The best fitness gifts for uni students are supposed to be practical and fun. They need to be helpful in keeping them fit. Whatever you choose to gift, just make sure that it’s useful and befitting to their interest of being a fitness enthusiast.

Below, we have compiled a short list of fitness gifts for uni students ideas:

1. Smart Watch

A smartwatch is an excellent gift for a college student. It can be used to monitor their fitness levels, send them reminders, and help them stay organized.

Most of us are well aware that students are always on the go, juggling between classes, homework assignments, extracurricular activities and social time. This lifestyle can lead to unhealthy habits like skipping breakfast or eating junk food at all hours of the day. A smartwatch can help college students maintain healthy lifestyle by reminding them to keep up with their physical activity goals throughout the day.

2. Gym Membership

There are several reasons that might lead to wanting to give a uni student a gym membership.

Firstly, many students often go through periods of not eating well and eating late at night when they should be focusing on their studies. This can lead to weight gain and can make it difficult for them to concentrate in their classes. Giving them access to the gym will help them stay healthy and maintain good grades.

Furthermore, many students find themselves in need of an outlet when they’re stressed or having difficulty with school work. Going to the gym provides a chance for them to vent out their frustrations in a safe environment. The physical exercise can also help reduce stress levels, which in turn helps the student focus better on studying again.

3. Exercise Bands

Exercise bands are a fitness “gift” that many university students receive from their parents, grandparents, and even their aunts and uncles. They do not have the intention of getting the recipient fit but rather feel that they are doing something good by giving them an ‘extra present’. However, most university students find these fitness bands to be too weak for them.

This is because most university students already have a good level of fitness and require more challenging workouts like running or cycling to get in shape.

If you want to give your student a gift they will actually enjoy using, we recommend an exercise machine like a rowing machine or elliptical trainer which is more challenging and will help them meet their fitness goals in time.

If machines are out of budget, you can at least go for a Mini Stepper with Resistance Bands.

4. Pull Up Assistance Bands

Pull-up Assistance Bands are great fitness gifts for University students.

No matter if they are studying in colleges, universities or polytechnic institutes, Pull-up Assistance Bands will help them to stay healthy and active during their free time.

This way they will never miss a workout opportunity and can also improve their strength during the semester breaks.

Besides staying fit, the student’s mood will be improved, too. They need to do something with all that energy that is not getting wasted on Facebook or Netflix after all!

5. Nutritionist Lessons

Nutritionists know what types of foods work well with your lifestyle and what you should avoid that might cause problems down the line. They also provide meal plans that you can follow, which is really important for someone who doesn’t have a ton of time to grocery shop.

Since students are busy people, nutritionist lessons are one of the best fitness gifts for them in order to stay healthy and fit.

6. Orthopedic Shoes to avoid Heel Pain

The truth is that orthopedic shoes or inserts are a good fitness gift for university students. These shoes are designed to keep the feet in proper alignment and may be what your child needs.

The first thing you should know about orthopedic shoes is the difference between them and regular athletic shoes. Orthopedic shoes are designed to correct foot problems like pronation, supination, high arch, etc. Athletic shoes are normally not designed to do this at all. Athletic shoes are usually made with cushioning and stability features to prevent injury but they will never correct any type of misalignment that could happen in the ankle or foot joint.

Orthopedic inserts were created for people with existing joint problems like arthritis, bunions, flat feet etc. so long story short, if your child is having any such problems, you can gift him/her the orthopedic shoes to wear to college.

Check out this guide on Orthopedic shoes.

7. Activity Tracker

Activity trackers can be a good gift for university students. They come in different shapes and sizes, so it’s important to do some research before making a purchase. It’s also important to know what the person wants in terms of features and price range.

Activity trackers are generally affordable, so if you’re looking for a fitness gift that won’t break the bank, then you should consider an activity tracker.

8. Neck and Shoulder Massager

Students often find themselves sitting for hours on end to study, as well as working late into the night. And as a result, they often experience neck and shoulder pain caused by all that sitting. But it doesn’t have to be this way!

Neck and shoulder massager is the perfect gift for students to relieve their discomfort in arms, back muscles, neck or shoulders.

9. Shoes for Running

There are some reasons why shoes for running is a good fitness gift for university students.

  • Receiving this as a gift means receiving it from someone who cares about you and your health, which makes it even more special!
  • Plus, it will push them to think about fitness goals, even if they are not enthusiastic about fitness initially

Your love, support and care can do a lot to push a child into doing something that is good for them.

10. Hydration vest for University Students who loves Running or Cycling

The hydration vest is a great gift for university student because it is lightweight, convenient to use, and offers hydration during long-distance walking or running.

With summer coming up, many university students are looking for the perfect gift for their friends who are off to university. So what would be a good gift? The answer might surprise you – it’s not textbooks! Instead, it’s a hydration vest!

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