We have covered in detail, the best collection of women’s shoes for running that suits every type of foot here. In this blog, you will get a review of Brooks Glycerin 18, a detailed guide to figure out whether it is worth your money or not.


Anyone who is into running is probably already aware of this product.

Brooks shoes especially in the ‘Glycerine series’ are very famous among runners.

But famous does not mean no competition. Over the years, Brooks has gotten very cautious while competing with their rivals.

They updated the high cushion trainer to reduce the weight of their products, which is one of the major features buyers look for in the shoes.

This one specific change is especially important to stay in competition and Brooks has rightly attempted it.

Standout Features in Brooks Glycerin 18

Top features in Brooks Glycerin 18 include:

  • DNA MIDSOLE TECHNOLOGY: which wraps every stride in comfort and softness
  • DNA LOFT TRANSITION ZONE: making move from heel to toe super soft and smooth
  • ORTHOLITE SOCKLINER: providing all-around plush fit

Product Design and Customer Feedback

On Amazon, Brooks Glycerin 18 is currently a 4.5/5 starred product having given over 2700 ratings.

And why won’t it get much traction? The 1st thing a customer notices in a product is how it looks.

Brooks Glycerin 18 comes in 13 colors and various sizes ranging from 5 to 12 Wide.

The look and feel are impressive and with some good accent colors between the upper and the cushion it surely is a thing of beauty.

Pros and Cons

Super soft cushionStiff heal collar
Responsive rideShoes are a little heavy
Flexible upper
Great traction

Rivals Watch

In a giant market of Adidas, Nike and Puma, Brooks is a brand successful to find their own space. And although their products are good enough to compete with those giants, the marketing factor is somewhat keeping them aside.

But it doesn’t mean customers are not showing any interest in their products.

With the amount of effort they are putting into quality and design, their products are getting traction and Brooks Glycerin 18 is currently among the top sells on different platforms especially on Amazon.

Why Buy Brooks Glycerin 18

Brooks Glycerin 18 – Shoes

Brooks Glycerin 18 – Shoes

The best thing about the Brooks collection is that they don’t mess with a good thing when launching a new product.

One thing that they carried from the previous running and jogging shoes of the Glycerin series is the sole unit.

Comparing to the 17s, there is very little new in this sole unit.

We recommend you to buy these shoes for the following reasons:

1. The DNA Loft Foam

The midsole in the shoe still comprise of Brooks’ patented DNA Loft foam, something Brooks’ take a lot of pride in while doing advertisements.

That single feature makes sure that the product is incorporating air and rubber into their previous foam formula of DNA foam.

The updated design of the foam has cut down somewhat in weight, which is a good thing because in doing so, the shoe is offering a slightly softer ride.

However, the improvement in side-by-side running is negligible.

The DNA Loft foam is good for all sorts of running; it holds well for high mileage that most people will try and throw at it.

Also, the shoes go remarkably well with a turned up pace of running.

2. Size and Stature

Talking about size and stature, Brooks Glycerin 18 has a high stack height of 31mm at the heel and 21mm at the forefoot.

It ensures there will be plenty of material under your foot, something that every runner will want.

On the midsole, Brooks is using their Omega Flex Grooves, which is a way to boost flexibility and incorporate with the responsiveness of the material.

3. Comfort

The shoe is comfortable to wear and has nice padding in the heel cup. The laces are nice and puffy. Everything that screams comfort is there, even the mesh to walk around in.

4. Low Heal Drop

There is something in the mechanics of shoes that when you drop your foot it feels lighter than it is.

This is a quality that you will find in most of the Brooks shoes.

5. Multipurpose

You can wear these shoes not only for running but also to the gym or even use them as a casual shoes.


Brooks Glycerin 18 is a product specifically designed for a neutral runner.

The product has very few drawbacks, and with so many Pros, this surely is among our top recommendations to buy and start using.
Also, the ratings are good, which adds more to the value of the product and makes it a complete package.
Our Verdict, BUY THEM!

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