Everyone knows Salah, Debruyne, and Cristiano Ronaldo are the superstars of the Premier League when it comes to fantasy football. That’s why they are in the team of so many FPL managers.

But the actual test of a manager is finding the gems in mid and low prices. Players like Patrick Bamford who are well capable to click and perform like the superstar assets of Premier League.

Choosing the right players in their price range will take your team from better than 50% managers to better than 70-75% managers. The rest depends on lining up your best 11, choosing the right captain, and making the best use of wildcard and other chips.

In this blog, we will suggest some of the mid-price midfielders, who can go on and score big throughout the season. The list will be updated throughout the season because many times there are surprises like Lundstram, Dele Alli, and Harry Kane who start their Premier League career on a very high note being low and mid-priced players.

1. Jack Greaslish

Available at a price of £8.0, Jack Grealish is potentially going to give you the best season of his career. He is newly signed by Manchester City for a record British transfer fee of £100m and there are high hopes that he will live up to his hype.

Last season he scored 6 and assisted 12 goals. He was a constant threat from the left flank with additional duties of corners, free-kicks, and a 3rd choice penalty taker after El Ghazi and Watkins. At City, he won’t have that many responsibilities because of an amazing squad they have but the expectation is that his numbers will only improve. Because now he is at a better club, meaning better attack and more chances to score points.

His productivity in terms of goals and assists have improved compared to a season prior all while the number of minutes on the pitch went down from 3233 minutes to 2183 minutes. But it was because of injuries.

If he gets minutes on the pitch like last season at Manchester City, you can easily expect a good around 200 points from Grealish if you are going to select him in your team. That potential makes him one of our top choice mid-price midfielders in FPL.

2. Phil Foden

You never know what’s going on in the mind of Pep Guardiola. There is too much rotation in his team. A player like Phil Foden, who is one of the top English talents and someone who scored 9 goals and provided 8 assists last season was only given 1607 minutes on the pitch. That’s half a season on the bench.

These minutes and productivity stats will surely go up this season but selecting him will be a constant risk because no one other than Guardiola knows whether Phil is going to start or come from the bench in injury time.

The best thing is that, unlike previous seasons, Phil Foden is now listed as a midfielder, which gives him the potential to score more points, and secondly one of his compatriots for playing 11, a certain Kun Aguero is no more at the club.

That means you can expect that Phil will play at least 2000 minutes in the upcoming season, the only problem is how will we know which 2000 minutes, Guardiola will keep rotating his squad like always.

3. Diogo Jota

Last season, Jota made his debut at Liverpool. It was a decent season for him in a team that performed nowhere near to the season prior. He scored 9 goals in his 1106 minutes on the pitch, which is a decent number.

And now when he is settled well in Liverpool, it is expected that the £7.5m mid-priced Diogo Jota will perform even better in the upcoming season.

Liverpool will only improve on the previous season and that’s a sure thing. Last season was a bad injury-hit one and they can only improve on it. And if that happens, Diogo Jota surely is a player to bet on.

4. Youri Tielemans

His numbers are going up every season. Last season, Youri played 3356 minutes and scored 133 points. He is available at a £6.5m price, which is quite good for a player who scored 6 goals and 4 assists throughout a season.

He is a regular and based on the fact that in 3 seasons of Premier League, he only improved his number of goals and assists every season, it is quite safe to put him in the list of good choice mid-price midfielders. You can at least add him to the watch list to see how he performs and then decide whether to buy him or not.

5. Mason Mount

He could be the next big thing. At £7.5m, he could prove to be an absolute bargain.

Mason Mount has got all the flavors of a top attacker. Last season he scored 6 and assisted 7 and he is a regular in Chelsea’s team playing 2887 minutes and scoring 147 points in season 2020-21.

He will head into the season 2021-22 as a more experienced player and a European Champion. Chelsea is a team to watch this season because last season when they changed managers, everything started heading North and being a strong link in the playing 11, it will be great to see what Mason Mount brings to the table.

He is on our list of mid-price midfielders.

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