The OZIL CHINA story reminds me of Game of Thrones.

It’s been 2 years, the most popular TV series ever “Game of Thrones” is ended.

There was a scene where Petyr Grealish aka “The little Finger” gets into an argument with Cersei Lannister on what is power?

Cersei teaches him in a very fine and satisfactory manner the definition of true power!

Here is the video clip of that scene:

The problem with this clip is that we still live and will keep on living in a world where Power is Power.

No matter how many times people deny it, but this is the fact.

In fact, the display of power in today’s world is even more intense and is carried out in a more covered way than ever.

Big fish eat little fish

The rule applies to all predators, including humans.

The rich and powerful people and organisations exploit, swallow up or destroy those who are weaker, poorer and less powerful.

Ozil, a world champion, five times German player of the year, the only player who provided the most number of assists in a World Cup, Champions League, Europa League, Premier League and Laliga season is no different

The playmaker made some comments on Instagram, in which he used strong words against China’s oppression of the Uighur Muslims in the north-western parts of Xinjiang and criticised Muslim world for not doing anything to draw attention towards this issue.

In reaction to these comments, Arsenal FC sought to distance themselves from Ozil’s statement to limit any damage caused to its business in China.

His Instagram message was:

East Turkistan is a bleeding wound of the Ummah, withstanding against the accusers trying to take their religion from them. They burn their Qurans, shut down their mosques, ban their schools and they kill their holy men. Those men are pushed into camps and their families are forced to live with Chinese men. Their women are forced to marry Chinese men.

And the Muslims are silent. They are not doing anything. Uighur Muslims are abandoned. Are they not aware that giving consent for persecution is persecution itself?


Immediately, Ozil was removed of China’s version of the Pro Evolution Soccer 2020 video game.

Moreover, Arsenal’s next match against Manchester City was taken off from the state’s broadcaster CCTV’s schedule.

Spokesman of China’s foreign ministry said Ozil is “deceived by fake news” before saying those comments.

Did Ozil Play Afterwards?

Ozil fell off the pecking under former manager Unai Emery before getting back into the side under interim manager Freddie Ljungberg in December 2019.

Then came Arteta the new manager of Arsenal, and under him, the German playmaker played and started all 10 of the club’s Premier League games before the coronavirus pandemic enforced a three-month stoppage in March, ever since he has not been watched in an Arsenal shirt on the pitch.

European football expert Guillem Balague says:

‘Ozil should look at the mirror himself’

“I find the suggestion that Ozil has been moved aside for his political stance an intentional distraction and very convenient. He has played and has been called up since he made his comments on China and the Uighur Muslims. You have to look at the bigger picture [in footballing terms].

“Why have the last two managers struggled to find a way to fit him in? He is talented, no doubt, but talent is not enough in the elite.

“You have to be committed, interested, follow instructions on the pitch, work hard in training and in the games, with and without the ball, have faith in the group and in the leader… all that is necessary.

“It is very easy to influence Arsenal fans by suggesting there is a hidden agenda here, but why would two managers go against doing the best for their own teams by leaving Ozil out?

“Would it be by any chance that they needed to bring some standards which Ozil did not match? I have the impression Ozil should look at the mirror himself and be honest with what he sees.

“Ozil is not able to impact games on a regular basis and now the manager feels that it is best for the group to leave him out of the Premier League and Europa League squad.”

Why the China theory then?

Some Arsenal fans suggest Ozil is cast aside because of China comments.

The phrase ‘Muslims in China’ was trending immediately after the comments.

Although Arteta insisted it was “a football decision and that alone”.

Earlier this month, Ozil raised another political statement on social media. He called for a resolution in the ongoing problem between Azerbaijan and Armenia regarding the Nagorno Karabagh region.

Whatever the theories suggest, Ozil is currently racking up £350,000 a week in wages and that too while not being eligible to play for Arsenal because he is not included in the squad for season.

Former Arsenal player Ian Wright said he was gutted Ozil won’t get a chance to play and called the situation sad.

Ex-Arsenal midfielder Jack Wilshere added:

“He is one of the best players I have played with and it must be so frustrating for him. What a great player.

“It is a tough time for him but I am sure, if it is not at Arsenal, he still has a lot to give as well.”


Whatever the situation, power is in the display.

Somewhere between the lines, money talks.

Ozil must focus on his football because this is his profession.

And if his political statements are wrong and against his professional than why other players are spared for such statements?

When the polls were open for the general election, Héctor Bellerín tweeted: “Young people across the world have a chance to change what the future can be. Today’s the chance for all the British people to influence what your future and those living here holds. #FuckBoris #GoVote.”

The club didn’t issue any statement on that occasion.

So why victimize Ozil then?

Seems like Ozil was true when he said:

“I am German when we win, but I am an immigrant when we lose.”


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