Walk into any gym and you will find different machines—like treadmills, spin bikes, ellipticals and stair masters. They are the beauty and decoration of any gym. But more importantly, they are there to be used. In this blog, we will cover the exercise machines that are easier to use and then the top exercise machines in terms of calories you can burn with them.

5 Machines good for Burning Calories

  • Air Bike
  • Rower
  • Treadmill
  • Spin Bike
  • Ski Erg

Air Bike

An Air bike is different from a regular stationary bike. It uses wind resistance from a fan and has 2 fixed handles.

An average person can lose 20-30 calories in a minute of exercise on an Air Bike.

Check out the activity on an Air Bike in the video below:


This machine engages almost the whole of your body if used properly.

Roughly around 80% of your muscles are involved and this results in approximately 8 calories burn a minute.

Rowing machines have a low impact and injuries like joint pain, nagging injuries, or muscle soreness are immediately mitigated.

See a demo of the Rower machine in the video below:


A treadmill machine is a backup option for every exercise in a gym.

But don’t sleep on it. Remember growth is in a continuous workout.

On a treadmill, being an average weight person, if you run for 30 minutes at a pace of 10 minutes a mile, it can burn 270 calories, 405 calories in 45 minutes and 540 calories in an hour.

Although a lot of factors will vary the number of calories burned including your weight, speed and intensity of walking.

Spin Bike

In one of Harvard Health Publishing, it was revealed that a 155-pound person cycling at an average pace can burn around 260 calories in 30 minutes and a 125-person can burn around 210 calories on a Spin Bike.

These machines are especially good for weight loss. Check out how they work in a video below:

Ski Erg

Most people don’t even know about it in the gym. Ski Erg is one of the best pieces of equipment in any gym.

Although the primary purpose of using them is to build muscles and increase cardiovascular endurance, a 150-pound human can burn around 12 calories a minute, 238 calories in 30 minutes, and 476 calories in an hour on a ski machine.

Check it out here:


Exercise Equipment That Burns The Most Calories

The machines covered above were the most easier ones. In this section, we will cover all the exercise equipment that burns the most calories including exercise machines.


Treadmills are a good alternative to running during bad weather.

They are more helpful when you can’t find time to leave the house.

Treadmills mostly come with features that help you to run at different levels of incline while simulating a course of hills and terrains.


Cycles are wonderful for cardio exercise. Not only you can use them easily at home but also can make it a fun activity by using a visual program on your TV to bike through the scenery.

You can even spin bike to your favourite workout jams.

Some of these cycles come with fans in the wheel for better resistance as you pedal.


Rowing machines are a source of full-body cardio workouts.

They do take a little extra space but the payoff is worth it.

People who use rowers usually establish a routine of rowing for a while, hop out to do a different exercise, like push-ups or burpees, and then get back to rowers again.

Climbers/Stair Steppers

This calorie-burning machine equipment comes in many different forms.

One option is Machines that rotate steps for an endless climb, but also there is a more budget-friendly one in which you have to form a couple of steps to climb up and then reverse back down.

As for cardio, calorie-burning exercise equipment, stair steppers are a space-efficient option for working out.

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