Fantasy Premier League is not that complex of a game. But sometimes we make it complex by listening too much to our hearts and not making use of the right data and information to choose the right players. You can’t just pick any player and make him your captain for the upcoming game week or even choose someone to play in your team. There needs to be a strategy or a checklist of things to go through before setting up or making changes to a team.

We have created a checklist of 10 tips basically a fantasy premier league cheat sheet that could be really helpful for you to choose the right players and dominate the mini-leagues of your friends and family:

Top 10 Fantasy Premier League Tips

1. Be a Good Trader

From the start of the season till the end, there are 3 things that will make you a good trader in Fantasy Premier League:

  • Use funds cleverly – In the beginning, everyone has an initial budget of £100m, but the way you will spend that budget on players will decide the future value of your team. The goal is not to increase the team value only but also to score a lot of points. And it is only possible with a mix of budget players and top FPL players in your team. Budget players are the ones who cost less but have the potential to score big.
  • Decrease your bench cost – Make sure that you are not spending too much on players constantly sitting on your bench. It will be a waste of budget. Only during periods like Christmas when there are double game weeks because of Boxing day football and then new year games, you can make certain exceptions and use chips like bench boost to line up a playing 15 men team.
  • Find bargains – keep an eye on in-form players. There are some players who score a lot during certain months e.g. Harry Kane in 2nd month of the league season or Iheanacho towards the end of the season. Keep an eye on those patterns and choose players for occasions. Also, you can target some players based on their upcoming fixtures, like keeping 3 to 5 upcoming games of your players in the sight.

2. Make use of Stats

Numbers matter a lot. They are the only parameter we can use to predict whether a player will do good in the future or not.

While doing a team selection or making transfers there are 100s of different kinds of stats available to view and make use of all while being on the FPL platform. Some important ones are upcoming fixtures and player stats. Make use of them and dominate your mini-league.

3. Learn from the best

Fantasy Premier League has a Twitter page and many other platforms like The Scout. You can keep an eye on their news and the latest reports related to FPL. It will help you a lot in making the team better. Their experts are doing a phenomenal job in digging the most relevant and useful data for players and clubs that can be really useful in making your team better.

4. Have a Plan

Planning is very important in Fantasy Premier League. You can’t score big without planning. Keep an eye on upcoming fixtures and plan accordingly. Limit your captaincy choices and don’t give the armband to any odd player just to look cool. Or else be prepared for a 25 points game week.

Planning will save your team from all the bad game weeks and with the right captaincy choices, it will be almost a sure thing to score big even on a game week when average scores are low.

5. Embrace the bookies

Do keep an eye on the odds. Bookies are very knowledgeable people. They splash the cash only after checking the most possible odds. But they trick you by making things exciting. Do have a check on what they are asking people to bet on.

If they are asking people to bet on a player scoring a goal or keeping a clean sheet or be the next player to score or assist, that surely is a trap and you have to be clever in selection of that player in to your team.

If they are asking to bet on a hat-trick, it means the player is favorable to have in your team and has the odds of at least scoring a goal. Also, if it’s a team bet and they are asking people to bet on ManCity or Liverpool or ManUnited to score 5 in a game, there surely are goals in the game.

You need to activate your thinking mind on every bet and convert those hints into your Fantasy Premier League team.

6. Get a little help

Whether you are stuck on a transfer or not sure who to captain, do have a look around. See what the trends of transfers are? who is the most popular captain or the most selected player or the most in-form player?

Such knowledge will help you in decision making. Fixture difficulty in upcoming games is also an indicator whether to transfer in a player or not.

7. Keep an Eye on Upcoming Fixtures

Always choose your team, keeping in mind the upcoming fixtures. If you are signing a player, most of the times it should be for 4-5 game weeks in mind.

Rarely there is a fixture you will need a player for to perform on that specific week.

Other than that always do your signings with at least a month of fixtures in mind because the more lasting you have players in your team, the easier it will be for you to line up a strong playing 11 every game week.

And if there is an injury, you won’t have to rely on players who at best can give 2 points or are questionable even to start a game.

8. Keep a Low pool of Captains

The captain is the most important player of your Fantasy Premier League team. He single handedly can save your game week. Imagine those top performances of Salah and Aguero in the past. Fpl top players should be your small pool of captains in 99% of the games.

Don’t experiment with a different captain every week because that way you are decreasing the probability of getting the best out of your captain. And the chance to score big in a game week.

9. Chips other than Wildcards

Use your chips very cleverly. Because unlike wildcard which you get twice in a season, chips like The Bench Boost and Triple Captain are available  for use only 1-time throughout the season.

Also, not using them and delaying them till the end of the season is also a bad approach. Use your chips when they are most useful to use like in the double game weeks.

10. Early Wildcard

Wildcard is a special chip that you can use twice in a season, once before the exit of winter transfer window and once after the winter transfer window. Using wildcard, you can do unlimited transfers for a single game week.

If your team is not performing early on, use wildcard as a fantasy premier league wildcard cheat. Activate it early on, like in the 2nd or 3rd game week and save your team before the damage is completely done.

Also after a week or two every season, we get to know the true bargains for the season. Do you remember the Dele Alli, Riyad Mahrez and Harry Kane of their 1st break through Premier League seasons? They were all available for under £6.5m.

Usually, there is a defender of £4.0m we get to know in the 2nd or 3rd week of the season who goes on and remains a starter of a team throughout the season. Such bargains can easily make your team a strong one. You transfer them in, make some budget and sign the big guns.  These £4.0m defenders are the super subs who can save your game week if a player in your playing 11 is not starting and your 1st and 2nd choice bench is somehow not available or injured. Sign them immediately using an early 1st wildcard of the season, they will also boost your team value because they don’t stay at £4.0m for more than a week or two.

That’s all in the fantasy premier league cheat sheet and our top 10 fantasy premier league tips.

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