In Fantasy Premier League, a regularly playing midfielder registered as a defender and a forward registered as a midfielder is considered a great out of position player.

Getting registered out of position in FPL increases the chances of a player scoring more points.

For instance, if a midfielder is registered as a defender, he will get 4 points for a clean-sheet instead of 1 and 6 points for a goal scored instead of 5. Plus there are more chances of such player to score or assist a goal.

A clean-sheet as a defender is also more valuable in terms of bonus points.

Same is the case of a forward registered as a midfielder. Scoring a goal becomes 5 points worth instead of 4 and clean-sheet earns a midfielder 1 point which is 0 in case a player is registered as forward.

In this blog, we will list the top 5 FPL out of position players who can make your team better and help you score big points in FPL:

1. Eric Dier (Tottenham)

Priced at £4.5m, Eric Dier not only is a great out of position defender but also one of the best budget and bargain defender for season 2021-22.

The best thing about him is that he is a regular for Tottenham in the playing 11. He plays in the defensive midfield but is registered as a defender in Fantasy Premier League.

Dier is also a free-kick specialist and has scored goals with it in the past. That skill will most probably come in handy when Harry Kane is not on the pitch but surely is something that adds merit to signing Eric Dier in the FPL team.c Dier in the FPL team.

For me, he is one of the best bargains for the season, and with so many reasons to sign Eric Dier in FPL, he is on top of our list in FPL out of position players.

Surprisingly, Eric Dier is only owned by 4.9% managers currently.

2. Trent Alexander Arnold (Liverpool)

es, Trent Alexander Arnold is a left-back and a defender but the way Liverpool plays and the way football works nowadays, wing-backs in all big teams are players who join the attack when their team is in possession.

And he has that speed and energy of going up and down on the flank for the whole 90 minutes.

Not only he can trackback and change gears to go up but also Trent contributes in a lot of assists for Liverpool goals. His conversion rate is phenomenal. This is his 4th regular season in Liverpool and in the previous 3 seasons, Trent assisted 8, 15, and 13 goals.

In current season he is playing really well and chances are that it will be Trent’s highest points scoring season especially when you look at the form Liverpool is in.

The only negative about Trent Alexander Arnold is that he is the most expensive defender in Fantasy Premier League valued at £7.5 initially, which further went up to 7.6 as the season progressed.

But whatever the price tag says, he is a player who means business.

One of the top players in the Premier League who fits well on the list of great out of position asset to consider for an FPL team.

3. Andrew Robertson (Liverpool)

Andrew Robertson does on left wing what Trent Alexander Arnold does on the right side of the pitch for Liverpool.

A lot of pressing with possession and a brilliant passer of ball between the lines.

Being a defender, Robertson scored 1 and assisted 8 goals last season. Even that is not good for the player he is but you can spare him for the fact that it was a bad season for everyone at Liverpool last season.

The only difference between Andrew Robertson and Trent Alexander Arnold is that Trent assists more often, but Trent is also £0.6m more expensive then Robertson.

If you have the budget, it will be better to choose Trent between the 2 but again football is unpredictable. Robertson is well capable of showing more conversion.

In Liverpool’s title winning season of 2019-20, Robertson scored 181 points with 2 goals and 12 assists.

This is exactly what Robertson can repeat and makes him one of our top out of position players in FPL.

4. Tyrone Mings (Aston Villa)

Throne Mings is a center back at Aston Villa but he is a speedy strong player with great eye to initiate counter attacks and occasionally assisting goals.

Valued at £5.0m, he is owned by more than 6% managers in FPL.

Though he doesn’t begin his play as an out of position player like Eric Dier, but Tyrone Mings do know when to join the attack and earn his team an advantage with goals and assists.

For the versatility, speed, physicality and game intelligence of when to join the attack, we are putting him in our list of out of position players in FPL.

5. Ricardo Pereira (Leicester City)

Last season and in the season prior, Pereira was registered as a midfielder in FPL which dropped his points from 146 to 123 and 27 in last 2 seasons.

That decrement to 27 points in a whole Premier League season is mainly because of injuries and only 954 minutes he played throughout the season.

Good thing is that for season 2021-22, Pereira is registered as a defender, which means a great chance of repeating that 146 points feat or at least something near to it.

At £5.4m, he is a potential under valued defender in FPL and 2.8% ownership is not doing much justice to the value he can provide to FPL managers.

If Pereira stays fit and plays the minutes, he surely is one of the top out of position defenders in FPL and a player worth keeping an eye on.


There will be many other out of position players in FPL. The ones we have mentioned are only the seemingly obvious ones for this season. We will keep updating the list throughout the season.

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