The highest price is not always the factor that makes a chess product the best in the market. If you are looking to buy a wooden chess set, you can check out our recommended list of wooden chess sets here.

In this blog, we will talk more about the qualities that make wooden chess set a valuable one. So first thing first:

Are wooden chess sets good?

Wooden chess sets are a popular alternative to plastic or metal ones. They are more expensive and often not as durable as the other materials, but wooden sets have a lot of advantages that make them worth considering.

Wooden chess sets can be both beautiful and functional. The wood is usually well-finished, which means its smooth and pleasant to touch – even if it’s unfinished, it feels much nicer than typical plastic or metal chess boards. In addition, the wood is much less likely to slide around on a table during play due to its weight and density – this can be a big problem with cheaper plastic boards.

What is the best wood for a chess set?

Chess sets made with Mahogany, Walnut, Maple, Rosewood, Zebra Wood, Ebony, and Makassar wood are the best wood chess sets. The following factors make them distinguished from each other:

  • Weight
  • Durability
  • Cost
  • Appearance
  • Quality

Who produces the best wood chess sets?

DGT produces the best wood chess sets. They are the official partners of The International Chess Federation (FIDE), and their products are used in all major tournaments including the world championship and the FIDE world cup.

What is the best material for chess pieces?

The best material for chess pieces is wood. Rosewood, ebony, and boxwood are the most popular wood types used in making chess pieces.

They make the pieces high-quality and leave a luxurious feeling to them. They are also the most durable option because they don’t need to be varnished or lacquered.

The downside is that they are heavier than plastic or metal pieces, so it can make playing difficult for some people.

Why is boxwood used for chess pieces?

Not everyone can afford ebony chess pieces. Boxwood is cheaper than Ebony, that’s why it is used as an alternative to real Ebony chess pieces. Both these wood types are used for black pieces and by replacing ebony with boxwood the attraction of deep black chess pieces is preserved.

What type of wood is used for chess boards?

The type of wood for chess boards is typically walnut or cherry. These types of woods are popular because they’re durable and strong, which ensures that any movement will not cause wear and tear on the pieces. They’re also aesthetically pleasing due to their deep colors that include black, brown, red, or yellow hues.

The standard for hues color is black and white, but in the American chess association and in America in general, green and white is the staple choice.

How much does a wooden chess cost?

Wooden chess sets cost from $50 to hundreds and even thousands of dollars depending on the quality and aesthetic factors. $50 chess sets lack quality and breaks easily making them suitable for kids who are going to break their toys anyway.

But if you are looking to buy a mid-quality product, have a look at our under $200 chess set recommendations.


Playing chess is a great way to spend time in a social setting and develop your mind in a way that is free from distractions. The best chess sets are made of wood because they provide greater stability for the board.

The best chess sets also come with two pieces per player, the king and the queen, which makes it easier for beginners to learn how to play.

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