Chess is by far the most beautiful but tough on-the-board game and when it comes to cognitive skills, it requires a lot of brainpower to master it. Recently when the pandemic was in full swing and most of the people were at home, chess has seen the highest boom in popularity in its 1500 years old history. And most of the credit goes to the ease of access and a number of available online platforms to learn and play chess.

One thing that is always associated with chess is class and elitism. It is considered a noble sport and only a few can master it to the truest meaning of mastery. Those special minds don’t even need a board to play the game.

But for the rest of us, it is important to start from a basic chess strategy and from there build on towards greater heights in chess.

Anyways, this post is a guide to buy a unique luxury chess set. Here we are featuring the top 5 luxury chess sets available for sale. They are expensive but worth it for a price range of ($280-894).

The quality and artwork is the compensation for the price range.

1. Solid Brass Metal Artwork Luxury Chess Set

This is a tribal themed chess set. Depicting the tribal culture of India with its artwork. The board and pieces are designed in a way that depicts the famous warli paintings of Maharashtra. All the material is made with genuine brass and has a combined weight of 4800 grams. Pieces are included in the given chess set and separately packaged like they package the jewellery in a red box usually.

 2. Renaissance Knight Chess Recreational Classic Strategy Game Set

This luxury chess set has a board with a surface made of glass. With the borders and edges designed beautifully to show towers like they used to be in the old Rome.

Overall the chess set looks like a Castle, with a battle field of glass on top. All the pieces are carved and designed beautifully.

3. Deco79 Metal Wood Luxury Chess Set

Deco79 is a premium Luxury chess set made with a combo of wood and premium silver. A well polished and super light-reflective chessboard and pieces with a design that looks awesome just by looking at it.

The good thing about this chess set is that the design is super modern and you can gift it to any young player and they will definitely love it. Because this is the kind of design markers try to embed in modern gadgets and electronics like mobile phones.

4. Wooden Dubrovnik Chessmen Luxury Chess Set

A wooden handmade luxury chess set. Dubrovnik Chessmen is designed by local American designers.

It has a similar kind of design shown in the Netflix series of Queen’s Gambit.

The type of wood used is Golden Rosewood and Bowood and it’s a 100% wooden product including the pieces. Each piece is padded at the bottom so that there is no chance of leaving scratches on the board plus no significant sound produced.

The best thing they are offering is a 6 months free replacement guarantee and it speaks volumes about the quality of product and service.

5. The Noble Collection Luxury Chess Set

A deluxe and incredibly detailed luxury chess set. Created as a tribute to DC Comics Dark Knight Batman series and will be absolutely loved by batman fans. If you are looking for a unique gift, go for it.

The only thing that can stop you from buying this luxury chess set is the price tag. This one is by far the most expensive luxury chess sets we have listed in our top 5. But the way it is built, the quality of material and the 50 LED lights installed within to make it gloom in the color of your choice is absolutely incredible.

Pieces are made with pewter and diecast metal and feature Iconic DC Heroes Batman, Batgirl, Robin & Commissioner Gordon versus The Joker, The Riddler, The Penguin and Catwoman and others.

Final Words

Whatever your budget is, we have tried to cover the luxury chess sets in a bigger bracket of the price range.

These are some of the best selling products. And reviews are mostly positive and products are highly rated.

If you loved reading this article or didn’t like something about it, please do leave a comment. It will help us make our content even better.

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