Before the start of the Premier League season, It’s almost impossible to guess if a 4.0 fpl defender will start for any team or not. Things start getting clear with the passage of each game week.  The 2nd game week is now over and things are much more clear than they were at the start of the season.

If you are still looking for a 4.0 defender sign Shane Duffy in your FPL teams immediately. He is showing all the good signs of what he was until 2018/19 season and is now a regular for Brighton again. Shane Duffy just scored 14 points against Watford at home in a 2 – 0 win. Sign him before his FPL value goes up!

Usually Injuries play a key role in whether a 4.0 defender will start for any team or not and that’s what is happening at Leicester. 5 of their higher valued defenders (Evans, Costagne, Justin, Fofana, and Bertrand) are currently not available. Bertrand was expected to recover from fewer for the 2nd game week but he didn’t and is now expected to recover in time for game week 3. In his absense, Amartey, a 4.0 defender started in game week 1 and and then again in game week 2. But he is not worth signing, better options in 4.0 budget is either go for Duffy or Tsikmas at the moment.

Tsikmas is another 4.0 defender, who started for Liverpool in game week 1 and 2. And not only started but kept 2 clean sheets, and scored 6 and 11 points in those game weeks.

He right now is the 2nd hottest FPL property in the market especially among players who are very low valued and playing for a big club. We were hoping that Jurgen Klopp will give him a chance in game week 2 after a brilliant performance in the 1st game week and that’s exactly what Klopp did and Tsikmas returned the favor with another incredible performance.

Liverpool are playing Chelsea at home next  in the game week 3. But we have all the confidence in the world to suggest Tsikmas to sign in your FPL team. With current form it will be a crime for Klopp to leave him on bench.

Other than Tsikmas and Duffy below is the list of our top 5 4.0 FPL defenders that we suggested at the start of the season. Each one of these players is still relevant for consideration if you are looking for a long term signing.

1. Javier Manquilo

Manquillo is an experienced defender who has previously played for some top teams in Europe like Athletico Madrid. Currently is owned by more than 11% of managers, which shows that there is people’s confidence in the player that he is likely to start.

The best thing is that Newcastle’s opening fixtures are also favourable. In the 1st 10 fixtures they have got a MUN (A) in gameweek 4, TOT (H) in gameweek 8 and CHE (H) in gameweek 10 but other than that all the fixtures seem to have a potential for clean-sheet only if the player starts

Last season Manquillo played 822 minutes but before that, he was a partial starter partial player coming from the bench with 1597 minutes under his belt in season 2019/20.

Being an experienced veteran highly likely to start looking at the lack of depth in Newcastle United defence, Manquilo is our top priority best 4.0 defender in fpl.

2. Daniel Amartey

Leicester have got a huge squad and Daniel is highly unlikely to start but if he did it will be the steal of the show in Fantasy Premier League.

The reason why he is on 2nd in our list of 4.0 defenders is that he played 718 minutes last season and those minutes came towards the end of the season.

So it’s easier to predict that if a defender falls, Daniel Amartey is most likely to come in in his place.

3. Shane Duffy

Shane is a veteran defender going to start his 10th season in Premier League. The Brighton Defender once was a top priority defender between season 2017 and 2020, in fact a goal-scoring defender scoring 5 goals in the season 2018-19  while playing 3087 minutes. But somehow he fell on the priority list and couldn’t register any minute through the season 2020-21.

Maybe that’s the reason that a player who was a bargain at 4.5 and 5.0 is now thrown into the list of 4.0 defenders. But one thing is for sure, if he started, looking at his experience, he won’t stop. And hopefully, he will start a lot of games to save your budget and bring points from the bench.

4. Martin Kelly

Much like Shane Duffy, Martin Kelly is a veteran Premier League defender going to his 12th season in the English top flight. He is also demoted to the list of 4.0 defenders because of the lack of minutes last season, having played only 1 minute throughout the season.

Kelly is a player of huge potential and a new season can prove to be a fresh breath of air for the English man. Before last season, he was a regular 1500 minutes player for Crystal Palace and looking at his experience we think he is highly likely to start or at least get some minutes from the bench for the Crystal Palace defence.

5. Ben Johnson

His minutes of play is going up every season. Hopefully, the trend will continue.

In the last campaign, Ben played 516 minutes including a goal he scored against Brighton. And before that, he played 270 and 62 minutes in a season.

Expectation is that he will keep the trend alive and play more than 516 minutes this time around. If that happened maybe we’ll get forced to put him at top of the list of best bargain defenders.

We hope that happens and we will edit this list throughout the season to help you get better with your defences.

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