15 Best Women’s Trainers for the Gym

Depending on your fitness goals, there are different kinds of trainer shoes available in the market.

The best women’s trainers for the gym are Brooks Ghost 14 for running, Nike Women’s Metcon 7 for all-round workouts, Reebok Women’s Nano 9 Cross Trainer Shoes for cardio and high-intensity interval training, and New Balance Minimus Tr V1 for weight training. 

They are all high-quality products with lots of positive reviews.

Details of each of these gym training shoes and many other options are in the section below.

15 Best Gym Trainers For Women

1. Brooks Ghost 14 Women’s Neutral Running Shoes

If you are looking for the perfect trainers for running, this is the one for you. The Brooks Ghost 14 offers neutral support. It has a rubber sole, which is ideal for high energizing cushioning.

According to customer reviews, the Brooks Ghost 14 helps ease their foot pain, as it provides high comfort.

In addition, they are available in various sizes, designs, and widths, which will help you to select the perfect size, and your toes will not feel cramped at all.

2. Nike Women’s Metcon 7 Training Shoes

These Nike trainers are the top choice among women who want to take their training experience to the next level. The Metcon trainers are very stable, which helps you keep balance throughout your workout session. 

Moreover, they have Nike’s React foam that improves comfort while you are wearing them. They are designed to be lightweight, and their textured overlays ensure durability and improved performance. Also, they have grooves that help to bend your forefoot naturally. 

3. Reebok Women’s Nano 9 Cross Trainer Shoes

Reebok Women’s Nano 9 Cross Trainer Shoes are best for cardio and high-intensity interval training, as they are high-performance and offer great foot support. They are not heavy, which makes them ideal for bodyweight exercises, such as lunges, squats, and burpees. 

In addition, they are durable, offering stretch and support. The grip that these trainers offer is best for high-intensity activities. Reebok Nano 9 trainers are made with a soft rubber sole and additional forefoot cushioning, giving you your desired comfort while working out. 

4. Nike Women’s Fitness Shoes

One of the best trainers for aerobic exercises and HIIT is the Nike Women’s Fitness Shoes. Apart from adding a spark to your overall gym look, they are incredibly comfortable. 

Furthermore, if you have wide feet and are searching for trainers that can comfort you, opt for these trainers. They are perfect for people with wide feet. According to a customer’s review, they are also great for someone who has flat feet, as they do not hurt their feet. 

5. Adidas Women’s Crazyflight Cross Trainer

The Adidas Women’s Crazyflight Cross Trainer is specially made to be worn while playing volleyball.

They have a cushioned midsole, which helps you remain comfortable and energized to perform any activity.

As they are made for games, you can also wear them for a high-intensity workout. 

Furthermore, they offer the perfect fit for your feet, maintaining your balance during exercise.

On the other hand, the stretch mesh on the trainer lets your feet breathe and does not let them get suffocated. 

6. MICHEAL Michael Kors Women’s Mabel Trainer

The exceptional Michael Kors Women’s Mabel Trainer is here to provide you with the comfort you have ever wished for during working out.

They have a wonderful outlook with the add-on of glitter. They have a rubber sole, which offers a better grip.

These trainers offer a perfect fit for all your activities as they have a lace-up closure and a textile lining with an insole.

Nevertheless, they have an almond toe style, and due to this, they would be a perfect match for women with narrow feet. 

7. New Balance Women’s Minimus Tr V1 Cross Trainer

These trainers can help you improve your performance. You can wear the New Balance Women’s Minimus Tr V1 Cross Trainer during high-intensity interval training or weight lifting. They have a TPU-infused design that enhances their durability. 

In addition, they have a soft midsole that helps you keep balance during your heavy workouts. Since there are premium liners and minimus construction, you can wear them without socks. To give you a light feel and increased air passage, these trainers have a mesh upper design.

8. TIEM Latus Studio Fitness Cross Training Sneaker

These Tiem Latus Studio trainers are your best friend for every type of workout. You can use them while doing cardio, HIIT, Tabata, boot camps, or dance. The trainers are specially designed to support lateral movements. 

Also, these trainers have TIEMCORE technology that absorbs shock and improves durability. Their firm soles help to keep your foot in the proper position and provide great support during workouts. The trainers are less bouncy, resulting in an energized activity. 

9. New Balance Women’s Fresh Foam Roav V1 Running Shoe

If you are a person who loves running, the New Balance Women’s Fresh Foam Running Shoes should be your go-to trainers.

The trainers’ fresh foam midsole keeps you comfortable throughout your journey. In addition, the rubber outsole improves the longevity of the trainers. 

The ultra-heel design provides you with a supportive fit with no pain.

Apart from this, some of the customers, who have flat feet, loved these trainers, as they gave them relief from the pain and were lightweight.

10. Reebok Women’s Ros Workout Tr 2-0 Cross Trainer Shoe

The Reebok Women’s Ros Cross Trainers have an anatomical shape that makes them stand out from other trainers.

This kind of shape helps your feet get the proper balance while giving them enough toe box space to move.

Furthermore, the underfoot cushion technology provides you with the balance you need during high-intensity workouts. 

Also, customers with narrow feet like these trainers more. Apart from these amazing qualities, these trainers are 100% synthetic and have a mesh upper, allowing your feet to breathe easily.

11. Nike Waffle One Women’s Athletic Track Shoe

Are you searching for trainers specially made for tracking? One of the top choices among people is the Nike Waffle One Women’s Athletic Track Shoe.

The trainers have a unique waffle plate along with a sole to allow exceptional grip. 

Apart from providing comfort, these trainers have incredible colors that add beauty to your overall look.

They are true to their size, which means you do not have to stress about whether or not you should purchase them online. Furthermore, they are easy to wear. 

12. Brooks Women’s Adrenaline GTS 22

Brooks Adrenaline gives you the perfect balance and support during running, allowing you to have a smooth ride.

Apart from running, you can wear them during cross-training or exercising in the gym. Moreover, they are suitable for you if you have overpronation.

The Segmented Crash Pad, along with 100% DNA Loft cushioning, is ideal to provide you with a smooth and soft feel while wearing these trainers.

Also, the technology of the 3D Fit Print offers the perfect fit. 

13. Inov-8 Women’s F-Kite 290

The Inov-8 Women’s F-Kite 290 has a padded tongue, collar, and memory foam lining to give you more comfort.

Moreover, it has Met-Cradle technology, which locks down your mid-foot for balanced control. The Exteroflow midsole helps to decrease shock effects.

Another thing that is prominent in these trainers is their sticky rubber outsole, which is designed to achieve maximum traction.

The lace-up closure allows your feet to fit perfectly in the trackers.

In addition, they are suitable for use during weightlifting as the power heel is 40% heavier than the forefoot.

14. HOKA ONE ONE Women’s Arahi 5 Textile Synthetic Trainers

They are one of the most comfortable trainers of HOKA. If you exercise a lot and are looking for soft soled beautiful trainers, these are the ones for you. They are easy to wear and lightweight. 

According to one customer, they have cured her plantar fasciitis in a week. Also, the HOKA Women’s Arahi 5 trainers are incredible at protecting your feet without hurting them, even if you wear them for the whole day.  

15. ALTRA Women’s AL0A547Y Solstice XT 2 Cross Training Shoe

The ALTRA Women’s cross-training shoes have FootShape-designed toe boxes, which allow your toes to have adequate space to spread.

They have a mesh upper for a more breathable journey. In addition, their InnerFlex midsole technology makes sure to enhance your performance. 

They have a firmer caged upper and toe reinforcement to protect your toes. They are all-rounder trainers, as you can wear them during weightlifting, running, and cardio.

Final Word:

There is a right way of doing everything. You must not wear the same shoes to the gym which you wear while going out. If you do so, you are at a high risk of getting an injury.

Trainers help you with the right balance of support that you need during your workout session.

Many people confuse shoes with trainers, and for them, there is no difference between these two items.

Ordinary shoes can not replace trainers. Therefore, you should always wear trainers during workouts.

However, you can not use a single pair of trainers for every activity. Different trainers are available for different activities, such as running, cardio, and weight lifting. 

The list of trainer shoes for women we have provided in this article are the best training shoes for the gym. Hopefully, you liked the list. 🙂

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