The fact that you are searching out fitness tips for a healthy life is an indicator that you are determined to lead a lifestyle that spells good health.

You are conscious about it and enough is enough.

We also want you to be fitter&healthier and for fitness goals, we have come up with a few simple tips.

Hydration is important

Drinking water will help you stay healthy. A hydrated body has more energy, better stamina and great alertness. If you want to lose weight, drinking adequate water will burn the extra calories, because the body having to warm up to counter temperature change. Avoid sugary drinks as much as possible; many people don’t know how dangerous sugar-rich fluids are for them, that sugar is stored by your body if you are not living an active lifestyle.

Bring some spice in life

Doing cardio and weight exercises is a very important way to stay healthy. Cardio training burns fat and effective weight training create an after-burn effect, which means your body is burning calories even after you have finished exercising.

High-intensity training

Finding time to work out can be difficult sometimes. A higher intensity workout for shorter periods of time is what interval training is based on. This method is very much time friendly and can give better results than slow and steady workouts that are done at a  particular speed.

Don’t Procrastinate

If you are waiting for the perfect conditions you’ll never be able to hit start, exercise needs to be enjoyed and if it becomes an integral part of your lifestyle, you will see the perks. There is no one single path of achieving your goals. Find stuff that works best for you and stay with it! And the  most important thing is to get a start, a large part of success is in showing up

What motivates you?

Find someone to train with, like your friend or neighbour or someone with whom you are comfortable and share ideas. Interacting with people while doing exercises can distract your brain from the hard activity you are doing. It will help you do it longer and better. Set some realistic achievable targets over a specific period of time and gift yourself on the targets achieved.

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