There is something for everyone in Exercising. The only limits that we have are the limits we set for ourselves. Otherwise humans are capable to do 99% of the things that other humans are doing. And when it comes to physical disability, it’s only a part of your body that is not working normally. Why stress yourself and limit your whole body just because of that one problem? One way or the other, that disability can be the motivational factor to challenge yourself and do the so called impossible.

You need to find a workaround and strengthen your body in as much areas as possible. No one is coming to help you and even if someone does, won’t you want to do things on your own? And try to take as many things off your checklist yourself as possible? It is a kind of self-help that will give you a warrior level of self belief and a kind of self esteem and motivation that nothing else can.

Like so many other things, with or without disability, anyone can practice exercising, and no physical disability can stop you until there is a determination, focus, and will to get in shape.

Now, there is a lot of exercise equipment for disabled people, some of them are expensive than others and the ones we are going to feature are merely a few samples in different categories.

But surely, they are the ones you can use yourself without any significant need of assistance.

In this blog, we are showcasing the top exercise equipment for handicapped people with a guide on which equipment is suitable for you to workout with based on the disability you have.

Gym Membership or a home Gym for Handicapped?

A gym membership or home gym is one of the many things that a wheelchair user might need to enjoy their day-to-day workout life. But there can be barriers that prevent these people from being able to access the equipment that they need, one of which is financial accessibility.

In that case, you can’t buy the equipment, but you can always go for a gym membership.

Gym memberships can cost upwards of $50-$100 per month depending on where you live but this is still very reasonable when compared to buying all the expensive equipment.

Home and Gym Equipment for Wheelchair Users:

Not all exercise equipment are created equal, there are some exercise equipment that a disabled person can use both at gym and home:

Top 5 Home Equipment for Wheelchair Users:

1. Rehab/ Exercise Bike

pedal exerciser for handicapped wheelchair users to exercise their legs using automatic pedal

If you have any kind of disease or strain and you are unable to move your limbs or lower part but you are determined to work out and improve, this product is a good choice to buy.
The Rehab bike is specially designed for the person who is in a wheelchair for a comfortable workout. One of the major reasons to go for this product is that it does not put pressure on your body as it has an electric motor that drives the paddles. You just have to sit and let the bike work on your muscles movement, improve blood circulation and strengthen them. It is also useful for physical therapy as it is effective for cardiovascular exercise.

2. Folding Exercise Peddler with Electronic Display

arms and legs peddler for exercise

After limbs come something for your arms and legs. If your arms and shoulders are stiff or the muscles are losing strength, then this folding exercise peddler can help you a lot. It’s a piece of innovative equipment that is used for the strengthening of arms and shoulder muscles and also legs for wheelchair users. You can easily handle it yourself without anyone’s help. Another good thing about folding exercise peddler is that you can fold it and store it very easily.

This Black Model # RTL10273 has an electronic screen installed on it, which displays the revolutions per minute and the number of calories burned in the exercising process.

This exercise equipment has 4 anti-slip rubbers at the bottom of it to help protect the surface or if you are using it to exercise your arms, it will not damage the table or any upper surface.

3. Dumbbells

dumbbells of different weights

Your shoulders need strength and to build that strength there is no better equipment than dumbbells.  They are not only the exercise equipment for the disabled but for any fitness enthusiast.

Dumbbells are the most effective and easiest exercise equipment for strengthening arm and shoulder muscles. The best thing about them is that they have Neoprene covering that makes them non-slip.

They not only stimulate the muscles growth but also improves flexibility and coordination of muscles, joints as well as bones. It is easy to identify Neoprene weights as they are categorized by different colors according to their weights.

Dumbbells are one of the bestselling equipment for the gym as well as home workouts.

4. Resistant band Set

resistance bands for exercising

Want something multi-functional as well as convenient for workout regardless of any inability, resistance band pops up. A Resistant band set not only provides strength to your upper or lower body but also tones your Abs and leg muscles. It includes connectable straps and handles for different purposes. Also, it is multi-function and provides a full range of motion. The Resistant band comes in different levels, light, medium, and higher levels of resistance to ease your workout. The beginner can start with the light level of resistance and then moves towards the higher level as their strength increases.

5. Gym Chair

gym chair for workout

Chair gym is specially designed for those who don’t want to go to the gym. It’s the easiest and convenient way of doing a Workout as the one chair provides the whole body workout at home. This is effective for the seated person to do the workout as it improves balance and posture. It’s low-risk workout equipment as it prevents the risk of falling.

Top 10 Gym Equipment for Wheelchair Users:

Wheelchair users often have to face a lot of discrimination when it comes to their ability to exercise. One of the main reasons behind this discrimination is the lack of equipment for wheelchair users in public gyms. But no worries there is still enough equipment that a disabled person can work around and help himself to workout in any public gym.

If a person is wheelchair bound, he can still use the following equipment in gym to workout:

  1. Dumbbells
  2. Stationary Bike
  3. Cable and Pulley
  4. Lat Pulldown
  5. Stationary Bike
  6. Rower
  7. Lat Pulldown
  8. Smith Machine
  9. Leg Press Machine
  10. Bicep Curl Machine

These are only a few equipment. If you haven’t visited a gym and curious whether there will be enough for you in the gym, we suggest just visit a gym and you will find a lot of equipment in gym to workout and people usually are very nice to help. 🙂

Sports Equipment for Disabled:

Sports equipment for disabled people are often hard to find. One of the reasons is because these items are not marketed to the general public. Disabled people need specialized sports equipment to play and enjoy sports, and since they are not big in numbers, most of their sports equipment is made on special orders.

Luckily, there are companies that specifically target this population, designing and manufacturing products that can be tailored to their needs.

Manufactures of sports equipment for disabled people have recognized the need for this type of product in recent years.

It is estimated that there are over 12 million Americans with disabilities, some sources even claim 61 million adults. But whatever the numbers are, most of them participate in some form of recreation or sports activity on a regular basis, but only a small number of them have access to necessary gear.

There are companies who specialize in making recreational equipment accessible by any individual with a disability no matter what their sport or disability may be and these companies understand what it takes to produce quality.

Check out a detailed blog on Sports Equipment for disabled people here.

Leg Exercise Machines for Disabled:

There are many Leg Exercise machines designed specifically for people with various disabilities and for the seniors.

They have 3 major categories:

  1. there are wheelchair fitness equipment
  2. bedside exercisers, and
  3. standing devices

Wheelchair fitness equipment is designed to provide an aerobic workout for users who are confined to their wheelchairs. These machines typically include a bike style hand-pedal system that can be mounted on the front of the wheelchair. e.g. check this peddler available for sale online.

Bedside exercisers are used by individuals who cannot stand or walk due to illness or disability.

They can be positioned next to the bed, providing safe and effective workouts without any risk of falls or injury. Bedside exercisers may provide more than just cardiovascular benefits, improving flexibility and muscle tone as well as balance and posture through targeted exercises for these areas of the body.

Standing devices are for disabled people who can’t walk but they can easily stand and balance themselves to workout.

Other Exercise Machines suitable for Physically Disabled People:

1. Indoor Stationary Cycling Bike for Home Cardio Workout

This indoor stationary cycling bike for home cardio workout is an ideal exercise machine for disabled people.

It provides a stable and safe riding during your workout and the extra wide seat cushion helps adjust people with different heights ensure that they get the most comfortable riding experience.
The wide seat is comfortable for the wheelchair users and a large LCD monitor tracks the time, speed, distance, calories burned and odometer while you are cycling.

This stationary cycling bike has a built-in fan which helps you avoid sweating during your workout and it also comes with the warranty of 1 year against defects in material and workmanship.

2. SKLZ Recoil 360 Dynamic Resistance Training Belt

The SKLZ Recoil 360 Dynamic Resistance Training Belt is an effective tool for disabled people who want to get in shape. The unique free motion ring will help train in every direction, which will increase muscle strength and improve bone density. This functional training belt is used by collegiate, professional, Olympic athletes and coaches.

3. Grip Aid Gloves

Grip is very important for your workout as well as for daily chorus. So due to any reason, if you are suffering from limited muscle strength and hand poor grip, Grip Gloves are your saviour for sure. These gloves provide the strength and great grip to hold tightly on the objects, whether it’s gym equipment or any other tools. The strap of the gloves pulls the hand in fist shape which helps in providing more grip. Choose the gloves that allow airflow and provides a great grip for holding tools. Plus, you can use it on either hand regardless it’s left or right and you should put it in the list of things you are going to buy today.

4. Sunny Health and Fitness Under Desk Bike Pedal Exerciser, Desk Elliptical Mini Bike

This seat-sized bike is the perfect ergonomic solution for people with disabilities.

Its low-impact design places lower body movement without putting pressure on joints.

It also allows for a natural range of motion, so you can cycle through 8 levels of magnetic tension that make it progressively harder to complete a stride. The mini-bike allows for a natural full range of motion and can be used to burn calories without the risk of getting hurt.

5. Marcy Recumbent Exercise Bike with Resistance ME-709

This is a recumbent exercise bike that is intended for high impact training.

This workout machine is designed for people with problems in the lower back or legs.

Suitable for all fitness levels, this recumbent bike offers a comfortable workout environment that increases cardiovascular strength and resistance while toning abdominal and thigh muscles.

6. Pedal Stationery Exercise Machine

If you are looking for something light, sturdy and easy to handle for your home gym or for your therapy then this Stationery exercise machine is going on your buying list. A Stationary exercise machine is used for the rehabilitation as well as strengthen or toning of the muscles. It’s very convenient and portable, you can put it on the table for the arm exercise and under the table for your limbs exercise. It strengthens and improves the flexibility of the lower body muscles. It comes with a digital meter to keep a check on your time and the number of calories burned.

7. Rehab Weight bars

These Weight bars are designed for strengthening and therapy purposes. Rehab weight bar provides stability and strength to the spinal cord and other parts of the body and makes the motor control efficient. The weight bars are of assorted colors according to the different weight options so you have the one that suits you best. These weights are used for different exercises like bench press, military press, and squats.

8. Stand Dip station

If you are wondering to purchase a full package for basic exercise for your home gym, then go for Stand Dip station. The Standing Stand can aid your straight posture as well as vertical knee raise, pushups and dibs. This is reliable and convenient for people of any age like kids, youngsters or aged ones. The height of the stand can be adjustable. Also, it has a non-slip covering and is durable.

9. Hand Extensor

Hand Extensor is designed for those who have hand impairment and a low range of motion. The Extensor help in providing maximum strength and flexibility during workout and doing other things. This helps in extending and flexing the fingers that enable the person to work independently. Also, you can use it any time. It is useful for different people as guitarist, technicians and physical therapist and doctors.

10. Over-door Pulley

The Pulley set is made up of a stand, cord, and grips. This helps in enhancing the range of motion and tone of your arms, chest, abs, and upper back body. It helps in regaining the normal functions and increases the stability of the arms and shoulder muscles. This is very convenient to use as your door can become your gym.

11. Wrist and Ankle Weights

Some cool gadgets to aid your daily workout. Wrist and Arm weights help in toning and strengthen the muscles as it provides more resistance to your body. It also helps in burning calories and is very convenient to put on your arm and ankle. Wrist and Ankle weights are simple and safe to use during the workout or even doing everyday chores and come with led light to give to better range in long distances.

12. Cando Chair Cycle

Cando Chair cycle is a great alternative to Stationery Bike. It helps in coordination and strengthens the muscles. It’s best for the people who are getting old and their muscles are losing strength It’s ideal for wheelchair users and people with impaired balance as it can be used in bed, chairs, and on the floor hence one of its good points is its convenience.

13. Leg Activator

Looking for something portable and convenient for passive exercise at home this product is the best choice to go in your cart. Leg Activator improves blood circulation by increasing the mobility of the leg and hence strengthen the muscles. It also reduces leg inflammation, leg pain, and other vascular issues. Leg activator is easy to use as it can be used while seated. Plus, its comes with two different speed which you can choose according to your choice.


One needs to do Exercise to remain fit and Healthy. Being disabled doesn’t stop you from doing Exercise. There is a lot of workout equipment available for disabled persons. We have discussed a few equipment’s that is useful and improves your health.

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