A 4.5 valued FPL midfielder usually is a bench warmer that completes your squad within the 100m budget. But the thing is, it’s still possible to get something out of a player of such low value.

Statistics can help and so can the knowledge of squad depth and bench options for each Premier League team. Anything more than 0 points from a player of that value is a winning scenario but you can actually get way more out of them.

The main point is, instead of putting a random player into your team, only because 15% of managers selected him, and due to some kind of domino effect other managers are also selecting that same player without knowing anything about him, it is better to do a little research and take a chance on a player who is more likely to give you at least a point from the bench.

Such a player will increase your team’s value and give you points that are unexpected.

In this blog, we are going to predict some of the lower valued budget midfield players who can make your fpl team better. The list will be updated throughout the season.

1. Yves Bissouma

Bissouma is the only 4.5m and under midfielder who played more than 3000 minutes last season. He is an experienced midfielder almost guaranteed to start. The only limitation is that you can’t expect him to score big for your team.

Currently, he is owned by more than 7% of managers, but he is more of a defensive-minded player helping the back line from defensive midfield.

Last season he played 3112 minutes and scored 1 goal. You can sign him as a squad player for 2 points from the bench and replace him once the season progresses because with time there will be a better option to sign at his value. His current price is 4.4m.

2. Josh Brownhill

Much like Bissouma, the Burnley midfielder Josh Brownhill is a defensive-minded midfielder. But a sure starter.

His qualities are much of what Bissouma possesses. Played 2812 minutes last season and registered 1 assist.

Signing him over Bissouma can only have 1 reason, he gets booked less often. Bissouma got 8 yellow cards last season while Brownhill had only two bookings.

And his current value is also £4.4m in fpl.

3. Douglas Luiz

Douglas Luiz is one of those low-value midfielders who lost their value only because previously in FPL he was registered as a defender but now is a midfield player in the game.

Meaning even if he repeats that 12 clean-sheets feet of last season, instead of 4 points for a clean sheet you will get only a point.

As far as minutes on pitch are concerned, he is a starter for Aston Villa and played 2781 minutes last season.

A thing that makes Douglas Luiz the best 4.5 midfielder in fpl is that if you are looking for a 2 points squad player, he is your man plus he can score and assist more often than Bissouma and Brownhill.

Currently, Luiz is 4th top scorer in Aston Villa midfield, which suggests that he is well capable of scoring more than 2 points on average.

He got booked 8 times last season but is a much more experienced player than Brownhill and Aston Villa are expected to do much better than Burnley this season.

They sit 10th in the league, and Aston Villa is eying European Football for next season and the squad depth is well enough to make it possible.

4. Oriol Romeu

Oriol Romeu is a La Masia graduate, one of the finest football academies based in Barcelona, that produced players like Messi, Xavi, and Iniesta. His on-the-ball skills are incredible but much like players of his value, he lacks the offensive threat.

Till last season, he was more of an in-and-out player for Southampton. Played 1762 minutes last season and scored and assisted once throughout the season.

Currently, Romeu is valued at £4.5m, and is playing regular minutes at Southampton. He is another good option for a 2 points midfielder plus he gets booked rarely, which is another positive to consider signing Romeu in your team.

5. Billy Gilmour

Billy Gilmour is a Scottish talent on loan from Chelsea at Norwich City. An unproven player but potentially a very good player.

His biggest achievement is the Man of the Match performance against England in Euros. Check out the highlights of that game in the video below:

A very mobile player but lacks physicality. Technically he is a gifted player and can do a lot on his day. He can create chances to make an assist and can score goals.

In the ongoing season, he has played 873 minutes till now and is starting every game since gameweek 12, which is a huge positive flag to sign him into your team. Plus he is valued at £4.4m in FPL.

You can put him in the watchlist for now or better sign him already in your fpl team.

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