5 Potential FPL Breakouts for Season 2022-23

When it comes to FPL breakout players, the clearly visible signs are not always there! Managers are in confusion about whether to sign a new performer or not?

Unknown players like Mahrez, Kane, Lundstram, Michu and Dele Alli show up out of nowhere and start performing great right in their 1st full season in the Premier League.

Their every game week’s performance seems like a fluke for a few times. And by the time you are convinced enough to transfer them in, they are already in 50% plus teams, and their FPL prices are gone up.

So what to do to not miss out on them?

Honestly, the data is always there! There are more than 1 type of break out players, like:

  • the ones who are improving season by season, and
  • 2nd, who just had a bad season but your gut feeling knows that they will do a great come back.

Not every potential break-out player is a one-season wonder or a half-season wonder. Some improve season by season and some see a yellow patch for a season or two and make a great comeback.

The good thing is that there are always more than 1 breakout player every season, some you have to sense yourself and sign early (Mahrez, Kane, Lundstram, Michu, Dele Alli…), and others you have to sign based on data and analysis.

That 2nd type of breakout player is easier to identify, and in this blog, we will recommend 5 such potential breakout players for season 2022-23 of FPL.

5 Potential FPL Breakout Top Players:

1. Jacob Ramsey (Aston Villa)

  • Price at the start of the season: £5.5m
  • Position: Midfielder

Jacob Ramsey in FPL is a potentially top break-out player for season 2022-23. He scored 6 and ended last season at 109 points.

The reason why he tops our list is that his performance of last season is a 500% improvement from the season before. His minutes went up from 611 to 2465, and he is more of a regular for Aston Villa now.

As far as his team is concerned, Aston Villa is shaping up very well for the upcoming season, and they are highly likely to finish top 10 and even in the European spots.

Jacob Ramsey is just 21 years old, young, energetic, and a very skilled midfield player. His current FPL ownership is just around 4%, and you should definitely consider him for your teams.

2. Patrick Bamford (Leeds United)

Price at the start of the season: £7.5m
Position: Forward

If you really want to judge Bamford, judge him not on the last season’s performance but on the season before.

He scored 17 and provided 11 assists in that 2020/21 season. Last season he was injured for a long time and played a total of only 557 minutes throughout the season.

He is an England international and somewhat hidden from the eyes of FPL managers. Current ownership is just 1%, and Leeds United has some really favoring fixtures coming up right from the season start.

Check out our detailed article on Patrick Bamford in FPL.

3. Trent-Alexander Arnold (Liverpool)

  • Price at the start of the season: £7.5m
  • Position: Defender

To be a breakout player, it is not necessary to be a low price FPL defender, a bargain, or stay hidden from the eyes of most FPL managers.

Trent-Alexander Arnold is a well-established one of FPL’s top players. Currently in more than 54% of teams, and the most expensive defender in the league.

Still, he is a bargain and a potential breakout player because consistently he is scoring 160+ points in the last 4 seasons. His value at the start of the season last season was the same £7.5m at the start, and by the time the league season ended, it was at £8.3m.

2019/20 was TAA’s best season to date both in terms of goals(4) and assists(15). Liverpool won the league that year.

He is still just 23 years old. And any season in the upcoming 6,7 years could be his best season to reach his peak.

Trent-Alexander Arnold is a must-have for every FPL team.

4. Marc Cucurella (Brighton)

  • Price at the start of the season: £5.0m
  • Position: Forward

The upcoming season will be Marc Cucurella’s 2nd in the Premier League and with Brighton & Hove Albion.

He scored and assisted 1 each last season and grabbed an overall of 126 points in the FPL, which doesn’t look very impressive, but he was Brighton’s player of the season.

They finished 9th in the league, which is an achievement on its own for a club of that stature.

Cucurella and Trossard were the main engines of the team, and the Spaniard (Catalan to be precise!) is yet to show his prime best.

That 1st season was more of a settling down season. He had issues with language and culture, but even then he ended the season as the best player on the team.

Brighton defensively is a strong Premier League side, and with the offensive threat Cucurella can cause, he certainly is a potential breakout player.

Marc Cucurella is FC Barcelona’s academy graduate. Brighton signed him on the deadline day of the summer transfer window from Getafe at a transfer fee of around £15 million last season.

He plays at left-back and has got all the flavors of going forward and helping the team in attack.

5. Ivan Toney (Brentford)

  • Price at the start of the season: £7.0m
  • Position: Forward

Last season, in the Premier League, Toney scored 12 and assisted 5 goals.

We expect him to be a breakout player this season due to the following reasons:

  1. highest points scorer(139 points) among players of his value(£7.0m and under) last season
  2. easy fixtures between game week 3 and 11
  3. selected by only just around 6% of managers

His price for sure will go up in those early fixtures between game-week 3 and 11.


When a young player improves his stats season by season, it is easier to guess what his next campaign will be like.

Or when a player gets injured (Bamford, Vardy…) or fails to deliver for one season(Sterling…), there are always enough hints to trust him again for the upcoming season.

The key to FPL success is bringing in the right players for the right times!

Use your brain and logic like stats and data to guess if a player is worth transferring in or not?

Never ever transfer in a player for the sole reason that everyone else is transferring him in.

In this article, we have mentioned 5 such potential break-out players who are showing improvement in numbers or coming back from an injury, we will add more to the list as the season progresses.

Still, the genuine breakouts are the ones who surprise everyone and score big right from their 1st season in the league.

To pick them successfully, you have to be alert of them, and pick them immediately after a performance or 2, and if a player doesn’t work, don’t hold him for too long. This is the most difficult part of managing the FPL team, and for sure you can do it!