5 Fruits Not To Eat After A Workout

Consuming fruit after workout is generally a good way to recover your muscles because many fruits like guava and jackfruit are rich in proteins good for muscles.

However, people who go to the gym to lose weight need to follow a proper diet plan to create a calorie deficit that can intern lead to weight loss.

For them, high-calorie fruits are not right to consume after exercising.

List Of Fruits Not To Eat After Workout:

1. Mango

mango: fruit not to eat after a workout for weight loss

Mango is one of the most loved fruits and it is nutritious too. It is full of vitamin C and Vitamin A but eating it right after a workout is not recommended. Why?

Because it is high in calories and carbs. According to USDA data, 100 grams of mango contains 60 calories and 15 g of carbs on average.

So, all the calories you worked so hard to burn will amount to nothing if you intake mangoes right after working out.

Therefore, as much as you like mangoes, stay away from them immediately after completing your workout.

2. Raisins

raisins: fruit not to eat after a workout for weight loss

Raisins are also very healthy and nutritious. Many people who need more carbs in their diet also prefer eating raisins or other dry fruits after working out.

But if you are someone who is trying to lose weight then these extra carbs are not for you.

According to USDA data, 100 grams of raisins contain 78.5 g of carbs by difference.

3. Prunes

prunes and plums: fruits not to eat after a workout for weight loss

Prunes are a type of dried plum. They are high in natural sugars and can cause gastrointestinal distress when eaten after a workout.

According to USDA data, Prune (puree) contains 257 calories in a 100g portion, which is a lot if you are trying to lose weight.

So it will be better to not eat prunes after the workout, and eat them in moderation at other times to keep your calories count balanced.

4. Dates

dates post workout

Dates are delicious, sweet and everything you’d want to have after working out.

But sadly, dates too are extremely dense in calories, and thus, eating dates after working out would negatively affect your efforts to burn fat.

5. Dried Figs

dried figs

Figs are low in calories when they are fresh but not so much when they are dry. Dried figs contain more calories and carbs.

It is a healthy fruit and you should have it in your diet but consuming them after working out is discouraged if you are working out to lose weight.

How Soon After A Workout Can You Eat Fruits?

Now I know that the information above brings you to the question of when you should eat fruits after a workout.

Let me answer that quickly, you should eat anything rich in proteins and carbs within 60 minutes post-workout.

It is not necessary to eat fruits after a workout, but you should eat a diet rich in protein and carbohydrates to help your muscles repair.

Fruits such as pineapple, kiwi, banana, and berries are recommended to eat after a workout in moderate quantities.

In particular, nuts and dried fruits help you gain fat so they prove vital in muscle recovery. Yogurt and fruits are also recommended in combination in post-workout.

Is Fruit Bad After a Workout?

No there is not a single fruit that is proven to be bad for eating after a workout. It’s just your fitness goals that make fruits good or bad to consume after exercising.

Fruits generally are good for eating. But if you want to be extra careful, don’t eat fruits outside their harvesting season.

For example, watermelon is a fruit of summer, if you are eating it in summer, you are eating the best watermelons that are not stored through unnatural means like freezing for winters.

Unlike watermelon, fruits like bananas grow throughout the year and it is healthy to eat them anytime during the year provided that they are ripe and fresh.

In short, there is no bad fruit, just season fresh and not season fresh fruit, or ripe or not ripe fruit.

Also, some people consider eating fruits after a workout bad because of fructose (sugar) in them.

But it should not be the reason to quit eating them after a workout because fruits are not just sugar.

There is a good amount of vitamins and nutrients like calcium, iron, and potassium in fruits.

And they are all good for your health, well-being, and workout recovery.

Check out a video below on why fruit won’t make you fat if you monitor the fructose right:

Foods and Drinks (Containing Fruits) to avoid after a Workout:

  • Smoothies of pre-made mixes
  • Fruit soda especially sugary drinks
  • Fruit sports drinks
  • Fruit candies
  • Ice-creams like Sundae that are more of a dessert


What you intake is important but the most important thing is when you intake something.

Fruits, in general, are healthy and nutritious but some fruits are not suitable to be consumed immediately after working out.

When you are working out or following a diet plan you need to be very conscious about what you intake and when.

Remember, consuming four bananas before a workout is great but the same four bananas after working out can ruin your whole effort if you are trying to lose weight.

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