Co-workers are the people who are with you every day in the office. There are many occasions when gifts need to be exchanged or given. Like:

  • a birthday or when
  • it’s time they or you are leaving
  • or it’s Christmas time
  • or a special occasion like a promotion or something

Those gifts don’t need to be expensive. Gifts for co-workers should be personal, but not too personal. They should be thoughtful, but not too expensive like within $200 price-range or even way lower than this price range.

The following is a quick list of items that can be given to co-workers in order to show appreciation for their efforts and contributions:

1. A Funny Coffee Mug

funny coffee mug for gift

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A funny coffee mug gift for coworker is a simple and an affordable gift that will make your co-worker smile. It is a good way to celebrate their birthday or any other occasion.

Whether it’s an office party or their birthday, these funny coffee mugs will make them happy and help them start their day with a smile on their face.

2. Mug with an Inspirational Message

mug with an inspirational message

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This one is a little different from 1st gift idea in the list. In a way that some co-workers are serious by nature, they are good from heart and care a lot but they are not funny at all.

You can still give them a mug in gift but not a funny one.

It can be something with an inspirational message for your colleague. This will be something that they will use every day and think of you when they drink their favorite drink from it – hot chocolate!

But buy with caution, make sure that the mugs are dishwasher safe and don’t have any cracks or chips in them before buying them. If they are not safe for dishwashers, then your colleague will have to hand-wash them.

3. Personalized Mouse Pad, Calendar, or Journal

A personalized mouse pad, calendar, or journal is a perfect gift for a co-worker. The best part about these gifts is that they don’t need to be expensive and the person will cherish the gift for years to come.

Personalized Mouse Pads: If you know your co-worker’s favorite sports team or hobby, then this would make for a great gift. You can go as simple as getting their favorite team printed on it or you can be creative and print their name into the design.

Calendars: A personal calendar can be customized to fit your co-worker’s preferences such as color, days off, and layouts. The best part about calendars is that it never goes out of style!

Journal: A journal is a thoughtful way to show someone how much they mean to you.

Ideas are too many. And it would be better to list a few recommendations based on the occasion.

Thank you Gift Ideas for Co-workers

Good co-worker need to be appreciated time after time. They are the saviors on many occasions and it will be nice to buy a gift for them.

But it can also be hard to know what to get for your co-workers, especially if you work in a place where people are constantly giving gifts to each other. If you’re looking for a thank-you gift idea, here are five great ideas:

1. A box of chocolates or cookies: These can be found at any shopping mall and they’re both inexpensive and delicious.

2. A personalized mug: If the co-worker is always drinking coffee, this is an adorable option that will make them smile (especially if it’s personalized with their name).

3. Personalized stationary: Stationary like these notepads and pens make for a great last minute gift idea. They’re also nice because they come in different colors and patterns so there’s something perfect for every personality

4. Bacon Jam: Bacon Jam is one of the most popular food gifts out there. If bacon is not your jam, try something else from the company’s line of jams and preserves

5. Lotion: A hand lotion or hand cream is a great way to show someone that you care about them and want them to be comfortable at work. Lotion is especially appreciated by people who work with their hands all day long.

6. A Groupon Gift Card: To show your gratitude without going over the top, purchase a groupon gift.

Secret Santa Gift Ideas for Co-workers

Here I will present to you a list of some Secret Santa Gift Ideas for co-workers. These gifts will be inexpensive and easy to purchase depending on your location.

So without further ado, here are the list of gifts:

1. A Box of Chocolates

2. An Office Plant

3. A Coffee Mug with a coffee (or tea mug with tea)

4. Office Supplies (paperclips, pens, etc.)

5. A Bottle of Wine or Alcoholic Beverage

Small Gift ideas for Co-workers

A new year is the perfect time to offer a small gift to co-workers. A simple gesture of kindness can make someone’s day. And it is also worth noting that the gift doesn’t have to be expensive – it just has to show that you care about their day-to-day work.

Below are some ideas on what gifts co-workers might appreciate on New Year’s Day:

1. Cookies or brownies from the bakery

2. A plant for their desk

3. Homemade soup, crackers, and cheese pairings

4. Handmade mug with hot cocoa mix inside

5. Handmade card or small homemade ornament

Christmas Gift for Co-workers

The holidays are a time of giving, and a time of receiving. When giving a gift to your coworker, it is important to get something they will really love. These gifts below are perfect for any co-worker in any type of workplace.

1. A set of personalized wine glasses with the recipient’s name on them

2. A box full of different teas to satisfy their need for caffeine

3. A Swiss Army knife so they can be ready for whatever may happen at work

4. A personalized mug to keep their coffee or tea hot throughout the day

Valentine Gift Ideas for Co-workers

Valentine’s Day is that time of year when everyone celebrates love with friends, family, or their significant other. But who says you can’t celebrate this holiday with your co-workers too? There is always a special someone and even if there isn’t, you have the option of buying a gift for your work family instead.

There are many different types of Valentine’s Day gifts that can be given to co-workers. Whether it be an edible treat or a small token of appreciation, there are plenty of options out there for shoppers on a budget. Below are ten Valentine’s Day gift ideas that are perfect for the workplace environment.

1. Cupid’s Cookies – There is nothing more

2. A tote bag with a witty slogan on it

3. A mug that says, “I [heart] my boss” or “My favorite person in the office is my boss”

4. A water bottle with your company logo on it

5. The gift of free coffee

6. Table tennis set: Table tennis is a fun sport that stimulates the mind as well as keeping you fit! It has been shown to improve general health, reduce stress levels and improve mental well being. So grab the nearest colleague or friend and see who can serve

7. A nice pen

8. A voucher for a nice meal out in town

9. A small, but thoughtful, gift like a candle or some chocolate

10. A t-shirt


These were some of the gift ideas you can gift your co-workers and they are very inexpensive, way below the $200 mark. You can also check out the gift ideas for your loved ones like Husband/Boyfriend here.

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