Top 10 Flexible Running Shoes for Women

When it comes to choosing running shoes, flexibility is the key. You can’t run in a shoe that is too tight and can possibly hurt your feet or leave marks of calluses on the feet. No matter how good the design or brand is, if the shoe is not good for you, it is useless to spend any cash on.

Some great pairs that are famous among women for flexibility are the Nike Air Zoom Pegasus and Mizuno Wave Inspire. They are the type of running shoes that will move with your feet, and not against them.

10 Most Flexible Running Shoes for Women According to Buyer Reviews:

1. Nike Air Zoom Pegasus

If you’re a long-distance runner looking for the perfect balance of comfort and support, the Nike Air Zoom Pegasus 36 might be your ideal choice. One enthusiastic reviewer, who’s passionate about races ranging from 10Ks to half marathons, shared her experience with these shoes.

She used to swear by Saucony but decided to explore other options due to ankle support issues with her previous Brooks Ghost shoes. Her journey led her to the Nike Air Zoom Pegasus 36, and she was thrilled with her find.

According to her, these shoes felt amazing right out of the box. They provided excellent support, and the fit was spot on, especially for those with normal to narrower feet. What’s more, they were incredibly lightweight, offering a noticeable improvement in performance compared to her old Brooks.

She reported running faster times and, most importantly, no ankle or foot pain after her runs. The Nike Air Zoom Pegasus 36 offered her the comfort and performance she craved.

However, she did mention that for races beyond 13 miles, she preferred a bit more stability. The Pegasus was exceptional for shorter races, up to a half marathon.

In summary, the Nike Air Zoom Pegasus 36 is a fantastic choice for runners seeking lightweight, comfortable, and supportive shoes, especially for races up to a half marathon.

2. PUMA Women’s Soft ride Sophia Running Shoes

For our second pick in the lineup of flexible running shoes for women, we have the PUMA Women’s SoftRide Sophia Running Shoes. These shoes have garnered mixed reviews, so let’s dive into the details.

Review 1:

“I have 9 pairs of these, so I obviously love them! Unfortunately, they don’t all fit the same, as some are more narrow in the toe box (like this one). I have hard-to-fit feet, and despite the inconsistent sizing, I’ve bought multiple pairs because they are affordable and work well for me. The sole wears down quickly and is too soft for a running shoe, but the insert provides great padding. If you have a wide foot or wear the same shoes for every workout, I wouldn’t recommend them. Because I have so many pairs in different colors, they are lasting, despite the sole wearing down. Another pro: they wash well!”

Review 1 highlights the mixed experience with these shoes. The reviewer mentions that she has multiple pairs, primarily due to affordability, despite inconsistent sizing. She notes that they may not be suitable for those with wide feet or for heavy usage since the sole wears down quickly. However, the shoes are praised for their comfort and padding, and they’re surprisingly easy to clean.

Review 2:

“These shoes do run about a half size small, so I recommend going up that much at least. Go up a whole size if you want a lot of room. These shoes are so comfortable. I have wide feet, and they fit great. They aren’t too tight or too loose. I go through tennis shoes in 6 months or less, so I’m anxious to see how long these last. I workout, and I walk my dogs at least twice a day. Most days it’s 3 or 4 times, so I need a pair of shoes that will hold up to everything I do. So far, they have been great! I like these shoes so well I plan on ordering a couple more pairs in different colors.”

Review 2 suggests that these shoes run a bit small, so sizing up is recommended. However, the reviewer praises their comfort, especially for those with wide feet. The durability of the shoes is questioned, but the reviewer is optimistic about their performance, given their active lifestyle.

In summary, the PUMA Women’s SoftRide Sophia Running Shoes are affordable and comfortable options, but they may have issues with inconsistent sizing and durability. If you’re considering these, be sure to carefully assess the sizing and your intended usage to make an informed choice.

3. Mizuno Wave Inspire

Our next recommendation in the roundup of flexible running shoes for women is the Mizuno Wave Inspire. Let’s delve into a user review to understand why these shoes make the list.


“There are only two brands I buy for running/walking/working out – Mizuno and Asics. I love Mizunos because they fit well (a little tight at first) and the foot padding is great – not to mention they are very stylish. My feet feel totally supported in these, and what’s great is they don’t have to be broken in with blisters – I can wear them straight out of the box. They may not work for everybody, but this is my fourth pair – they are awesome in my book.”

This reviewer expresses a strong preference for Mizuno Wave Inspire when it comes to athletic shoes. They appreciate the snug fit, excellent foot padding, and stylish design of Mizuno shoes. The reviewer also emphasizes that these shoes offer great support right from the start, without the need for a break-in period that often leads to blisters. This level of comfort and support has led the reviewer to purchase their fourth pair, and they consider Mizuno Wave Inspire to be an excellent choice.

In summary, the Mizuno Wave Inspire receives praise for its comfortable fit, foot padding, and stylish appearance. It seems to be a go-to option for the reviewer, who values the immediate comfort and support provided by these shoes.

4. Under Armour Assert 8

Our fourth recommendation in the roundup of flexible running shoes for women is the Under Armour Assert 8. Let’s examine a user review to understand the pros and cons of these shoes.


“The product looked nice when it arrived new to my home, and Amazon’s delivery was fast! I bought it in Nov 2019 and wore it for walking and sometimes running. I would say I did not use it really intensely, but I wore it most days, even just walking to school and sitting in the library for a whole day. The size fit as normal for me, but it definitely became bigger after a while of wearing it (just normal as what other shoes will do). Overall, it is a nice shoe, and water will get into it if it rains hard. However, 10 months later, both of the shoes have wear and tear located where my back heel is, and it is not really comfortable as the hard-supported stuff on the back heel comes up with no fabric to cover it. It is overall a nice one, but with the price and brand, I would expect something more durable for running and wearing it on a daily basis. NOT SURE how other running shoes will do, but if you plan to wear it for sports activities for more than a year, maybe this is not a good choice here. At least the one I got!”

This reviewer initially liked the appearance of the product and appreciated the fast delivery. They used the shoes for walking and occasional running, and the fit was initially comfortable. However, they observed that the shoes stretched out over time, which is a common occurrence with many shoes.

The reviewer also mentioned that the shoes were not completely waterproof, so water could get in during heavy rain. However, their main concern was with the durability. After 10 months of use, the shoes showed wear and tear near the back heel, which affected comfort. They expected better durability given the brand and price point. The reviewer also expressed uncertainty about how other running shoes would perform under similar conditions.

In summary, the Under Armour Assert 8 is praised for its initial comfort and appearance, but the reviewer experienced durability issues after 10 months of regular use. It may not be the best choice for those seeking long-term durability for daily sports activities.

5. Nike Unisex-Child Free Rn

Our fifth pick in the lineup of flexible running shoes for women is the Nike Unisex-Child Free RN. These shoes have received mixed reviews, so let’s take a closer look at what users have to say.

Review 1:

“I have ankle problems and can only wear certain sneakers, and this style is one of those. I love them! They are lightweight, easy to pack for travel, and surprisingly supportive. Great shoe that I wish Nike would bring back and make more colors.”

Review 1 highlights the positive aspects of these shoes. The reviewer, who has ankle problems and specific footwear requirements, finds the Nike Unisex-Child Free RN to be a great fit. They praise these shoes for their lightweight design, travel-friendliness, and unexpected support. The only wish expressed is for more color options.

Review 2:

“I’ve always bought the Nike Free because the toe box seems a little wider and the mesh upper was soft and supple. These seem a little more narrow, though still wide enough to be comfortable. I was mostly disappointed in the stiffness of the upper. I don’t like to wear socks with my tennis shoes and they feel stiff and a little scratchy. I’m used to them now, it’s not a deal-breaker, and actually the stiffer fabric is probably more tear-resistant, but it did take a minute to get used to it. Good quality overall, and they do look nice.”

Review 2 offers a more critical perspective. The reviewer mentions that they’ve been a fan of Nike Free shoes due to their wider toe box and soft mesh upper. However, they note that these particular shoes seem slightly narrower and have a stiffer upper that felt scratchy, especially when worn without socks. Despite the initial discomfort, the reviewer acknowledges the shoes’ good quality and aesthetics.

In summary, the Nike Unisex-Child Free RN appears to have a supportive and lightweight design, making them suitable for those with specific footwear needs. However, some users might find the upper material a bit stiff and less comfortable when worn without socks. Overall, these shoes offer potential benefits for those with particular preferences.

6. Brooks Launch 7

Our sixth recommendation in the roundup of flexible running shoes for women is the Brooks Launch 7. Let’s explore a user review to gain insights into this running shoe.


“This is a great shoe. Brooks makes an amazing running shoe. This particular Brooks was the cheaper version, one of the earlier versions of a great running shoe. If you can afford it, buy a Brooks shoe, but avoid the Launch; for a little more money, you can improve the comfort. I bought the Wide 8.5 Brooks Launch because I did not trust that a better Brooks would make a difference. It does. The better the Brooks, the better the comfort on a long, wonderful run. The Launch is a durable, good running shoe, but if you are a big-time runner, spend the $$$$ and get the better quality.

The Launch fits wonderfully. This is a durable everyday sneaker you can wear walking. A bit heavier than other Brooks, but that’s part of its quality.

Look at Brooks Women’s Ghost 14; it is this shoe but even better. One of the best shoes on the planet for running. It’s more expensive than the Launch, but you might find it to be a true 5-star.

Another good option is Brooks Women’s Glycerin GTS.”

In this review, the reviewer praises Brooks for producing great running shoes and acknowledges that the Brooks Launch 7 is a solid option. However, they suggest that if you have the budget, you should consider investing in a higher-tier Brooks shoe for improved comfort, especially during longer runs.

The reviewer mentions that they initially purchased the Brooks Launch 7 and found it to fit well and be durable for everyday use, including walking. They do note that it’s slightly heavier compared to other Brooks models but attribute this to its quality.

Furthermore, the reviewer recommends looking at the Brooks Women’s Ghost 14 as an even better option for running, although it comes at a higher price point. They suggest that it might be worth the extra cost for those seeking top-notch running performance.

Additionally, they mention the Brooks Women’s Glycerin GTS as another good option to consider.

In summary, the Brooks Launch 7 is acknowledged as a good running shoe, but the reviewer suggests that investing in a higher-tier Brooks model could provide better comfort for serious runners. The reviewer also recommends exploring other Brooks options, such as the Women’s Ghost 14, for superior running performance.

7. Ryka Vida RZX Oxford

Our seventh recommendation in the roundup of flexible running shoes for women is the Ryka Vida RZX Oxford. Let’s take a look at a user review to understand its strengths and weaknesses.


“I would have given these shoes a 5-star rating except for 2 issues. First, there was an odd spot on the insole that caused a nasty blister in the area just behind the little toe. Second, the sole is wearing quickly. I bought these for my girlfriend, who works as a mail carrier, walking an average of 12 miles a day. Only 10 days in, and the sole is starting to show significant wear. To provide a small point of comparison, she normally wears Asics and can get almost a year of walking before the sole is shot.”

In this review, the reviewer appreciates the Ryka Vida RZX Oxford but points out two notable issues. They mention an uncomfortable spot on the insole that caused a blister near the little toe, which affected the shoe’s comfort and user experience. Additionally, they note that the sole of the shoe is wearing out quickly, particularly when compared to Asics, which offer greater durability for extensive walking.

Despite these issues, the reviewer does not give the shoe a low rating, indicating that it may still have some positive qualities.

In summary, the Ryka Vida RZX Oxford receives mixed feedback in this review. While the shoe may have certain strengths, such as comfort, it faces criticism for issues related to insole comfort and sole durability when compared to other brands.

8. Balance 520 V7

Our eighth recommendation in the roundup of flexible running shoes for women is the New Balance 520 V7. Let’s explore a user review to understand why these shoes made the list.


“These shoes are incredibly comfortable. They work well for running, work, daily use, etc. I love the colors. The soles have lasted long for me through the use of running and biking. I like the padding on the bottoms; they help support my feet. And these shoes are nice and light. The only drawback is the price. I bought mine for $70, a tough price; but it has thus far been worth it.”

In this review, the user has high praise for the New Balance 520 V7 shoes. They find them incredibly comfortable and versatile, suitable for running, work, daily activities, and more. The reviewer appreciates the variety of colors available and mentions that the soles have shown good durability even with regular running and biking. They also note the padding on the bottoms of the shoes, which provides good support and adds to the overall comfort. Additionally, the reviewer highlights that the shoes are lightweight, which is a desirable feature for many.

The only reservation expressed in the review is the price, with the shoes being purchased for $70. Despite this, the reviewer believes that the comfort, durability, and versatility make them a worthwhile purchase.

In summary, the New Balance 520 V7 receives strong praise for its comfort, versatility, durability, and lightness. While the price is mentioned as a drawback, the reviewer still considers it a valuable investment.

9. ASICS Gel-Venture

Our ninth recommendation in the roundup of flexible running shoes for women is the ASICS Gel-Venture. Let’s delve into a user review to understand why these shoes have earned their place in the list.


“I loved how long these sneakers have lasted me. I walk everywhere in them. To work and back 45 min, trips, and just recently a 7 hr hike which was partially through water. I would probably recommend buying actual hiking shoes with ankle support, but these worked for me this time around. I thought they would have fallen apart by now but they still last. The rubber from the sole, which comes up to the front, seems to have come off just a bit but has been and stayed like that for a while already…was scared they would be falling apart but still staying strong through beaches, rivers, and long walking distances and runs. Absolutely love them.

The only thing I find annoying-but not specific to this sneaker (just my feet 😉) is that one foot, my pinky rubs against the edge and gets a bit annoying. But it broke in a bit, still annoying, but not too bad. Other sneakers with a more narrow toe box are definitely worse. Still in search for a sneaker that won’t bother me or need any breaking in for that specific reason (well, any reason). But this was definitely a good buy and decent price. Arch support is probably long gone, and may not have been too strong in the first place…but I wouldn’t know, being that I am ignorant in that area.”

In this review, the user expresses a high level of satisfaction with the ASICS Gel-Venture shoes. They appreciate the longevity and durability of the sneakers, using them for various activities, including long walks, trips, and even a 7-hour hike through water. The reviewer mentions that while hiking shoes with ankle support are recommended for certain situations, the Gel-Venture worked well for them.

The reviewer notes that the shoes have shown some wear, particularly with the rubber sole coming off slightly, but they are impressed with how well the shoes have held up through challenging conditions, including beaches, rivers, and extensive walking and running.

One minor annoyance the reviewer mentions is that their pinky toe rubs against the edge of one of the shoes, but they acknowledge that this issue improved with time. They appreciate that the Gel-Venture’s toe box is more comfortable compared to sneakers with a narrower toe box.

Despite any minor issues, the reviewer considers the ASICS Gel-Venture a good purchase at a decent price point. They also mention that arch support may not have been strong, but they are not well-versed in this area.

In summary, the ASICS Gel-Venture earns praise for its durability, versatility, and comfort, even during extended outdoor activities. While minor fit issues are mentioned, the overall value and performance of the shoes are highlighted in the review.

10. Ryka Ultimate Running Shoes

Our final recommendation in the roundup of flexible running shoes for women is the Ryka Ultimate Running Shoes. Let’s take a look at two user reviews to understand the strengths and benefits of these shoes.

Review 1:

“I experienced shin discomfort when walking in my old shoes, but with over 10 miles in the Ryka, I have yet to experience any discomfort in my shins, and I’ve noticed less hip pain which I had contributed to my sleep position.”

In the first review, the user highlights their positive experience with the Ryka Ultimate Running Shoes. They mention that their previous shoes caused shin discomfort during walking, but after wearing the Ryka shoes for over 10 miles, they have not experienced any shin discomfort. Additionally, they note a reduction in hip pain, which they had previously attributed to their sleep position. This indicates that the Ryka shoes have made a significant difference in their comfort and well-being during physical activity.

Review 2:

“Shoes are as pictured. Comfy but just a tad small. I wish I would have up-sized by 1/2. Work 9 hours a day continually standing and no arch pain. Have noticed plantar fasciitis is not as painful as with other shoes. Three of my coworkers recommended Ryka. Will be purchasing more Ryka styles.”

In the second review, the user mentions that the Ryka Ultimate Running Shoes are comfortable but slightly small, suggesting that they would have preferred a half-size larger. They mention that they work long hours (9 hours a day) with continuous standing, yet they have not experienced arch pain while wearing these shoes. Additionally, they note a reduction in the pain associated with plantar fasciitis when compared to other shoes they’ve worn. The user also mentions that three of their coworkers recommended Ryka shoes and that they plan to purchase more Ryka styles in the future.

In summary, the Ryka Ultimate Running Shoes receive positive feedback in these reviews, particularly for their comfort and effectiveness in reducing discomfort associated with shin pain, hip pain, arch pain, and plantar fasciitis. While some users may prefer a slightly larger size, the overall satisfaction and recommendations from coworkers suggest that Ryka shoes are a valuable choice.

That concludes our roundup of flexible running shoes for women! We hope this guide helps you make an informed decision when selecting the right shoes for your needs.

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