Trading Limited.

This holiday season, make a gift of wellness with MeltMed®. To explore and purchase these exclusive offerings, visit

About MeltMed®: MeltMed® leads the charge in offering a range of supplement products designed to combat aging at its core. Aligned with a holistic strategy of diet, exercise, and rest, MeltMed® supplements empower individuals to achieve their best life and become the healthiest, happiest versions of themselves. Leveraging the innovative WaferiX technology and a proprietary freeze-dry manufacturing process, MeltMed® products stand as a testament to cutting-edge wellness. Discover more at

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