Every year, the standards of chess are going higher and higher. With the involvement of AI in preparation player now know how to play better chess, and all the generational knowledge of chess through databases is available to anyone on finger tips to study.

Players at the top are making the best use of this chess knowledge, and between them, it’s now more of a competition of who is better prepared in terms of memory and small ideas generated using computers.

This thing is leading to more and more drawn games, not only in classical chess but also in Rapids and Blitz. And to decide the winner of tournaments, Armageddon, a speed chess variant is used to decide the winner.

Armageddon is a chess variant in which a player with black pieces wins the drawn games. The player with white pieces gets an initial time advantage on the clock, and if he couldn’t convert the game into a win, then it’s a loss for him, even with a draw.

This guarantees the game to be decisive, and is a rule adopted by world chess federation and all other federations to decide the winner of tournaments.

All that scenario leads to a very important question.

Is Classical Chess dead?

No, classical chess is not dead. Games getting decided on Armageddon has nothing to do with classical chess being dead. Only the fans’ perception of exciting chess is evolved. Serious chess enthusiasts still love the classical format of chess. And there is no better variant to test the actual playing skill of a chess player.

Of course, time is an important factor in life. Not everyone can sit 7 hours a day to play or watch chess but classical chess in its essence is still the best among all variants of chess.

Who gets to choose in Armaggedon Chess?

The higher-rated or top-seed player of the tournament usually decides the color of pieces in Armageddon chess. In some cases, the color of pieces between players is decided on a toss. But it is also seen that in some Armageddon games, the arbitrator decides the color of pieces.

According to FIDE’s rules, a toss will decide the color between two players to play the Armaggedon game.

Who has the advantage in Armageddon chess?

Generally, a player with white pieces has the advantage to win a chess game. But in Armageddon chess, if the time control is 5 minutes (for white pieces) against 3 minutes(for black pieces), only then white is at advantage to win the game. In the more widely used system of 5 minutes (white) vs 4 minutes (black), it’s actually black who is at an advantage to win the match.

Is Armageddon in chess fair?

Yes, Armageddon is a fair rule, because at the end of the day a tournament requires a winner. And Armageddon comes into play only after all the other formats fail to decide a winner.

Armageddon might feel like one of the weird chess rules but it isn’t weird at all. In fact it gives an equal opportunity to both the players to show their chess skills in a must decider game.

In many other sports especially team sports, they don’t even give an equal chance to decide the winner, and give victory to the higher-ranked team or in some games like Cricket, they gave victory to England over New Zealand, because after the super over ended in a draw, England had hit more boundaries, which was an awkward decider to crown England the world champions.

Armageddon chess at least gives both the chess players an opportunity to win the tournament through a decider game.

Time increment in Armageddon Chess

There is no time increment in Armageddon chess. The player with white pieces gets a fixed 5 minutes while the player with black pieces gets a fixed 4 or 3 minutes depending on the tournament rules.

A time increment will be unfair for player with white pieces, because already his only option to win the tournament is to win the game, draw is Black’s victory.

How often does White win in Armageddon?

According to iospress, there was a 41% win result for white pieces in an Armageddon format tournament. Although the time controls were a bit different. 10 minutes for white and 7 minutes for black, with an increment of 3 seconds per move starting from move 61.

A total of 34 games were played in the tournament.

Tips on Armageddon Chess

Hikaru Nakamura is considered one of the top speed chess players in the world. In the video below he is sharing some tips on how to play Armageddon chess.

These are the highlights of tips he shared:

  • Blitz out the 1st 15 to 20 moves but be careful.
  • With black play the basic opening setups.
  • With white play the complicated lines.

Where to play Armageddon Chess Online?

Every top chess app has the feature of playing different variant games. On chess.com you can create a time odds game and give it the shape of Armageddon. Although on a draw they will show the result as a draw.

Currently, there is no chess app that gives the playing option of Armageddon.

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