What is HIIT Yoga? | Benefits, Protocol and A-Z Guide

HIIT Yoga combines two popular fitness trends – HIIT and Yoga – into a single, effective workout. The fusion of these two practices results in a super-effective routine that can help you achieve a variety of fitness goals.

Whether your goal is weight loss, muscle building, or increased flexibility, HIIT Yoga can help you achieve your fitness goals quickly and effectively.

This fusion workout is beneficial for improving cardiovascular health, strength, balance, and flexibility.

Top 10 Benefits of HIIT Yoga:

1. Improved Endurance

Endurance is the ability to withstand difficult or challenging situations without giving up.

HIIT Yoga is a physically demanding workout, but regular practice can help you build stronger endurance throughout your entire body.

As you flow from one pose to another, your heart rate will remain elevated, promoting increased blood flow throughout your body.

This improved circulation delivers more oxygen to your muscles, allowing you to build better physical endurance.

2. Weight Loss and Building Lean Muscle Mass

Yoga and HIIT workouts can both contribute to weight loss and building lean muscle mass on their own, but combining them in a single workout can be even more effective.

This is because HIIT Yoga targets your muscles, including the core, more intensely, and increases your metabolism to burn more calories than either yoga or cardio alone.

Incorporating weight training alongside HIIT Yoga can further increase your strength and muscle tone.

3. Stronger Muscles and Core

Regular HIIT Yoga practice can improve your balance, flexibility, and coordination, while also strengthening your core muscles.

This can help you maintain good posture, reduce the risk of lower back pain, and prevent muscle injuries.

4. Stress Relief

One of the universal benefits of exercise is stress relief.

Physical activity increases the production of feel-good neurotransmitters in the brain called endorphins, which can help alleviate stress and boost mood.

In Yoga, deep breathing and concentration on movements can also help clear the mind and calm the body.

Combining Yoga with HIIT can further increase physical activity and enhance stress-relieving benefits.

5. Improved Focus

The high-intensity nature of HIIT Yoga can help improve your ability to focus and concentrate by keeping your heart rate elevated for a period of time.

This workout can also be an excellent way to promote mental clarity and avoid burnout.

6. Increased Flexibility

The flexibility gained from practicing yoga can transfer over into other aspects of your life, allowing you to move more freely and easily through your day-to-day activities.

7. Stronger Joints

As we age, our joints tend to weaken, leading to pain and limited mobility.

Regular HIIT Yoga practice can help strengthen your joints and increase mobility.

8. Weight Loss

HIIT Yoga has been shown to be more effective than steady-state cardio for weight loss because it keeps your body burning calories at a higher rate after exercising.

If you’re looking to lose weight, Yoga interval training can speed up the process.

9. Increased Energy

HIIT Yoga combines traditional yoga poses with cardio moves for a total body workout.

Unlike other workouts, it provides a natural boost of energy without making you feel jittery or sick.

10. Enjoyment in Exercise

HIIT Yoga offers a unique workout experience that is enjoyable because of its short duration and focus on breathing.

How to do HIIT Yoga?

There is no universally defined protocol or way of doing HIIT Yoga. The best classes or videos you will find on the internet are the fusion of both workouts.

In those classes, the instructor is in a continuous workout mode switching between a HIIT exercise and a Yoga pose one after the other.

Want to see a full body transformation? Take up the 10 days challenge of Yoga HIIT workout in the video below:

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