Who needs a gym when you can run anywhere? All you need is a pair of running shoes that can handle all kinds of weather conditions and you are almost set to go.

There are four qualities that make a shoe generally good irrespective of the purpose it serves

  1. design and aesthetic look
  2. lightweight with cushioning, support, and a comfortable fit
  3. quality and long-lasting
  4. a shoe that is good for your type of feet

Keeping these factors in mind we are going to recommend shoes that fit every type of foot.

Different types of feet people have:

  • neutral arch
  • low arch
  • high arch

Neutral Arch

A neutral arch is a type of foot shape that is neither pointing inwards nor outwards. This type of foot easily rolls to a healthy central spot which is good for the shoe against damage. Because rarely their foot exert pressure on right or left and shoes last easily for years.

Even a low-quality show will be safe to wear into a neutral arch foot.

Low Arch

People with low arch feet have their ankles leaning inwards. The foot is excessively rolling inwards and the shoes they wear get a lot of pressure on the inner sides. That means they need shoes with more flexibility right and left and better quality products to sustain longer pressure.

High Arch

A high arch is the opposite of a low arch foot. Ankles of a high arch foot lean outwards. Meaning more pressure on the left of the left foot and right of the right foot. High arch foot like low arch needs flexible left and right space and quality shoes to sustain longer pressure.

In the picture below, you can see each type of foot:

foot types

types of the human foot

Top 10 Running Shoes for Every type of foot

1. Brooks Levitate 4

The brand behind these shoes is Brooks.

Available Sizes: All

Levitate 4s is smooth, comfortable and a lightweight product, having an extremely breathable ‘Fit Knit Upper’.

The mid-sole is springy and this is where the real improvement on previous models is felt.

If you check the outside of the sole, you’ll find an arrow-point pattern that has the benefit of foot movement from heel to toe in no time.

A great choice for anyone looking for shoes for running in parks, on roads and pavements.

2. Adidas Cloud Form

The brand behind these shoes is Adidas.

Available Sizes: All

Adidas Women’s Cloudfoam Pure is a product that gives a convincing look.

Showing the legacy of Adidas, this product has a design that is not only beautiful but also provides state-of-the-art breathability that every running enthusiast looks for in their easy to wear shoes.

Although look for other options, if your area of running includes inclined places.

The shoe has stretch-knit uppers and the vented rubber soles that make them one of the best shoes for running and exercising.

3. ASICS Women’s Gel-Nimbus 22

The brand behind these shoes is Asics.

Available Sizes: All

Having a problem with your knees?

If you are looking for shoes to run with bad knees, ASICS Women’s Gel-Nimbus 22 is your product.

It will help you avoid chronic injuries and the more immediate forms of damages, like cuts, bruises and infections.

The design is beautiful with attributes like less cushioning and less spring than traditional models.

Reviews of this product on different selling platforms are also good.

Click the image to find more on price and reviews.

4. Saucony Women’s Endorphin Shift

The brand behind these shoes is Saucony.

Available Sizes: Various

A very lite weight product that shed only 1.5 ounces with the help of lighter material and, as ever, they’ll keep your feet feeling safe and secure.

The product has an overall rating of 9/10, which is good enough.

A beautiful design with a Bottomless Cushion and Comfort above all makes them good shoes for running.

5. ASICS GT 2000

The brand behind these shoes is Asics.

Available Sizes: Various

The GT 2000 black and orange trail trainers are one of the best shoes for hiking.

They are resistant to mud due to the Plasma guard mesh upper.

Additionally, they are impressively lightweight.

It has a lower-density foam under the heel which means they’re comfortable and have a smooth ride in even the rockiest conditions.

The product is popular among buyers and has a rating of 9/10, which is good enough for a large sample of buyers.

6. Adidas Women’s Pure motion

The brand behind these shoes is Adidas.

Available Sizes: All

One of the most beautiful shoe designs that Adidas came up with. A product of 4.5-star rating out of 1100+ reviews.

A product with much fewer details available to share but with reviews looks like a genuinely good product.

Click the shoe image, to find out more.

7. Adidas Women’s Edge Lux 3

The brand behind these shoes is Adidas.

Available Sizes: All

Available in various colors and all sizes from 5 to 12. This product has over 4700 reviews on our recommended source.

A 100% other fibres product, with a synthetic sole and shaft measure of 0-6″ from the arch.

A regular fit, women-specific shoe, with a stretch mesh upper and lace closure with wide laces.

Click the shoe image to check out the prices and reviews.

8. ASICS Women’s Gel-Cumulus

The brand behind these shoes is Asics.

Available Sizes: Various

If I had buy shoes out of all the recommended ones on the list here.

I will buy this one. Surely the highlight among The Best Running Shoes For Every Type of Foot.

ASICS Women’s Gel-Cumulus is not only a beautiful shoe in looks and design but also has features of comfort, lite weight and laces that can be tightened and loosened according to your comfort.

Available in a variety of 10 plus colors and designs.

Great buyer reviews of +900 ratings and counting.

Click the image to find out more.

9. New Balance Women’s Fresh Foam 1080

The brand behind these shoes is The Balance Store.

Available Sizes: All

Seems a little old fashioned shoe especially with that raised front part in front of laces. But that certainly isn’t the case.

If you are looking for design and looks, kids surely will like this product. Besides, it’s a comfy, cosy and quality product.

Made of 50% synthetic and 50% mesh. Available in a far wider range from kids to adults and from small to very large foot sizes ranging from 5 to 13 X-Narrow.

With a strong and durable rubber outsole, this product is made for comfort first.

10.Mizuno Women’s Wave Sky

The brand behind these shoes is Mizuno USA.

Available Sizes: All

A unique design but not preferable for all kinds of the foot.

The low top from the arch looks beautiful but suits only a foot of less mass.

Other than that, it’s a quality product, reviewed by over 700 people on our preferred source.

Click the image to have a better view of the product price and quality aspects.

That’s all in The Best Running Shoes For Every Type of Foot.

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