Women’s Gym Backpack with Shoe Compartment – 5 Best Products

The best gym backpacks for women are those that have a shoe compartment. A shoe compartment is important because it prevents the shoes from getting smelly and dirty inside the bag, which can be a problem for those who don’t wear socks.

If you are here for a quick buy, check out this Kalesi Store’s gym backpack. According to customer reviews, it’s the best women’s gym backpack with a shoe compartment out of 5 products we are going to review in this article.

1. Kalesi Floral Gym Duffle backpack 

This Kalesi’s floral gym backpack is not only Amazon’s choice for women’s gym backpacks but also the best women’s gym backpack with a shoe compartment according to customer reviews.

It’s a 4.8/5 stars product after more than 1850 reviews.

This bag has plenty of space to store your items and many small pockets. Plus a shoe compartment to keep your shoes separated from the rest.

A scratch- and water-resistant oxford material is used in this backpack to ensure that it is durable and easy to clean.

Furthermore, adjustable padded shoulder straps are used to provide back support while you are carrying it. 

You can carry it in four different styles; a backpack, a crossbody bag, a shoulder bag, and a handle bag. 

2. Shipe Women’s  Sports Backpack Gym Bag

Due to its casual yet fashionable design, this backpack is suited for the gym, work, and college. Customers who are looking for small-sized backpacks prefer this bag the most. 

The backpack has a water-resistant polyester lining and a high-quality zipper closure. Also, it has a separate shoe compartment and a wet pocket to ensure that you can keep all your gym items in it. 

The bag also has a laptop sleeve so you can take your laptop with you everywhere. Besides, it has reflective strips designed on the back that reflect light and help you travel at night. 

3. Shouldcat Gym Backpack for Women with Shoe Compartment 

This elegant gym backpack for women is made of high-quality, lightweight, soft, and water-resistant polyester fabric. It is perfect for sports, gym, and travel. 

The backpack’s design is extremely convenient, as it has a wet and dry compartment, and along with that, it has one zipper and three elastic pockets.

In addition, it has a shoe compartment, which makes it easier for you to carry your gym shoes with you. However, you can also remove the shoe compartment at any time if it is not needed. 

The adjustable shoulder straps are full of sponge padding, providing relief to your shoulders, and making it easier for you to carry the backpack. 

4. Seafew Lightweight  Backpack for Women 

This backpack is multi-functional and lightweight and has a large capacity to store various items. It is made of waterproof and scratch-resistant oxford material and has a high-quality zipper. 

This backpack has a main compartment, a hidden pocket, a shoe compartment, and other small pockets to keep everything secure.

Moreover, it has dual handles and a shock-resistant padded shoulder that is adjustable and detachable. 

You can carry this bag with different methods, such as a backpack, shoulder bag, duffle bag, or handbag.

Also, it has separate straps to carry a yoga mat and a pocket to carry a laptop. 

5. SYCNB Gym Backpack for Women 

The SYCNB gym backpack is especially for those women who want a lightweight bag with a huge capacity.

It has 35L storage space and multiple pockets. Apart from the large size, you can also select a backpack in a small size. 

This bag is made of premium waterproof nylon material and has a separate wet pocket to store your sweaty clothes without letting your other items get wet. 

Additionally, the bag has a shoe compartment to keep an extra pair of shoes with you. The backpack has a compact design, as you can fold it within itself easily. 

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