If you are looking for some awesome chess sets, qualities like weighted pieces, durability, ease of carrying, value for the price, and a nice design are a must.

In this guide, we will showcase 10 chess sets of different price ranges that have most of these qualities.

If you are in for a quick buy, check out this Deco 79 Aluminium chess set and RoyalChessMall’s Bud Rosewood chess set. They are the most awesome on our list.

Top 10 Awesome Chess Sets:

1. Deco79 Metal Wood Luxury Chess Set

Deco79 is a premium Luxury chess set made with a combination of wood and premium silver. A well-polished and super light-reflective chessboard and pieces with a design that looks awesome just by looking at it.

The good thing about this chess set is that the design is super modern. You can gift it to any chess lover and they will definitely appreciate and use it.

Because the design is great, board annotations are not marked, but the pieces are of high quality.

2. Wooden Dubrovnik Chessmen Awesome Chess Set

This chess set is designed by local American designers. Dubrovnik wooden chess set is an all-wood beauty.

A similar kind of design was shown in the Netflix series Queen’s Gambit.

The type of wood used in it is Golden Rosewood and Bowood and it’s a 100% wooden product including the pieces.

Each piece is padded at the bottom so that there is no chance of leaving scratches on the board plus no disturbing sound is produced.

The best thing they are offering is a 6 months free replacement guarantee and it speaks volumes about the quality of the product and service.

3. Handmade European Ambassador Chess Set

The most important part of a good game of chess is the chessboard and pieces. The hand-carved European Ambassador handmade chess set has one of the most beautiful and detailed boards on the market.

The pieces are exquisitely designed with attention to detail plus you can store them inside the chess board after folding it.

All the annotations are clearly marked from A-H and 1-8 for ranks and files, which makes this chess set qualified to be used in tournament play.

This unique chess set of under $100 is famous for its Incredible details and is a great gift idea for both kids and adult chess players.

4. Jurassic Park Chess Set

The Jurassic Park Chess Set is an expensive chess set. It starts at over $100, but you can buy it for under $100 if you purchase it from a third-party seller. The pieces are of good quality and the chess board itself is of good quality too.

This chess set has great reviews and people like it for its uniqueness in pieces design.

The only complaint buyers have about this chess set is that the pieces are made of dinosaur shapes, making it difficult to remember which one is the bishop and which one is the king, and so on.

Other than that, this chess set looks more like a decoration piece than a chess set to play the game on because annotations are not marked and pieces don’t represent the actual characters of a chess game, which makes this chess set disqualified for tournament play.

Because both board and pieces are violating the FIDE rules for a chess board and pieces.

5. Classic Game Collection Metal Chess Set with Deluxe Wood Board and Storage

This one is a metal-based chess board with pieces that are more stable on its base than any wooden or other types of chess pieces.

You can play chess on this chess set while traveling because the base is stable, and no matter whatever amount of bumps your vehicle goes through, the arrangement of the pieces won’t get disturbed because of the solid metal base keeping the pieces intact with its magnetic effect.

The 2.5-inch king in this set stands out. It is accompanied by a gold/silver/brown board, which is made from high-quality wood material.

Pieces are made of metal material and they stick to the surface of the board because of the magnetic felt base, making it easier to place them on the board and play outside in windy or traveling conditions.

6. The Jarilo, Uniquely Awesome Wooden Chess Set

Rated 5 stars by 82% of buyers on amazon, the jarilo wooden chess set has over 800 ratings, which is good enough to prove the quality of the product.

Talking about specifics, the jarilo wooden chess set is all wooden material both the board and pieces.

The pieces are made of Hornbeam and Sycamore wood with felt bases at the bottom to protect both the board and pieces from any damage while moving them on the board.

King size is 4.3 inches which is awesome. The pieces are lightweight but they are weighted enough to play the game easily.

I will personally prefer the pieces to be a little heavier, but that’s just a personal choice, has nothing to do with the quality of the product.

7. Golden Rosewood Chess Set

Design-wise, this golden rosewood chess set is one of the most awesome chess sets!

Its pieces are wooden and well-weighted.

Both pieces and board have a classy shine that makes them unique from other chess sets in the same price range, and class apart. They are durable and long-lasting.

This chess set is my top recommendation if you are looking for a quality chess set both for at-home gameplay and tournaments.

The white pieces are made with Rosewood while the black pieces are made with Boxwood.

Both color pieces have a felt base to avoid any damage to pieces or the surface it moves on.

Ratings-wise, it’s a 4.6-starred product after more than 75 reviews.

A sure go-to chess set for price of 200 dollars and under.

8. Roman Gladiators Chess Set

Roman Gladiators Chess Set is a well-designed, attractive chess set. The bronze and silver pieces, on a glass surface, gives it a unique shape.

It’s a Roman Gladiators-themed chess set good for keeping as a decoration and of course playing chess.

It’s a high-quality product, and in my opinion very good value for money.

The Pewter, Resin, Glass board, and on top of it the solid metal chess pieces are giving it a beautiful shape.

Most importantly, it’s a 4.6-star product after more than 160 buyer reviews.

9. Handmade European Wooden Chess Set

This chess set is made out of European beech wood and has a handmade board. The chess pieces are hand-carved and hand-painted.

It features a 16-inch brown and blackboard as well as 32 round corner squares on the board.

A great set, compact in size that can be gifted to teenagers/beginners & Intermediate players. The best thing about this chess set is its classy internal storage. Surely one of the best chess sets under 100 dollars.

You can see it in the image below:

10. Soviet Inspired Brass Metal Awesome Chess Set

The seller behind this chess set is The Royal Chess Mall Store.

This is a classic chess board made of beech and birch wood. Making it the highest quality wooden chess set.

While the numbering of files and ranks are in letters algebraic coordinates adorn the borders.

The king piece measures 4.5″(11cm), Queen 3.66″(9.3cm), and Pawn 2.28″(5.8cm). Handcrafted from farm-grown wood this is an awesome product to put out on display.

88% of buyers gave it a 5-star review, which is enough to show the credibility and quality of this chess set. And with more than 90 ratings submitted, this is a 4.8/5 star product.


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