When it comes to signing FPL budget midfielders, the task gets trickier. Because more than selecting players for your team, it is even more confusing who not to pick. Points scoring options are way too many in midfield in comparison to defence and forward. And this part of the pitch is where you should consider fixture difficulty and player form.

But than again there is unpredictability in FPL. You have already witnessed what happened in the 1st 2 game weeks, Bruno and Salah scored big in the 1st game week and did nothing in game week 2. This is a sort of situation where the other 3 midfielders mattered a lot for most of the FPL managers.

Since it is compulsory to sign 5 midfielders in the FPL team and going heavy in the midfield is a top recommendation but to line up a team in 100 million budget with all heavy loads is impossible. We are going to suggest the Budget midfielders who can balance your team pretty well. You can sign 1 or 2 of them and your team is good to go.

Currently, there are more than 100 midfield options that come at a price of £5.5m and under. At least 50 of them are worth considering to sign in your team. And you only have to choose one or two of them, depending on which spots you want to invest heavily in, the midfield or the forward line.

If you want to have a look at our recommended top fpl players, click here. But this blog is all about signing budget midfielders.

Below is a list of our top 10 Budget Midfielders that you can consider for your team, we will keep updating the list throughout the season:

1. Stuart Dallas (Leeds United)

  • Price: £5.5m

Last season was a returning season in the Premier League for Leeds United and the fact that they finished 9th in the league is an achievement on its own.

Surely the credit goes to players and the Leeds United management, they came up with a very exciting brand of football.

Stuart Dallas was an integral part of their incredible season. He played 3410 minutes, meaning he started all 38 games and not only that but also he scored 8 and assisted 3 during the season.

His overall points tally was 171 last season, which is a huge number for a player priced only £5.5m in the initial draft.

The numbers, injury-free season and the low price tag are what makes Stuart Dallas our top recommendation to sign as a budget midfielder in your team. For such a low price tag, he is a bargain to avail.

2. Declan Rice (Westham United)

  • Price: £5m

Declan Rice had a decent season last time around. The English midfielder scored only 86 points, which is a decrement from 105 from a season ago but it all happened because of an injury-hit season.

He is a very talented player and is expected to play for a bigger English Premier League team in future.

Looking at how he was brought up from the academy system and the consistency with which he grew as a player, we think Declan Rice is a player worth taking a chance on.

This could be his breakthrough season. He scored 2 and assisted 1 last season but we are putting him on the list of the budget midfielders for the talent he has. He surely can do better.

3. Jordan Henderson (Liverpool)

  • Price: £5m

A captain who was leading from the front in the title-winning season. Last season was not a good one for any Liverpool player (Salah exception!). But this season, there is every chance that Liverpool will make a comeback. And if that happens, Trent can get his assists back, Becker will get the clean-sheets and Mane can get his goals back.

As far as Henderson is concerned, for a low price of £5m, he can prove to be a steal of a budget midfielder. Can easily give your team 100 points throughout the campaign and with a fit Liverpool side, he is our go-to budget midfielder.

4. Todd Cantwell (Norwich City)

  • Price: £5.5m

Todd Cantwell is returning from a Championship season with Norwich City. A season before, he had a decent season with Norwich City in the Premier League, with 6 goals and 2 assists. But more importantly, he played 2484 minutes.

His price tag is a little higher but the thing is that Todd now is a more experienced player and we believe he will only improve from where he left the Premier League 2 seasons ago.

Being one of the mainstream players in the Norwich midfield, Todd Cantwell is among our recommended FPL Budget Midfielders.

5. N’Golo Kanté (Chelsea)

  • Price: £5m

The Chelsea midfielder is one of the best in his position. He doesn’t have numbers to show in FPL but if he stays fit and plays more than the 2140 minutes he played last season, he is surely a budget midfielder to have in the team. But very low on the priority list.

His best to date was the 2018-19 season where Conte as Chelsea manager played him in a more advanced role. That freedom helped me grab 4 goals and 4 assists.

If given a chance to move around more freely, Kante is a good budget midfielder to have, especially in the bigger games. Some are even advocating for N’Golo to win the Ballon d’Or this season for his performances in the latter stages of Chelsea’s Champions League-winning season.

6. Wilfred Ndidi (Leicester City)

  • Price: £5m

There is something special in the Nigerian midfielder. With time he has grown to be more of a team player. His FPL numbers are not very special but in a lesser playing time of 2175 minutes, he has shown more conversion than the previous season.

He scored 1 and assisted 4 last season but is surely a player way better than this. We are expecting him to at least double those stats in the upcoming season and he surely is a budget midfielder worth a try in your team.

7. Ashley Westwood (Burnley)

  • Price: £5.5m

Westwood is a sure starter in Burnley’s midfield. He played 3410 minutes last season and scored 112 points.

There were 3 goals and 4 assists under his belt and only 7 yellow cards in a whole season. That’s a good enough budget midfielder to have in the team. Would have been perfect if the price was a little lower maybe by half a £.

8. Andriy Yarmolenko (West Ham United)

  • Price: £5.5m

The world is yet to find how amazing the Ukrainian midfielder is. In his last 3 campaigns, the West Ham midfielder played 362, 981 and 456 minutes not because he is not good enough but because he remained injured.

In the Euros, he played for his country and is currently fully fit. The best thing is that when he played 981 minutes, he scored 5 and assisted 1 in that season. Imagine how good he can be if he plays 2000+ minutes.

He is on our list of budget midfielders, for sure a good shot to go with.

9. Douglas Luiz (Aston Villa)

  • Price: £4.5m

If you are looking for an almost guaranteed 2 points from the bench, there is no better option than Douglas Luiz. The player assisted 2 last season but more importantly played 2781 minutes.

If you are aiming to sign 2 budget midfielders, he can be your 2nd option.

10. Ruben Neves (Wolves)

  • Price: £5.5m

Neves is one of the integral parts of Wolves midfield. Last season he played 2670 minutes and scored 104 points.

With 5 goals and 1 assist, he is a decent try for a budget midfielder. Although low on our priority list.

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