Choosing a gift can be difficult sometimes. Especially when you are choosing it for someone who is close to your heart and he himself is very creative in presenting you the gifts.

But don’t worry I’m a guy and I know what guys want for gifts. I will recommend gift ideas in this post that are not only within the budget of $200 but also it will surely win his heart. Yes there will be a bias of the kind of products I will love to get as gifts 😀

Lets begin with gifts that never go out of trend like men’s watches. The smart and well designed watches trend has been going strong and celebrities have been spotted wearing them all over the place.

When it comes to the world of men’s fashion, there can be an overwhelming number of brands and styles to choose from. In order not to overwhelm yourself with too many choices, JORD Wood Watches is consistently rated as one of the best watch companies for men.

Other than that below is the list of recommended gift ideas for a Husband/Boyfriend:

1. Woolrich Men’s Absolute Insulated Softshell Jacket

Using the latest in fabric technologies, the Woolrich Absolute Softshell is a men’s insulated jacket that offers a soft, lightweight feel.

Made with a 100% polyester shell and polyester lining, this jacket features a water-resistant outer layer for protection from inclement weather.

The elasticized hem cord allows the wearer to customize the fit of the jacket. This can be a stylish addition to any winter wardrobe. A very useful product and great idea to gift your husband or boyfriend in under $200. Check the price here.

2. HARLEY-DAVIDSON FOOTWEAR Men’s Watkins Fashion Boot

Any leather product is a good idea to gift to a man. Be it shoes, jackets, gloves, belts or anything. We love them all. But great footwears have their own place in men’s hearts.

Especially when it comes to brands like HARLEY-DAVIDSON, there is a legacy of quality products and catchy on the eyes material that not only makes HARLEY-DAVIDSON a king in men’s casual footwear but also a brand that has no other match. At least, in the casual footwear.

Have a look at this Men’s Watkins Fashion boot or check out the store, there are many high quality shoe products within your budget.

3. Helly-Hansen 33874 Men’s Crew Hooded Midlayer Jacket

Hooded Jackets are always catchy and in fashion for men. This jacket will look even more catchy on your husband/boyfriend if he has that physique of a soccer player or a swimmer. Just kidding 😀 , they have sizes available up to 4X and you can order any size starting from the X-Small 🙂

4. Gucci Guilty by Gucci for Men Eau de Toilette Spray

Gucci is one of the leading brands in men’s cologne. If he likes fragrances and sprays that smell awesome, go for this product as a gift. Personally, I’m not a big fan of fragrances and perfumes of any type but if someone gifts me one, I do use those products, never bought one for myself.

In our Asian cultures, especially the Muslim parts of Western Asia and Israel, Attar is more common in use and you can find many products of it here but now that culture is also changing because there is no beating when it comes to French products in Perfumes. They are taking over the markets and there isn’t much branding around Attar products.

Just like Miswak is a great natural solution for oral health but toothpaste and toothbrush are more common because they have big brands behind them.

5. Oars + Alps Natural Skin Care Kit

This can be an interesting bunch of gifts in a single packing and it doesn’t even cost a lot. In your budget, you can buy 3 sets of it.

Gift Set Includes a Face and Eye Cream, Solid Face Wash, and Wake Up Eye Stick. A perfect trio of face care that is especially good for a husband/boyfriend who doesn’t care much about his skin.

By gifting this set you are giving him the aloe-vera nourishment and that feel good feeling that he might have never experienced in life because being a guy myself I know that many men are not into buying such products and they don’t even know what face skin care is. You can buy it here.

6. Ray-Ban Rb3016 Clubmaster Square Sunglasses

Ray-Ban is a world wide famous brand in glasses that has no matching. Buy this one for your David Beckham, I’m sure he’ll love it especially if he’s a big fan of square sunglasses. If you have never seen him wearing sunglasses or any kind of glasses, then don’t buy them.

It will be better to look at other ideas then.

7. Stetson Men’s Cowboy Hat

A classic cowboy hat that never goes out of style. They took the classic Stetson look and added a few modern touches. This hat is made of genuine fur felt that will last for years, and it has the traditional buckle closure, fitted to give it a comfortable fit.

If your husband/boyfriend is into cowboy hats, this one will give a great look for a budget of around $200.

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