No one ever got motivated enough to work out every day. At least in my circle. But when you look on Internet, there is a lot of fake motivation to start a fitness regime. Stories and videos that sound very beautiful and motivating for a time being but are all myths and lies. A real-world doesn’t flow that way. People are lazy and there needs to be a workaround.

What matters the most is what is it that will work for you?

If you are forcing yourself to start a workout regime, you surely need to reconsider that thought. And start looking for a why?

People who achieved something big in fitness usually have a very strong why.

For example one of my friends had a child a few months ago and with no stable income, he got worried about the future of his child. That motivation helped him lose weight from 117kgs to 83kgs in just 2 months. He is now eligible to appear in the army exam.

Only a strong reason like this can put you in the gym and make you stay there or wake you up at 5 am in the morning to go for a run and then again in the afternoon and in the evening.

One Fitness Motivation Tip That Always Works

If you are in no mood to get up and start working out. Try what I tried a few days ago:

  • Put your headphones on and play something you really love to listen
  • Feel that voice and start moving the body whichever way your brain is asking the body to move
  • Make sure that you are alone so that no one will think you are crazy
  • Don’t think you are crazy
  • Once you are in the movement, there is a high chance you will get motivated to workout

This tip works because often we are not in a mood to workout because we are too lazy to move. Somehow it’s a dilemma of today’s world that people are not willing to move. You have to get yourself moving.

Now in this article, we will help you get motivated for the workout and suggest some of the best home workout equipment. We will suggest you ideas about how fitness goals can be achieved without a trainer and why it is important to live a healthy life.

Fitness is Not only about Shaping your Body

Have you ever wondered what are the benefits of exercise other than shaping the body?

According to research, exercise can help prevent heart disease, stroke, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, type 2 diabetes, arthritis, osteoporosis (bone loss), and loss of muscle mass. It can even slow down the aging process.

The list is a very long one but this much is surely enough to get motivated for a workout. See the thing is no one can drag you to start it right now. If you really want it, it will happen someday. But till then, it is better to at least keep reading and watching content related to fitness. The more you will get a look at what the output can be, the greater there is chance you will start working out someday. At least, you will stay in a loop of being interested to start a fitness journey. That something is surely better than nothing!

A sound mind is in a Sound body

Thales, a Greek philosopher, was absolutely correct when he said this.

There is a close link between physical exercise, mental equilibrium, and the ability to enjoy life.

Start with the basic walking and stretching exercises. Youtube is full of  content on the topic of “How should a beginner start working out?”

Be patient with yourself. Don’t overdo anything and give your body proper rest so that it can get used to all the activity.

After some time, you can take the game to next level. If you have problems like belly fat, no problem, it can go away.

Challenge yourself and have the  “yes I can do it” attitude.

Take a weekly challenge like the one in the video below: workout 7 minutes and see the difference.

Once you get used to the workout routine

Now your body can endure more pressure.

Take the help of a fitness app. There are a lot of them, check our featured fitness apps in this article.

Also start buying and using fitness equipment, it is absolutely necessary to have some basic equipment for workouts. Like you can buy Dumbbells or a Cardio Machine.

Our Suggested Fitness Equipment

1. A Yoga Mat

Yoga Mat Basic Fitness Equipment

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A yoga mat isn’t just for yoga. It helps in body-weight exercises like stretching and makes the core work out more comfortable. Plus, it also provides a good surface for strength training and working out the upper body.

The basic yoga mats are not at all expensive and they make workouts really easy to do.

Doorway Pullup chinup bar

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Doorway pull-up bars are the go-to piece of equipment for maintaining and gaining upper body strength without an added weight. Do Pull-ups with them and recruit muscles in your back, shoulders, chest, and arms. You can easily isolate muscle groups by changing your hand position on the bar.

For pull-up assist, you can also use resistance bands.

SPRI Xertube Resistance Bands Exercise Cords, Red, Medium

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These bands come in a variety of resistances.

They tend to hold up better than many other brands.

They can be used to work on essentially every muscle group and they provide more exercise options if anchored to a door or wrapped around a post.

4. Weighted jump rope

Lifeline Weighted High Speed Jump Rope

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Just 10 minutes of jumping rope is equivalent to a 30-minute jog.

Some of them come with removable 1-pound weights stashed in the handles.

If you want to save time from jogging, here you go.

5. Dumbbells


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Don’t be shocked, I know the image provided is demonstrating next-level exercising with dumbbells but you can use them in much simpler ways. Your Fitness- Home workout equipment can be used in many easy and difficult ways

Select the weights that you are comfortable with and start shaping your muscles and build strength with exercises like Bench Press, Bicep Curl, Shoulder Press, Bent-Over Row, One arm swing, and Calf Raise.

6. Cycling


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Cycling is an ideal workout to lose weight.

Traditionally cycling is an outdoors activity, but many gyms and fitness centers now have stationary bikes that allow you to cycle while staying indoors. They are expensive fitness equipment but if you can afford it, it’s good to have one at home.

Not only a workout for weight loss, but studies have found that people who cycle regularly are overall better in fitness and have a lower risk of heart diseases.

That’s all in Fitness and Home workout equipment, if you have any suggestions on more equipment, feel free to reach out through the comments section or contact us page.

Here is a bonus tip for people who want to build muscle.

Try a workout 4 day split program:

  • Day 1 – Back and Biceps.
  • 2nd day – Chest and Triceps.
  • Day 3 – OFF.
  • 4th day – Quads, Hamstrings, and Calves.
  • Day 5 – Shoulders, Traps, and Forearms.
  • 6th day – OFF.
  • Day 7 – OFF.

Or even a workout 3 day split program :

Here is a visual representation of a 3-day split program.

Wish you the best of luck in achieving your fitness goals!

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