What To Put In A Women’s Gym Bag? – Top 12 Useful Things

The most important things to put in a women’s gym bag are extra clothes, a reusable water bottle, hygiene items like towels and deodorant, and essentials like a phone, keys, and wallet. Post-workout snacks and makeup are also good to have items.

To make your gym experience better, what’s in your gym bag is just as important as the workout itself.

And to sort out that problem, we have compiled a list of essentials that you should consider putting into the gymnasium bag before leaving for the fitness facility.

12 Essential Items for a Woman’s Gym Bag:

1. Water Bottle

During workouts, staying hydrated is necessary. Make sure to keep a water bottle in your gym bag.

Ideally, use a reusable water bottle that is insulated, as it keeps the cold water cold and warm water warm for longer, and these bottles are better for the environment.

They are also more hygienic, as you do not have to drink from others’ water bottles.

2. Clothes

According to psychologists, wearing clothes that make you feel confident and athletic can improve your performance.

If you do not wear your workout clothes to the gym, make sure to put a fresh set of clothes in your gym bag. 

On the other hand, no one likes to wear dirty clothes after a heavy workout, and if you do not go home directly after the gym, it is a reminder to always keep a pair of clothes in the bag.

The essential clothes you might need to pack in your gym bag include breathable, well-fitted outfits, such as a top/shorts, pants, and socks. 

3. Gym shoes

If you exercise before or after work or class, do not forget to put your gym shoes in the bag.

Light fabric shoes are the best option to carry in the bag, as they are lightweight, breathable, and do not take up much space. 

However, no matter what type of exercise you are doing, the shoes you wear will have a great impact on your performance.

Wearing the wrong shoes during workouts can cause serious injuries to your feet.

The three best types of shoes for the gym are:

  1. Lifting shoes: ideal for lifting weights.
  2. Cross-training shoes: best for all-around workouts, and
  3. Running shoes: that are best for treadmill running. 

Check out these best women’s trainers for the gym, featuring shoe products for all gym workouts like running, cardio, high-intensity workouts, and weight training.

4. Post Workout Snacks 

Whether you want to lose weight, bulk up, or build muscles, after a heavy workout, your body needs nutrients that are good for the recovery process.

Taking some nutrient-dense protein snacks is good for the muscles to rebuild.

So we recommend putting some protein bars or easy post-workout meals in your gym bag. 

5. Deodorants

Being sweaty or smelling bad is common in the gym. Many people forget to take care of their hygiene during workouts.

Therefore, taking a women’s gym deodorant with you becomes a must. 

Deodorants not only make you feel fresh, but also they reduce bacteria and block sweat.

Due to this reason, use your favorite deodorant before and after a workout.

6. Makeup 

Makeup is one of the most desired things for women to keep in any bag.

One can not put on heavy makeup while going to the gym. But nevertheless, keeping a few makeup products in your gym bag is essential, which you can apply after finishing the workout and showering.

You can take BB cream, waterproof mascara, and a tint with you in your gym bag. Just make sure that you are using high-quality gym makeup products, as they won’t affect your skin negatively. 

Also, you do not want to keep searching for your makeup products in the gym bag, right? If you want to keep your products organized, opt for a cosmetic pouch.

It will help you to keep your products in place without creating a mess in the gym bag. 

7. Protein Powder and Shaker

Hitting the gym without taking care of your nutrition is not something you should do.

Exercise and proper dieting should go hand in hand. If you want your muscle to recover faster, you should opt for protein. 

Protein plays a significant role in rebuilding and repairing your muscles after working out. Thus, you should always take your protein powder in a shaker bottle. 

8. Headphones

Nowadays, headphones have become something without which one can not leave their home. If you go to the gym without any of your friends, headphones become a necessity. 

In addition, exercising becomes so much more fun while listening to a song or a podcast.

Also, headphones help you when you want to avoid talking to strangers in the gym. For this reason, you should always keep your headphones in your gym bag. 

However, your choice of headphones will decide your level of comfort. If you select wired headphones, it might be problematic for you to carry them.

They will not only become tangled in your bag but will not let you exercise in peace when you wear them. 

Due to this reason, you should go for wireless headphones

9. Towels

It is impossible not to sweat in the gym, right? That is where small towels come in handy.

Make sure to opt for a towel that is quick to dry, as you do not want it to be sweaty as well. 

In addition, if you want to take a shower after the gym, you should take a full-size towel with you.

Keeping a personal towel should always be your priority, as you do not want to transfer the bacteria if you use someone else’s towel. 

10. Fitness Tracker

One of the most important things to keep your progress on track is a fitness tracker.

Monitoring your heart rate, steps, and burned calories keeps you motivated throughout the workout session. 

Due to this reason, a fitness tracker or a smartwatch is something you should always keep with you in your gym bag.

Alternatively, you can also download a fitness app on your mobile to keep track of your progress. 

11. Face and Body Wipes

Showering after a heavy workout session becomes a must. However, what should you do if you do not have time to take a shower and have to go to dinner with your friends? 

Well, that is when you need face and body wipes. These can help you take an instant dry shower so that you look your best.

You just have to give yourself an all-over wipe, and you are good to go. Isn’t that amazing?

12. Hair Accessories

Women can not go anywhere without taking those extra hair ties with them.

Keeping your hair in place is crucial to not getting it all over your face while you are working out.

Also, it would not be possible for you to have a good hairstyle during exercise.

Therefore, you should always take hair accessories, including bobby pins and hair ties, with you in your gym bag. It will help you to be comfortable while working out. 

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