Is Tabata Good For Weight Loss?

When we use the term “weight loss,” we don’t only mean losing weight in terms of pounds; we also mean losing weight in terms of inches more effectively. Tabata can do both for you.

Yes, like any HIIT workout, Tabata training is good for weight loss because it engages your whole body in high-intensity training for a short period of time. And it keeps on burning calories even several hours after the workout.

How does Tabata Help In Weight Loss? 

As is common knowledge, a Tabata workout consists of four circuits, each with four activities. Every activity must be done for 20 seconds, followed by 10 seconds of rest, for a total workout time of 16 minutes, with a 4-minute break in between each circuit. 

As you can see:

Tabata requires less time but produces excellent efficiency, which increases metabolism. Additionally, it emphasizes burning calories rather than reducing muscle mass, resulting in healthy and quick weight loss. 

Tabata training aims to increase your heart rate more quickly than other exercises. Compared to other traditional workouts, a high-intensity Tabata workout helps to target a wider variety of muscles. 

This type of exercise helps to exert a lot of stress on your body, which causes you to burn about 15 calories per minute more quickly.

People seeking to lose weight may find this exercise to be quite beneficial in more than one way

Your anaerobic capacity—the energy your body can produce by burning carbohydrates—may be improved by 28% by doing Tabata four times per week.

Additionally, it increases energy expenditure during exercise by 15%.

Demonstration With A Research

Let’s clear your thoughts with a real-world example of a study done on an overweight middle-aged girl in Ahmedabad City between the ages of 20 and 40. Her BMI was 28.2 kg/m2, and her waist measurement was 35 inches.

For 14 days, she did Tabata training for 20 minutes each day, and then post-intervention data were collected. 

Her BMI was lowered to 27.3 kg/m2, and her waist circumference was reduced to 32.5 inches due to her tireless efforts for the precise 2 weeks.

The results of this study indicate that Tabata training significantly improves waist circumference and BMI reduction.

What took place inside her body during the workout assisted in her weight loss.

The explanation is that after HIIT, lactate, and H+ were removed, glycogen was resynthesized, and GH levels were elevated.

It causes post-exercise fat oxidation, which results in fat loss and consequent weight loss. 

Tabata is an excellent fat-burning accelerator since it enhances athletic performance and glucose metabolism.

When you perform Tabata, you instantly experience the excess post-exercise oxygen consumption (EPOC) effect, which causes you to continue burning calories. 

Increased exercise, post-exercise fat oxidation, and lower post-exercise hunger are some potential processes underlying the HIIT-induced fat loss effect. 

Is Tabata Training Alone Enough To Lose Fat?

Tabata training or any other form of exercise alone is never enough to lose fat. You have to understand that exercise only has a 15% stake in your fitness results. The rest 85% according to Dr. Eric Berg, in a short video below, is dependent on diet, sleep, rest and recovery:

The Final Verdict 

The short answer to the question “Is Tabata good for weight loss?” is definitely Yes!

Due to its effectiveness and workings, it aids in a quicker and more lasting physique transformation.

Tabata is ideal for exercise enthusiasts but is not recommended for beginners.

Therefore if you have experience in the fitness world, you should incorporate Tabata into your daily workout. 

Believe me! It would be worth it.

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