10 Ways to Keep Yourself Entertained During Workouts – A Complete Guide

Working out is great for getting fit and staying healthy, but it can also be a drag when you’re stuck in the gym for an hour. Instead of getting frustrated, try incorporating some fun ways to keep yourself entertained while you sweat.

If you’re bored, you’ll be more likely to quit early, which is never a good thing, so it’s important to keep yourself entertained while you exercise.

10 Ways to Entertain Yourself while Working Out:

1. Listen to a Favorite Podcast

The benefits of listening to something useful like a podcast while working out are manifold:

  1. It can distract you from the hardships of working out and can help you push harder and go further.
  2. It will take your mind away from the discomforting sounds like the sound of your breath, your shoes, the clicking and soft snapping sounds of your arms and legs each time you bend them, etc.
  3. Most importantly you’ll be happy that you are doing two good and useful things at the same time.

The best thing about listening to your favorite podcast is that it can be tailored for whatever mood or situation you’re in. For example, it can be something related to your work, religion, hobby, or anything else.

2. Don’t compare yourself to others

The problem with comparing yourself to others is that you are not comparing your own progress to the progress of others.

You’re just comparing your best self to someone else’s best self. And, in reality, you have no idea how much time and effort they have put into achieving that level of fitness.

When we compare ourselves to others, it can be an easy way for us to feel like we’re not good enough or that we’ve “fallen off the wagon.”

But when we focus on our own progress and what we’re capable of doing now, then it becomes a lot easier for us to stay motivated and entertained while working out.

3. Workout with Friends

Workout can be a lot more fun if you do it with a friend. You can chat while running on the treadmill, or get some workout tips from your buddy.

You can also take turns motivating each other when you’re working out on different machines at the gym.

It’s easier to stay focused and motivated when you have someone else there to help you.

4. Think about Rewards of Exercising

Exercising can be a tedious task, but with the right motivation, it can also be a rewarding experience.

There are many rewards of exercising which include increased energy levels, improved mood, weight loss and more.

Think about these rewards the next time you feel exercise is getting boring.

5. Mix things up

The key to staying motivated and entertained while exercising is to mix things up.

Here are some ways to do that:

  • Take a break from the same old routine by trying new activities or sports.
  • Change up your workout environment by going somewhere new.
  • Add an extra challenge like adding weights or doing more reps.

If nothing works, stop counting the reps, stop exhausting yourself, and limit yourself to as little as just daily push-ups and pull-ups only. Check out a short video below on how this minimum routine can help you build more muscle:

6. Take photos

One of the most popular ways to stay entertained while working out is to take photos. With this, you can capture your exercise routine and share it with friends or family members.

Also, wear sleeveless shirts and gym clothes more often so that your focus can go on your body more often. The more you see your biceps, arms, and legs, the more your inner will give you messages to work out more often.

7. Reward yourself

It is proven that people who reward themselves while working out stay more motivated and enjoy the exercise more.

There are many ways to reward yourself for exercising, such as getting a massage, buying a new outfit or making a healthy meal.

Rewards for working out can be anything that you enjoy doing. It is important to find something that will motivate you and keep you entertained while you are exercising.

8. Workout Outdoors

One of the many benefits of exercising outdoors is that it provides entertainment. You can enjoy your surroundings while getting a work out in.

You will be able to focus on your workout and not have to worry about looking at a screen or listening to music.

If you are interested in going for a run, you can take your dog with you for company.

This will make the run more enjoyable and give you someone to talk to during the duration of your workout.

9. Compete with others in Gym

Some gyms have created competition-based programs for people who want to compete with others in order to stay entertained while working out.

These gyms allow members to choose from a variety of different competitions that they want to participate in, such as boxing or weight lifting competitions.

There are also some other gyms that offer games and activities for people who want something more than just a workout when they come into the gym.

These gyms will have things like ping pong tables, basketball hoops etc.

If you want to entertain yourself while working out, join one of those gyms.

10. Play Sports instead

If you are in no mood to workout, and none of the tips above are working to help you get entertained while working out, our last tip is to play some sports instead.

Sports activities especially the outdoor sports are themselves physical workouts, and they will surely help you stay in the line of exercising and keep you happy and entertained.


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