Chess is mostly popular because of its global reach and some other factors like easy game rules, availability of playing it online anytime, and the fact that the outcome of the game mostly depends on skill rather than luck.

It’s a game played and enjoyed at every level. Whether you are a grandmaster or a below 800 rated player, there is entertainment in chess for everyone.

When two players play chess, there is a mix of concentration, tension, and happiness on their faces. A powerful focus. Even the least skilled players can feel it. But this is not what the game popularity is all about.

The Queens Gambit series was also a big factor leading to the popularity of the game in recent times. Also chess is a respected game often represented as a sign of intelligence in movies, news, and everyday talks.

5 Reasons why Chess is so Popular:

Listed below are five of the most common reasons why chess is so popular:

1. Availability

With the Internet getting more common, chess is more available to people. You can log in to any chess app or website and play the game with some unknown person from across the globe. This was not the luxury available to people in the past.

The biggest luxury of online chess is that you play players of your level. And as you progress and improve your rating, the chess app algorithm will keep matching you with the players of your level.

You can also play online chess with friends and family plus there are tournaments every hour on these sites. With so many options and availability, chess surely is a fun game to play and getting more and more popular with time.

The only negative side of online chess is the use of engines and human assistance. You never know when the opponent will cheat and start taking the human or computer assistance but platforms are getting better with it and more and more cheaters are getting caught. Their accounts get suspended and you get back your points as compensation.

To avoid any cheaters altogether it is better and recommended to play blitz and bullets online, and play the long games only on the board, or with people, you know online.

2. Ease of Play

Learning how to play your moves is a matter of 5 minutes. That’s how simple chess is but at the same time, it takes a lifetime to learn the mysteries of chess. You can be sitting anywhere and playing chess, that’s the ease of play in this sport. The game is at your fingertips and there is a ton of content available online to learn chess.

You can find some of the famous chess content creators in this article.

Chess is also easy to play because there isn’t much physical movement involved. Your mind is in action and physically you can limit yourself to as little as moving the thumb on a mobile screen. Which can also make chess one of the most unhealthy sports.

Pro Tip: If you want to maintain the ease of play plus make the game healthy for yourself, do 5 pushups on every game lost, and don’t play the next game until those 5 pushups are done. I bet this will be a great gift of chess to your physical health.

3. The Queen’s Gambit Series

When Netflix created a show around a character named Beth. They represented chess in a way that made the sport desirable to play. Suddenly the inquiries to buy a chess set became more common and all in all, it boomed the popularity of the game.

In that TV series, they depicted how a very common human with no parents since childhood and problems growing up can make a name for herself because of her talent and hard work. So much that she is alone enough to beat every top guy in chess.

That show was also an encouragement for women to start playing chess because it will take them away from mental issues and create their identity that yes you can fight in a brain game in a sport dominated by men.

If Judit Polgar can make it to the top 10 players list in the world, then so can other women too.

4. Chess is a Good Time Killer

Some say chess is a mentally stressful sport. But I know many people, including myself, who believe that chess is actually the sport that takes your mind off worries. If you are not in a good mood or tired of work, playing a game of chess can actually limit your frustration or even remove it totally. It’s a refreshment sport and not a mentally torturing one.

If you are looking for enjoyment, don’t want to go out, and don’t want to scroll through the Internet or watch Netflix, then chess can be a good alternative.

One good sequence, one strong attack crushing your opponent, and one 90% plus accuracy game, and you will forget all your worries and stress of life.

If you can’t think about something positive in a moment, then not thinking about the negative is also enough, and chess can do you that favor of not thinking about the negative.

5. The Pandemic

The stocks of chess were going up anyway. But with the COVID19 pandemic, chess has taken a different level of rising in popularity. The whole dynamics of chess changed when different content creators started presenting the sport in their own styles online during the pandemic.

Also since there are health benefits of playing chess, the game can’t be ignored over other board games especially if you want to absolutely remove the chances of being lucky to win a game. It’s a game of skill. Plus a very healthy activity if someone is limited to indoors.

A few more reasons why chess is getting so popular are explained in the video below:

There can be many other reasons why chess is so popular today but the fact and reality is that 1500 years old sport is finally getting popular.

Previously it was only known to be a global sport but with very minimum traction but with the recent boom chess surely is becoming a global sport that has a lot of traction. Both popularity and money-wise.

Why is Chess so Fun to play?

Chess is a fun sport to play because it is simple yet challenging. Chess is logical but also a creative board game that’s why sometimes chess is compared to art. Though it’s a different debate of whether chess is art or not.

The main point is that a human mind loves to solve complexity and when that complexity is also a fun activity like chess, then we love to spend hours in such an activity.

Chess Popularity in comparison to other board games:

Why is chess so much more popular than go?

Following are the reasons why chess is more popular than go:

  • Chess is a simpler game that has long been favored by intellectuals, while go is considered more difficult.
  • Chess players are required to think ahead just a few moves, while go can involve thinking many turns ahead.
  • The rules of chess are relatively simple, but the rules of go are much more complex.
  • There is more money in chess than there is in go.

Is chess more popular than monopoly?

They are both very different games, but chess surely is a more popular game because of the dynamics involved and the level of details that even computers are unable to calculate till now.

Another reason why chess is more popular than monopoly is that because chess is a worldwide sport, broadcasted on TV and Internet, with a following from every country in the world, and a proper governing body called FIDE.

Chess players have ratings, rankings, and fan followings while no one knows who the best monopoly players in the world are.

Chess vs Ludo:

Chess is a two-player strategy board game played on an 8 × 8 grid of squares while Ludo is a family of board games in which the players race their four tokens from start to finish according to the roll of six dice.

Ludo has been more popular than chess in India and Pakistan for some time now, but in a worldwide comparison, most people in the world don’t even know that a game named Ludo exists.

Is Ludo a skill or luck game?

The truth is that it is both. Ludo can be seen as a pure luck game because of the dice. But, it can also be seen as a skillful game because players have to think strategically about how they are going to go about playing the hand they have been dealt, as well as anticipate their opponent’s moves.

In comparison to it, chess always is a game of skill. The only luck involved in chess is the luck of 100% presence of mind and decision making, and not losing the vision of the whole board to miss an opportunity, which is an impossible feat to achieve even for the computers. And maybe this is the reason why, when it comes to comparison with other board games, chess will always finish on top, and remain the most popular board game in the world.

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