Looking for healthy ways to lose weight without exercise? Well exercising is tough, there is no doubt about it. Even the ones who are pro at it know that there are days when you have to drag yourself out of the comfort zone and go workout.

If you don’t want to go through all this effort and still want to lose weight in a healthy alternative way, then yes there is a way but it will require a different sort of effort to make it a success.

See the extra body fat you are carrying is actually the result of the extra amount of calories you have taken over time or sometimes it can be genetic or there could be many other reasons, but you can get fit, and walk and feel better with a lighter body if you take care and fix the bad habits.

So, Is it possible to lose weight without exercise? 

The answer is Yes! a shift of change in habits can help lose weight without exercise. You have to reduce calories intake to an extent that calories intake are less than calories burned plus you have to live an active lifestyle. 

Start by making it a rule on yourself that you won’t procrastinate and do everything at earliest of time no matter what. For it, you can use a self-management technique like the 5 seconds rule.

Other than that, listed below are some of the top tips you can use to lose weight without exercise:

1. Drink Lemon Juice in Morning

Lemon juice is considered one of the top remedies to fix gained weight. Drink a glass of it every morning by pinching yellow lemon into a glass of water. Continue doing this every morning to improve your metabolism. You will see an improvement in potbelly within a month.

But this tip will only work if you are taking care of a lot of other things in an effort to reduce weight. That habits change thing, for instance, is the most important shift of gears from fat to fit.

2. Eat Fruits every day

Fruits are rich in Vitamins and minerals, especially citrus fruits.

They are low in calories which makes them a great choice for people wanting to lose weight. Instead of eating heavy meals 3 times a day, you can try fasting or intermittent fasting or if it is too difficult, replace 1 or 2 meals with fruits and other low calorie intakes everyday.

3. Limit heavy Eating to Once a Day

Instead of eating fatty foods and high-calorie stuff, it is better to minimize your heavy eating to once a day and for the rest of the day rely on fruits and vegetables as recommended above plus salads and warm beverages with biscuits but with no sugar in it.

4. Eat Less Sugar

There is always a tradeoff. If you are willing to lose weight, eat less. You can start the process of eating less by reducing sugar in your diet with the aim that one day you will take your diet to 0 white sugar.

2 weeks of no sugar will decrease your urge to eat a lot of food. This is what Dr. Eric Berg said in a 6 minutes video below. Check out that perk and other health benefits of no sugar diet in a video below:

5. Walk

Most probably you are going to choose dinner for heavy eating so make sure that you take a walk or at least the medically recommended 100 steps. It is famously said that walk after dinner even if you have to walk over spikes.

Although walking is a form of exercise and needs effort to get done with it, you can remove the element of effort out of it by making it as comfortable as possible.

For example instead of taking a ride to complete a task within 1 kilometer of distance, you can take a walk and get done with it. Or you can buy groceries and other things of daily need by taking a walk to the nearby store.

Take a walk for them because a few minutes saved instead are not worth your health. And by walking, you can burn some calories and lose weight without making any significant physical effort.

6. Drink enough Water

There are many health benefits associated with drinking water. It helps you release toxins out of the body and keeps the skin fresh.

8-10 glasses of water per day can help you release enough toxins out of your body that you can actually lose weight. So make sure that you are drinking water more often.

7. Eat Soups

Replace one of your meals with soup. Soups are healthy and contain fewer calories. It would be great to eat soup for lunch if your work is not very physical.

Other than having fewer calories, soups will also fulfill the water deficiency problem.

Eat only one heavy meal a day, and make sure that it is in the morning, so that you can burn all those calories in rest of the day work.

8. Take Cold Showers

A cold shower has the power to shock the metabolic system. It recharges the nervous system and increases the fat-burning process.

Dare to challenge yourself because one cold shower can be worth up to 500 calorie burns, but make sure that it’s not too cold over there and your body can bear the initial shocks of cold water.

By taking a cold shower you are manipulating “brown fat tissue” also called “adipose fat tissue”. That tissue has a function to produce heat and prevent the body from cold.

When you manipulate that tissue, it will produce more heat which means you will feel nice warmth a few minutes after a cold shower.

Again, do take care of what your body can bear because cold water in a cold-weather can cause body paralysis.

9. Take Care of your Sleep

It is better to sleep on time. Late-night food craving is one of the most unhealthy things.

When you wake up early and go to work, your morning breakfast calories are used as fuel to run your whole day.

Contrary to that, food eaten at midnight is not utilized well by the body and a lot of it gets absorbed as fats.

10. Use Vitamin D to Lose Weight without Exercise

Sunlight increases metabolism in the body. Not only that, sunlight is also the best source of vitamin D.

It can help you decrease weight by impacting the fat cells just beneath your skin.

There is a reason why we gain weight during the cold season, and that is a lack of exposure to sunlight plus a bigger appetite to eat more food.


There are healthy ways to lose weight without exercise but you still need to make a little effort.

The tips listed above are only a few but good to start with. A shift in habits change especially eating habits and less procrastination are key to losing weight without exercise.

We wish you the best of luck in your weight loss journey 🙂 Please make sure that you will do an effort to get fit. And you can always reach out to us in comments or through email to share your queries here 🙂 

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