Chess sets come in a variety of different materials, such as wood, plastic and metal. The pieces are typically made from carved wood or plastic. But one feature that makes a chess set more desirable to buy is portability. Chess sets that are foldable with space inside for storing pieces are the best to take anywhere and keep the board and pieces together.

In this article, we will suggest buying some of those foldable chess sets that come with a storage space inside or separate:

1. Agirlgle Metal Foldable Chess Set

The Agirlgle Metal Chess Set is an excellent choice for those who want to start playing chess or are at the intermediate level. It is made of premium quality materials and the pieces are created using intricately designed metal. The board has a stylish finish with a classy appearance which will look great in your living room.

The whole product is durable and won’t break easily neither the pieces nor the board. You might experience the board losing it’s shape with time, but that is what will happen anyway even if you buy a luxury chess set and don’t polish, clean, and maintain it from time to time.

Agirgile Metal Chess set is a good folding chess set option for casual at home and with friends playing. It can’t be used in a tournament play because it doesn’t meet the requirements of files and ranks marked with A to H and 1 to 8 on it.

2. Handmade Chess Set European Ambassador with 21 Inch Board and Hand Carved Chess Pieces

This one is a 4.7/5 stars product after more than 470 ratings, which is just amazing. The most important part in a good game of chess is the chessboard and pieces. The hand-carved European Ambassador handmade chess set has one of the most beautiful and detailed boards on the market.

It’s hand-carved chess pieces are exquisitely designed with attention to detail. They are neither heavy nor light, making it perfect for the game play.

The incredible details and standard shape of pieces and board will make this chess set eligible for any official tournament, and it will be easier for players to concentrate on the board because everything in this chess set is of standard chess rules.

Most players prepare, practice and play most of their chess online nowadays, and the only difference they will feel while playing on this chessboard is the difference of 2D and 3D board vision.

Not to forget, this article is basically about folding chess sets, and u can see in the two pictures above that how beautiful the internal storage of the Handmade European Ambassador chess set is. This chess set is famous for its Incredible details and is a great gift idea for the holidays.

3. Classic Game Collection Foldable Metal Chess Set with Storage

I have personally used a chess set like this one. Don’t know why it is so low priced, this might end up being the cheapest among all the recommendations in this article. But low price doesn’t mean a low-quality product.

If you want to test my claim, order it with any other chess set recommended in this article. The only flaw you will notice is that it’s small in size with dimensions of only 12.5 x 3.25 x 12.5 inches. But on the positive side, that flaw makes it perfect for playing chess while traveling even if you are in a packed bus.

That is because of the magnetic surface keeping the magnetic pieces tight from it’s felt base. Even if a hurricane came, the board and pieces will take a flight hugging each other flying together 😀

And ya another negative, it might not feel natural to move the pieces because of the magnetic effect. Chess players usually are more used to moving pieces on a wooden board. A magnetic surface might irritate you or disturb your focus because of the lack of desired friction on a chessboard while dragging the piece on the board.

4. Solid Brass Metal Tribal Artwork Warli Luxury Chess Pieces & Board Set

Not only are their chess sets and pieces beautiful in design, but also the material is durable and high in quality. Even the packing in which it comes gives it a unique shape. It’s like someone has put the jewelry in a jewelry box.

The one above is not the only board and pieces design. They are selling 3 different designs at 5 various prices and board sizes. You can see them in the images below:

Of course, with great quality comes a bigger prize. All these soviet inspired and tribal chess sets above will cost you $300 and around individually. This won’t be a big price for many, if you are collecting these chess sets for a decor, but for game play, you can look at cheaper options, which are totally fine, in fact better to play chess on.

5. The Jarilo, Unique Wooden Foldable Chess Set

This folding chess set is one of the best options in the price range of 200 dollars and under. Rated 5 stars by 84% of buyers on Amazon, it has over 650 ratings, which is good enough to prove the quality of the product.

Talking about specifics, the Jarilo wooden chess set is all-wood chess set with standard pieces and board. The pieces are made of Hornbeam and Sycamore wood with felt bases at the bottom to protect both the board and pieces from any damage while moving the pieces on the board.

King size is 4.3 inches which is awesome, but the only negative is that the pieces are lightweight. I personally prefer the pieces to be heavy, they are easier to play the game with.

All in all, this chess set will meet the tournament rules and can be used in professional tournaments.

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