“Offence is the best defence”. In the forward line, things are different. You need goals and assists from your forwards to make points. That’s what forwards are supposed to do. And in that scenario looking for FPL Budget Forwards won’t be a good idea.

In other positions except for the goalkeeper and forwards, it is compulsory to choose 5 players which give us the option of making budget signings that can warm the bench and save budgets for lining up a strong team.

But in the forward line, we must sign 3 players.

In my opinion, 2 of them should be world-class, proven goal and assist scorers. Because that’s what forwards are expected to do and there is no point in saving the budget in the forward line.

And for the third player, there is a space for making a budget signing but for the sake of the role a forward player is expected to play, we have increased the minimum value of the budget forward from £5m to £6.5m. So that the 3rd player you are going to choose is at least well capable of scoring the goals.

There is enough budget that can be saved in other positions. That’s why it is not recommended to save too much in the forward line.

Below is the list of FPL Budget Forwards we will like you to consider for your team in the forward line:

1. Ivan Toney (Brentford)

  • Season starting Price: £6.5m

He had a quite game against Arsenal in game week 1 but don’t forget that he is the one who brought Brentford to the Premier League. Of course, it was a team effort but his numbers are phenomenal and if you have to name 1 best player that made the most difference in Brentford’s Championship winning campaign, it surely is Ivan Toney. Ivan Tony scored 33 and assisted 10 goals in 47 appearances last season.

He is currently listed in Fantasy Premier League at a price tag of £6.5 and it could be a huge bargain if Brentford is scoring goals. The opening 5 fixtures of Brenford are also favorable though only Arsenal can prove to be somewhat resistance in the opening game-week at Brentford’s home. Other than that, they are playing Crystal Palace (A), Aston Villa (A), Brighton (H) and Wolves away.

Brentford’s difficult fixtures will begin from game-week 6 and last till game-week 9 but before it you can consider Ivan Toney  for your team.

He is on our list of Budget forwards.

2. Jordan Ayew and Christian Benteke (Crystal Palace)

  • Season starting Price: £6.0m, £6.5m

Ayew scored only 1 and assisted 4 in an injury-hit season last time around. But he is an incredible player. And looking at Crystal Palace’s style of play, there surely will be goals. Though you have to be cautious at the opening game-week because Crystal Palace are playing away at Chelsea in the opening fixture. Ayew can be your good choice FPL Budget Forward between game-week 11 and 14. Same goes for Christian Benteke, you can see the performance of both forwards till game-week 10 and then consider signing 1 of them as a budget forward in game-week 11.

Benteke, last season showed some signs of his good old days in the Premier League by scoring 10 and assisting 2 goals.

If both these players start playing at their best, Crystal Palace can qualify for the Europa League but that’s a case of only if.

In terms of points, Benteke scored 106 points last season and seems like we can expect him to be somewhere near the Benteke of 2017-18 and before. He is priced at £6.5m making our list of FPL Budget Forwards.

3. Teemu Pukki (Norwich City)

  • Season starting Price: £6.0

He is back 😀 Remember his incredible month of scoring goals at the start of the season when Norwich qualified to Premier League last time around?

He was player of the month but somehow couldn’t continue that run of goals.

Currently, owned by 11% of managers, Pukki is the sole striker of Norwich City.

He is a warrior up front and has a great eye for scoring goals.

In his last Premier League season, he scored 11 and assisted 3, which easily puts him on our list of Budget Forwards.

4. Neal Maupay (Brighton & Hove Albion)

  • Season starting Price: £6.5

Maupay scored 8 and assisted 2 last season, a decrement from a season ago’s 10 goals and 3 assists but mainly due to injury.

He is a sure starter and if Brighton scores the goal, there is a huge chance the name behind it will be Neal Maupay. Thought Brighton are not that great going forward.

But the type of influence Maupay has in their attack and being a 1st choice penalty shooter, we are putting him in our list of Budget forwards.

5. Rodrigo Moreno (Leeds United)

  • Season starting Price: £6.5

Expectations from Rodrigo will be higher at Leeds United this time around. He is a proven good player especially in terms of giving assists but somehow that talent isn’t seen converting in the Premier League in last season.

It is very much clear that Bamford will be the sole striker in Marcelo Bielsa’s 4-1-4-1 setup, but playing behind him, Rodrigo surely will be the central attacking DM. Which is a very busy spot in Bielsa’s brand of football.

Being in that active spot, we are expecting Rodrigo Moreno to perform better this season and he is on our list of Budget Forwards.

That’s all in FPL Budget Forwards, you can read more about Fantasy Football in the links provided below.

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