Yoga is such a powerful meditation and exercising practice, that you can mix it up with any other mode of exercise. There are more than 100 asanas and based on your fitness goals we will answer each case scenario for when to do Yoga before HIIT and when to do it after HIIT.

Yoga, in general, is good for both fresh and already worked-out body. But for most fitness goals it is better to do it before HIIT because Yoga in itself is not an aerobic HIIT exercise and has nothing to do with pumping the heart rate.

HIIT mostly is done for the following 7 benefits:

  • burn a lot of calories in a short amount of time
  • increase the metabolic rate after exercise
  • lose fat
  • gain muscle
  • improve oxygen consumption
  • reduce heart rate and blood pressure
  • reduce blood sugar

From that list, one thing is clear that HIIT is mostly done to lose weight and improve the functions of body that are usually negatively impacted by obesity.

How do you combine yoga and HIIT for weight loss?

Both Yoga and HIIT alone are enough to achieve the goal of weight loss. You can take help of these yoga asanas for weight loss or HIIT exercises that burn the most calories but there is a way to combine both and achieve the desired results.

That way will seem difficult in the beginning if you are totally new to yoga and lack flexibility but remember these problems are only temporary. The more you practice, the more your body will get used to it and become flexible to perform any kind of Asana.

Doing it everyday or at least 5 days a week will bring a significant change in your body shape. A 16 minutes video below is enough for you to get your whole body transformed. You can get in shape within a month with this combination of Yoga and HIIT:

As you saw, there is no before or after when it comes to yoga and HIIT in combination to lose weight. It’s a constant switch and sometimes even a mix of both, do give it a try.

Should I do Yoga before or after Cycling?

Indoor cycling studios focus a lot on HIIT style rides. These rides are good for increasing the heart rate and shape the lower body. If you are doing cycling and want to combine it with yoga again it really depends on what your goals are?
If the goal is to use yoga and improve the cycling experience and performance, you can take help of the Yoga class in a video below:

Not only will the above Yoga class prepare you better for cycling but also it is good for your calf, glutes, the lower back, mid back, upper back and the chest.
Following this class of yoga before cycling will be much better than doing it after cycling. A fresher body is always better to begin yoga with.

Ideal HIIT and Yoga Schedule

Doing exercise is much easier when you don’t have to go through a similar routine everyday. Or it will feel like an enforced duty. If you are interested both in yoga and HIIT, don’t think about the before and after, think about the goal you want to achieve.

The best schedule of combining Yoga and HIIT or doing one of them for your fitness goals is the one that you are most comfortable with.

And for most goals it is easier to accommodate both these exercises together if there is a switch between the two. Try that 1st video class above and give us feedback on whether it works for you or not?

Good luck for your fitness goals.

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